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How bad are the emotional swings?

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How bad are the emotional swings?

Postby KristiKay » Sun May 29, 2005 7:44 pm

Hi I am Kristi (34) from Texas....I am starting IVF/ICSI this week. I have NO IDEA what I am up against. This will be our first treatment cycle. My husband John is (45) and is undergoing reversal vasectomy this week. While they are doing the procedure they will retrieve his "good swimmers" this week to transfer to me in a month, basically. I start the Lupron this week then off to Repronex in about 2.5 weeks. Ladies, how much does this truly affect you hormonally? I have heard some terrible horror stories -- women spending the entire day in tears. What am I up against? :shock: My husband is a wee bit nervous....as am I
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Postby LittleP » Sun May 29, 2005 10:06 pm

Hi there and welcome to the site.

It's such a difficult question to answer as each and everyone of us will react to the drugs differently. Some girls are lucky enough to get no side effects at all :D

If you post this question on the General Forum as well you will get a lot more answers.

I am on Buserelin so my side-effects won't be relevant to you.

I wish you loads of luck with your treatment. If you have started now and want to talk to girls going through treatment in June there is a thread already started where we all talk to each other. We are affectionately known as the JuJu Jelly Babies - come and join in.

Anyway, best of luck and loads of hugs and PMA.

Little P
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Postby DebraP » Mon May 30, 2005 6:19 am

Hi Kirsti......welcome to the site.

LittleP has outlined the major stuff. The monthly buddy threads help to keep everyone sane. It's easy to over analyse everything so chatting with others can provide support, a willing pair of ears and just a place to discuss the detail of tmt. I've found even close family don't want to hear the tiny, wee details (which seem so important to us).

I've not used Lupron nor Repronex so can't comment on their possible emotional effects but generally, you can expect to feel more emotional than usual. Nothing hideous but becoming snappish and short whilst down-regging isn't uncommon. Tearfulness and feeling anxious is also fairly usual. Not all the time and if you can balance treatment with work/ other family/ exercise etc. it will help distract you as it's very easy to become obsessed during the whole run of meds, apts., scans etc.

Again, chat to others doing the same thing at the same time and you'll find it easier to laugh at the whole roller coaster ride, and that's what it is at times.

Good luck and I hope the reversal/retrieval goes well.
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