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Charity To help pay for IVF

Postby little-known » Mon Mar 03, 2014 9:28 am

My name's little-known Nothing I'm an author but most importantly I'm infertile.
My new book of poetry called Until Lamb's Become Lions is now available on Amazon.
But firstly I'd like to explain what I'm about, I'm thirty years old and two weeks ago I had a failed cycle of IVF.
I felt as though my heart was ripped out, I was so sure it had worked but the symptoms my body was having were unfortunately my period, I didn't even finish the two week wait before I started bleeding.
Six months ago while gearing myself up for the treatment I started writing poetry.
I started getting so many good reviews I got published in the Lacenist magazine.
Then people asked if I had a collected work, so I published my book.
People found my poetry about being infertile heart breaking and said they understood more of the affects infertility had on people.
It's a lonely and cruel world for people like us and I believe more people need to understand just how hard it really is.
I've had people say to me they can imagine how I feel.
Well NO, nobody has a clue about how heartless and unfair this world is unless you are Infertile.
When my husband and I started saving up for treatment I scanned the internet for a charity to help fund our treatment and found none.
My book has some poems about being childless, about how it feels being scared of the supermarket or going to the park, not wanting to hear the cheers of children.
My aim is to set up a registered charity for helping people like us pay for treatment.
Even if I just help one couple it will be worth it.
It's so costly that actual treatment seems worlds away.
If I can sell copies of my book for awareness and possibly change someone's life I will advertise this any way possible, there's charities for so many illnesses why not us, as infertility is an illness.
Please get the word out about my book, and the aim of changing people's lives.
Until Lamb's Become Lions by Little-Known Nothing
On Amazon now.
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