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new and unsure

Postby scottm7 » Sun Jul 03, 2005 2:27 pm

Hi My finance and I have been through a number of tests for infertility and it was discovered that I had endrometriosis and a cyst on my ovary. These have been removed by laser and we were advised that if we were not pregnant after a few months t go back and they would suggest IUI or IVF. It is now 4 months later and we have decided we will go back. I am 39 (40 in May next year). I am unsure what to do. The success rate for IUI seems so low...is it worth doing this before IVF or is it advisable to just go to IVF. I am nervous of going ahead with IVF as I get down each month when I realise that another month has gone by and no luck. I am nervous that if I have IVF I will get depressed if it does not work and because of my age I know the chance of success is low.

I also have the added risk that I am epeleptic and not able to give up the drugs I take, is there anybody who has epilepsy and undergone IVF?

Sandie :?:
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Postby Sand » Sun Jul 03, 2005 3:58 pm

Hi Sandie - Welcome to the Site.

It's always tough whatever decisions we have to make regarding tmt.

You need to weigh up all the pros and cons. Although IVF may have a better sucess rate, it's far more complicated, invasive and expensive than IUI.

Will you be on NHS or Private ..? Whichever way, IUI seems to have a shorter waiting list than IVF.

If you are going down the NHS route, bare in mind that after all the exploratory tests etc, you could easily then be at the bottom of a 2 year waing list (and at 39 that's not good ..!).

We have seen success strories from 40+ girls, so it can and does work ! We all get a little depressed when a tmt doesn't work, but it passes and makes us stronger. Many know that tmt is their only hope - so it's that or nothing.

I don't recall anyone currently posting that is epileptic - but I'm sure you can't be the first in this position !

Go and talk to your doctor, sooner rather than later, and find out what your options are. Make sure you write down any questions you have before you go, as once you're in there you're bound to forget some of them !

Good luck with your appointment. Let us know how you go on.

Sandra x
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Postby maybebaby » Sun Jul 03, 2005 5:48 pm

Hi Sandie

I also joined the site today so we are both new to this.

My partner and I have just started IVF - we were also offered iui when we first went to the docs (we have 'unexplained infertility') and discussed the IUI at length ...in the end our decision came down to my gut feeling - I just felt that with a success rate of 10% it wasn't worth delaying our IVF process by a few months for something that more than likely would not work.

We finally decided to go for IVF this year after one miscarrige in 2001 followed by 3 years trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. Having made the decision to have IVF and then being offered a sort of 'halfway house' in the form of IUI we just decided that we wanted to get on with the IVF and not delay any further (perhaps we are just too impatient!). However, we did not have the added complication of epilepsy that you have. What have the doctors said about the epilepsy drugs in combination with the IVF ones? Are there added complications or side effects from taking the ivf medication? I guess this will be a big factor in your decision.

I wish you luck with your decision and hope that you receive some useful comments here to help you on your way ... hope to hear how you get on.

Kate (alias maybebaby)
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Postby NickiMark » Sun Jul 03, 2005 7:33 pm

Hi and welcome. Sorry cant personally answer your Q's but I am here to see you through it so if you need a bit of support I'll be around ok. x x

Good Luck dear. x x
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Postby Jackie S » Sun Jul 03, 2005 8:27 pm

Hi Sandie

I have epilepsy and my IVF consultant decided to change my meds to Lamotragine and increase the dosage before I started my treatment. I am having my baby in 9 days and have taken a higher dose of folic acid -5mg throughout the whole pregnancy. This doseage needs to be prescribed by your GP.

I would talk to your consultant. I was recently seen by my epilepsy consultant and picked up a leaflet on epilepsy during pregnancy and after, it actually said something about certain meds causing fertility problems. I don't have the leaflet now but it could be worth speaking to your consultant to see if there is a link.

Epilepsy can cause a birth defect similar to spina bifida but I was under consultant care for my pregnancy and have been scanned every 2-4 weeks, I know that you should be offered a scan at 20 weeks to ensure the brain and spine have developed. Taking the higher dose of folic acid helps prevent this defect.

Concerning the IVF I don't think my epilepsy led to any particular problems. Talk your concerns over with your gp or speak to a counsellor, my consultant went through everything with me, even the silly questions. They are there to help put you at ease as well as to treat you.

