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which name do you like best for for baby boy

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logan alexander reid or kade john reid
kade alexander reid or logan john reid
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or kade or logan for a girl
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Postby tracyreid » Sun Sep 25, 2005 1:11 am

hi everyone ive been a member for a couple of years but then my pc broke and ive just got a new one. i have just finished my firs course of ivf and found out i am pregnant my stomach is very swollen and sore and i look and feel about 7 months pregnant can anyone tell me if this is a good or bad thing the dr just told me that if it gets any worse i will be admitted to hospital and fluid drained from my stomach will this harm my baby please help as i am really worried.

love tracy : :D

ps i am 2 and a 1/2 weeks pregnant just now
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Postby k » Sun Sep 25, 2005 9:19 am

Hi Tracy

Welcome back and congratulations on your BFP!! :D :D
My ovaries were still swollen until after my 1st pregnancy scan at 6.5 weeks pregnant. There is a possibility if your symptoms get worse, you could be developing OHSS (Ovarian hyperstimulation). You can develop it after IVF treatment anyway if you have a lot of follicles, but you are more prone to it if you become pregnant after treatment. From what Ive read, it wont affect your baby (In fact one book I read said that the pregnancy would be more likely to 'stick' if you had OHSS, although I dont really know the reasons why!) However, it can be serious for you if it gets worse and is left untreated, so look after yourself and contact your doctor if your symptoms get worse. From what Ive read on here, you are advised to drink plenty of fluids. If you post this topic on the general forum or pregnancy after treatment forum, you should get a few replies as a few women has been through it.
(Oh and some good news, you are probably further on in your pregnancy than you think. You normally count back 2 weeks from your EC or ET, so are probably 4.5 weeks pregnant! Try the pregnancy calculator on the left hand side of your screen (In blue under resources).
Take care
Love Kim
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Postby NickiMark » Sat Oct 01, 2005 10:14 pm


looks like Logan wins! let us know what happens x x
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