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i'm on the 2ww!!!

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i'm on the 2ww!!!

Postby crasmus » Fri May 13, 2005 7:14 pm

i had a 2 ET on the 7th and am waiting until the 17th.... i'm driving myself nuts..i did a hpt this morning(friday the 13th) and it was-..i know that it's really early, but i can not wait.... i hate the wait time. I'm an old pro at the ivf thing... this is my 9th cycle total, we already have a child and are trying for more. is there anyone that has had a child and trying IVF again..
colleen :?
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Postby Sand » Fri May 13, 2005 7:23 pm

Hi Colleen - Welcome to the site ! 9th cycle ! There are quite a few of us on the 2ww at the moment. You'll find us on the General Forum on the May 2ww thread, all going crazy together. Feel free to come over and join us. There's at least one other on 2ww with a dd, so you are not alone.

Sandra x
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Postby Susie » Fri May 13, 2005 9:26 pm

Hi Colleen
I'm on 2ww I test on 23rd, and I've got a 4 year old girl called Abby from my 1st attempt, and this is only my 2nd attempt, but thought we'd give it one try to try and get a sibling for her.
I think your brave doing it so many times especially when you've already got a little one. We are only going to have the one attempt now, and the FET's from the embryos we have frozen, because I dont want all the drugs again.
Anyway I'll see you on the 2ww message board no doubt, or around the board somewhere
Susie x
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2nd ICSI +ve, a son born 2006
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