Good luck with your treatment, and try not to worry.

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Postby scottm7 » Mon Jul 04, 2005 6:25 am

Thanks for all your responses. It is great to know you are not the only one. I will talk to my doctor (private) and keep visiting here as this is already helping! Have a good Monday xx
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Postby debbieed » Mon Jul 04, 2005 6:12 pm

Hello and welcome to the site.
We are now on our 3rd IVF tmt. We also ahve 'unexplained' infertility and given that I was nearly 40 when we began this we too had a decision to make. When we talked it all through with our consultant we decided that IUI, although a cheaper and less complicated procedure, would still leave us not knowing what was happening (or not happening). So we decided to go straight into IVF. We had to fund it ourselves so it wasn't an easy decision. However, although the tmts so far haven't worked (hoping this 3rd try will be out lucky one) we have at least found out that the problem seems to be with implantation. Everything works up until then (although I don't produce many eggs they seem to fertilize ok). If we had gone for IUI we wouldn't know this so I'm glad we took the route we did.
You need to weigh up the pros and cons for yourselves. Listen to the consultants advice - they want it to work for you too, but make your own minds up. Whichever decision you make it will be the right one for you.

Best of luck and take care

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Postby Yvee » Tue Jul 05, 2005 11:02 am

Hi there, i too have only joined the site recently and have found it my life line these past few weeks, knowing there is someone to answer my questions and offer support, people who know exactly what it is like. I have just completed my 3rd and final attempt at IUI with no success, looking back i feel it has been a very emotional and a waste of time. Wish i had gone straight to IVF as the chances seem higher, although others seem to have had success with IUI. I wish you all the best and will look for updates on how things go
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Postby taylorjools » Tue Jul 05, 2005 7:41 pm

just wanted to send you a big hug and welcome you

love bigJ
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new thoughts

Postby scottm7 » Sat Jul 09, 2005 1:25 pm

I have been reading Zita West's book and to be honest it has given me lot to think about. I really didn't realise how much was involved.

Thank you Jackie S for your info on what you neede to do. My neurosurgeon has advised me that if I did get pregnant I ould have to have a caeserian and also to take the folic acid.

My partner and I are going to discuss what we want to do about IVF this week end as we know we both have to agree with what ever decision we make. Over the lasr week my thoughts have been swopping and changing and at the moment I am unsure I want to go this route. I know we can only afford one treatment and am worried that a negative result will be too much to handle....boy it really is a big decision to make...can you believe that as well as this it is 6 weeks to we get married plus we have sold our flat and not got a new one yet!! It all seems so much.

Anyway thank you for your support and I will keep you updated.

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Postby Katie12563 » Sun Jul 10, 2005 5:26 pm

Hi Sandie
I am new to this board and I saw your posting and decided to respond.

My doctor also gave me the choice of IUI or IVF. He suggested just 1 cycle of IUI to see what happens. I had no blocked tubes and we hoped the fertility meds would be effective: Bravelle injections.

It worked! I became pregnant. Although I lost the baby in 6 weeks it was strictly a chromosome problem (with my egg..triple 16...I'm 42 so I'm at higher risk for this). The IUI is much easier than IVF. No harvesting eggs and placing then back into your body, and much less expensive. My problem couldn't be corrected with IVF. It would be the same with IVF or IUI...so I'll try again and pray for a normal embryo. The injections are easy and so is the inseminations (my doctor did it 2 days in a row).

Why not try just one cycle if you can afford both or if your insurance plan covers it. Maybe you will also concieve in just 1 cycle...with a very healthy egg!!! The meds may make the differnce.
After that go to the IUI.

*****A co-worker also went to the same clinic and she had a previous miscarriage (tried on her own). She also tried one IUI and now she is expecting twins. She experienced 1.5 years of infertility after her miscarriage. She is younger than I and I pray that both eggs and sperm are normal and she won't experience my same problem.

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Postby scottm7 » Mon Jul 11, 2005 11:14 am

Thank you Katie for your reply. This has given me more hope as I was thinking that it was not worth doing IUI but your experience and your friend's is good to hear. I hope you have better luck next time-happy fairy baby dust to you!!

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