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New to this 38yo. Just had EC yesterday

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New to this 38yo. Just had EC yesterday

Postby Wants2beamom » Wed Nov 19, 2014 6:40 pm

Hi out there IVF world.
We started on this journey 2 years ago of trying on our own only to find out hubby's sperm not so good. When you pair that with my DOR (AMH of .69) not a good start. We were just now able to do IVF, the doctors told us to not waste time with IUI. Just need a miracle to come through. Just did our retrieval yesterday. Had only 4 follicles, 3 eggs, only 2 mature and 1 survived and is fertilizing. Prayers and fingers crossed that the cells will keep multiplying for transfer on Friday. I know all it takes is one ! I pray this is our ONE!


Me(38) DH (30) 4% morph
Was on microdose Lupron 2 x a day
Gonal F 300iu morning
Menopur 150 night
Dexamethosone 1 tab
Low dose aspirin
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