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Here we go!!

For new members wanting to introduce themselves.

Here we go!!

Postby Dizzie » Sun Aug 07, 2005 10:26 pm

Hiya everyone,

I am another new member and we're about to go on our latest adventure. We have our initial appointment for our IVF treatment in two weeks time, so I thought I'd just say hello (since I'll be back and fore regulary now) and say how brave I think you all are. We've know for about 3 years now that IVF was our only hope of having kids and now that we've finally saved up and about to start, it suddenly hit me 'What the f**k are we doing and how are we going to cope?' The answer is, we really don't know. Maybe its good this time round because we dont know what to expect, I don't know. If anyone has any tips or advice, I'd love to hear from you and I'd be so grateful. I personally don't know anyone who's been through this so you lot are going to become my new IVF buddies. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'll be back in a couple of weeks once we've had our appointment and I want to say to everyone GOOD LUCK. X :D
Dizzie x

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Postby suey » Sun Aug 07, 2005 11:09 pm

Good Luck to you in this adventure of IVF. I just finished my first IVF cycle and am awaiting a + pregnancy test. I should hear by the end of this week. Thank God for the caring, and intelligent people behind IVF that give us hope and a chance at being parents. I wish you well in this journey that has just began.
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Postby leigh » Tue Aug 09, 2005 9:13 am

Welcome Dizzie
I will be having ivf in October after failed iui in April.

Good luck to you


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Postby LittleP » Tue Aug 09, 2005 11:26 am

Hi Dizzie and welcome to the site.

I know that IVF is a daunting thing to face, but there are so many of us here who have been through it and if there is anything you want to know just ask - no matter how silly you think the question is we will help as much as we can.

If you look at the left-hand side of this page there are various topics referring to the different stages of IVF or ICSI and if you have a read through some of them you might find some helpful information.

I wish you loads of luck with the treatment - do join in the threads on the General Forum and talk to other girls going through the treatment at the same time won't you - you might find it helpful to share.

Take care of yourself

Little P
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Postby DebraP » Tue Aug 09, 2005 1:01 pm

Hi Dizzie and welcome. I'd recommend getting hold of a copy of 'Fertility & Conception' by Zita West as it has lots of advice for how to prepare for tmt, clear explanations of what happens, what to expect and how to best handle it all.

Good luck
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Postby Sand » Tue Aug 09, 2005 5:26 pm

Hi Dizzie - Glad you've found us and Welcome ... Hope you find the Site informatative and supportive. We're a friendly lot !

Good luck with your up and coming cycle.

Sandra x
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Postby Pootle » Tue Aug 09, 2005 5:52 pm

Hi Dizzie

Glad to hear someone else is embarking on this for the first time too. I am 2 weeks into my first IVF cycle.

Will look forward to chatting to you when you come back.

You will find so much support here, people are so friendly and know what you are going through.

Take care and good luck

Pootle xxx :)
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Postby crasmus » Tue Aug 09, 2005 7:16 pm


good luck with the IVF cycle.... i hope that things work out well, and you get a positive the first go around (you too Pootle) i got a +ive my first cycle, so i hope that for you!!!

It's not that bad, once you "jump" into things.... i think that the waiting, is the hardest part.... even more then the shots....

well, good luck and see ya around!!

if you have any questions, let us know.... some of us have been through this a few times and are pros...
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