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New to this

Postby Yvee » Mon Jun 06, 2005 9:25 pm

Hi all, I've found myself on this forum. I'm on my 3rd and last cycle of superovulation, and just been told it could be a 2 year wait for IVF. Feeling pretty down, it is so hard to stay positive. If one more person says to me "It will be your turn next", I will scream. People mean well, but unless you are going through it I don't think they do understand. Just needing to chat to people who are.

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Postby AliasR » Mon Jun 06, 2005 9:55 pm

And you've definetly come to the right place... :D

Welcome Yvee!

There isn't a single person here you doesn't understand what it's like. I'm not going through tmt but joining in has done wonderful things to my self-esteem and even to my understanding of the world - there's a point where you begin doubting everything you are.

You'll find a lot of useful info on the general post which is where most of the people go. If you're going through tmt there's a buddies thread for each month and also a test dates thread.

If you feel like chatting there are daily chit chat threads, age threads, funny threads - anything to keep your mind from tmt, the dreaded "waiting" word or a nasty day.

If there's any question you feel like asking just start a new topic and i'm sure you'll get plenty of answers. We all know how hard it is and we're all here for eachother.

hope to see you real soon

A big hug

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Postby Sand » Mon Jun 06, 2005 10:18 pm

Hi there Yvee ....Welcome to the Site. You'll find everyone here understands just how you're feeling. I see Rita's given you the low down ... Hope to see you post on the General !

Sandra x
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Postby LittleP » Tue Jun 07, 2005 10:48 am

Hi there Yvee - welcome and good luck with everything.

The others have filled you in so I look forward to talking to you on the General Forum.

Big hugs and PMA

Little P
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