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Day 7 of stimm, round two

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Day 7 of stimm, round two

Postby Meh77 » Sat Sep 27, 2014 3:34 pm

I froze my eggs last year after my bloodwork came back with horribly bad fsh and amh levels. My obgyn said he would recommend it if I wanted to have kids given my bloodwork. I got married last October and we tried naturally for 9 months with no success. I'm 37 and my husband is 45 both with no kids. So after 9 months of trying we unfroze the 9 eggs, 5 fertilized, two made it to blast and only one was genetically normal. So the dr wants to do another ER since we only have one embryo and my reserve of eggs are barely there , before we try to transfer the one embryo. So I'm on day 7 of stimm and he is doing a different protocol this round with plans to stimm me longer in hopes of getting more eggs. I'm on 5 units of lupron, 150 menopur and 450 bravelle. I had my first ultrasound today and have 4 follicles. I don't know if 4 is good or not at this point. This is my first post in any ivf community and I'm just really needing support as I go through this and have questions. My husband doesn't understand the emotional side of what I'm going through or the physical really. He's not an outwardly emotional guy and has a high threshold for pain and discomfort since he has an amputated leg due to ambirth defect. So I'm not getting a lot of comfort from him. Thanks for the support ladies! :)
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Re: Day 7 of stimm, round two

Postby DeeF » Mon Sep 29, 2014 7:56 pm

Hi Meh. I feel for you. It must be hard without being able to discuss it with him. My husband is not the most emotional person either but I don't feel as alone as you sound. Do you have any friends that you could talk to? Or perhaps a councillor? My hospital gave us contact details for a councillor right at the beginning, in case we need it.. Have you tried to take your husband to the doctor - so the doctor can explain to him what you are going through, if he cannot understand it when you talk to him??

I'm 39, never been pregnant although we've been trying for years. I've had 2 IUI cycles few years ago but really stressed me out when they didn't proceed due to slightly over reacting to the medication. After years of reluctance, my husband finally got ready for artificial insemination (he didn't really want a baby, as he already have an 18yr old).

Due to low sperm quality they didn't even give us the option of IVF, went for ICSI immediately, which is a bit scary really...
I had 8 (+few small) follicles, had 5 eggs collected, 4 fertilised but only 1 survived till the transfer on day 5 - TODAY! So I'm keeping all my fingers / toes / eyes... :) crossed as this may be my only chance. Pregnancy test due on the 11th Oct.

If your doctor recommends you to wait another cycle probably you should. More follicles you have higher the chance of a good result! Look at me.. 1 blasto out of 8 follicles, although as I said the sperm quality is very low here so that may be a reason too. Hopefully you won't have that problem.

Good luck and chin up! Stay strong and look after yourself!
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