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New to the Board but in my 2ww

For new members wanting to introduce themselves.

New to the Board but in my 2ww

Postby juliebito » Fri May 27, 2005 1:47 am

My "code name" is Juliebito. My husband calls our invitro "Operation BITO" (Bun in the Oven). So it's our little secret when we talk about what's going on. I'm 37 and had my transfer on Saturday. I went through the 3 days of bedrest and all but drove myself crazy but because I am so dedicated to this, I did all that I could to stay put on the couch or in bed. Now this waiting period is better because I can keep busy but funny, I still cannot get BITO off my mind. It's always there. I had 15 eggs during egg retrival, only 5 fertilized and in the end they only put one back in during transfer. It is the highest grade embryo and this little guy is so cute, nice round cells, little fragmentation. Could it be that this little guy is destined to make it?? 1 out of 15 chance...... I have 50 billion questions and emotions and don't know where to start. Every symptom "MEANS SOMETHING" cramping, aches, pains, my mind is going crazy. Hey, I may be going crazy. Last night my husband was talking to the baby in my tummy, it was so sweet and cute. I wanted to talk back to him (as the baby) and then oddly I said "meeeow"..........meow? oh boy, I may be losing it. Maybe if this doesn't work out, I have a career as a "crazy cat lady." We both laughed so hard we had tears streaming down our faces. I guess we're handing the stress okay if we can laugh that hard in the midst of all this.
Is anyone out there in their waiting period?
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Postby NickiMark » Fri May 27, 2005 7:21 am

Hi Julie!!

Bito, I like it!!! :)

I'm on my 2ww, testing on 2nd June. I undersatnd what u mean, this 2ww wait makes you go crazy. I talk to mine, dh thinks I am mad, he's refusing the believe it til I get a BFP. Just tells me to stop thinking about it, easier said than done huh?

It's on my mind 24/7.

Anyway, glad u found us here, this site will keep u sane, Pop over to the general Forum and post under the May buddies/ June-July buddies and the 2ww threads.
If you post under the JUne test dates, Little P will add you to the list!! ( I am assuming you're testing in June!)

Good Luck...See u about x x x
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Postby Sand » Fri May 27, 2005 8:05 am

Hi Julie(bito!) ... Welcome to the Site - glad you've found us at this crucial time. I've just finished a 2ww so can relate clearly to how you're feeling. Well done on the 3 days rest - although it doesn't sound it, it really is hard work.

There are quite a few on the 2ww at the moment, so if you do join the May 2WW thread on the General Forum you'll be in good company.

You've just got to remember that all the twitches and twinges don't necessarily mean anything. Likewise, if you have no symptoms it doesn't mean it hasn't work. ... No wonder you feel like you're going crazy !!

Good luck !!

Sandra x
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Postby LittleP » Fri May 27, 2005 8:14 am


Hi and welcome - great name "bito" :D

As the others have said come and join the General Forum 2ww thread, you will find it helps to talk to others in the same predicament as you. It makes you feel less like you are going mad to know that others are having the same anxieties :!:

If you let me have your test date I will add you to the list of testers.

Good luck and loads of hugs, PMA and Baby Dust.

Little P
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Postby gailbunny » Sat May 28, 2005 9:38 am

Hi Julie


Will have to remember that one.

I am not liking the 2WW I am analysing every twinge.

Due to test on 2nd June so hang on in there with us with plenty of PMA.

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