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my story..

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my story..

Postby Butterfly27 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:54 pm

Hello, everyone! :wink:
My name is Liana.
Someone said that there was nothing better in the world than to see a baby and to hear his/ her laugh. I totally agree with this quotation. That’s how my husband and I thought years ago. But now, after so many attempts, we can’t figure out what to do and how to go on living, since we are so depressed and frustrated. I even don’t remember the last time we had fun. We had parties every month; we invited our friends and lived happily. Once my husband and I decided to become parents, but we got disappointed very soon, since every time we tried, something went wrong. To be more specific, I had six miscarriages and there was no hope anymore to give birth to a baby. Every visit to my doctor became a tedious procedure. My doctor prescribed me so many medications. But every pregnancy ended with miscarriage. Every time some symptoms were developing, and we couldn’t do anything to solve this problem. It is essential to have good heath to carry and deliver a baby. To tell the truth, we didn’t even know the reason of miscarriages! We were always surrounded by our friends. We liked communicating and spending time together. But now we are concerned only about having a baby. Every day we try to enhance our heath, but, frankly speaking, I don’t have hope anymore. Yes, I gave up! The relationships between me and my husband are becoming worse. Sometimes, he gets angry at me, but then he understands that I am not the one to be blamed. This problem influences our life very seriously. After so many attempts, we decided to try surrogacy. I have to mention that we live in France, where surrogacy is totally forbidden. We are willing to do everything right, so that we can become legal parents of a baby. We started surfing the Internet. Therefore, we found out so much information about the surrogacy and cheered ourselves up. My husband and I were aimed to achieve a positive result. I mean, we needed to be sure that we would have a baby. And we started our trips to clinics, taking into consideration service, prices etc. We started with the USA. Clinics in the US were really expensive. That’s why we were ready to try Asian service, and we were so disappointed! When we first came to India, we couldn’t believe our eyes! At a guess, we noticed that there was so dirty. Moreover, sanitary conditions were awful! But there were a lot of intended parents who also were trying to use surrogacy. I understand them. We even had a thought to try this service, but then we decided that it’s better not to have a baby than to have an ill one. There are so many horrible stories about Indian service and ill children as well. I know that we have to be sure that everything is going to be all right, but I can’t. I can’t even tell anyone about our problem. I feel down in the mouth! This happens because I can only think about babies, about having one in our family. I know that everything will change if we have a baby. Right now, everything is getting on my nerves, I’m so confused! Girls, please help me to find out useful information about European clinics, their service. What have you tried and what have helped? Describe all pros and cons. We would be so grateful!
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