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hi, im new to this site....

For new members wanting to introduce themselves.

hi, im new to this site....

Postby donna99 » Sun Oct 09, 2005 10:39 am

hi everyone, sorry if i waffle but its a relief to talk to you all out there...we have been trying for 4 long years!!! i am 30 years old and have very mild endo...i had one cancelled IUI due to hyperstimulation, 2 failed IUIs, 1 cancelled IVF due to hyperstimulation, 3 failed IVF attempts (one of which was a frozen cycle)...had my last failed IVF in August, period in early September, but not another one since, tested neg on home kit but doing my head in....got a review with my constultant tomorrow...wonder if it will ever happen....it has totally taken over my life and feel that each time it fails a piece of me dies...the hospital says i dont need much help as i respond well to drugs just bit of luck!!!
the worst part is in between cycles i got pregnant naturally only to miscarry at 7 weeks 6 days!!!!! we are so private about our treatment, only my parents know and one other couple....its so hard putting on a brave face in work when you feel like screaming from the roof tops when every other bugger has a pram or a scan picture its hard not to be bitter, dont you think??? love xxx
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Postby DebraP » Sun Oct 09, 2005 11:20 am

Oh Donna, you've been in the wars haven't you? :( So sorry to read of your failed tmts but perhaps worse the m/c. I agree, they're heartbreaking.

There are lots of different threads you might want to join on the General Forum. There's some age groups, tmt month groups, people waiting (generally called 'limbo' groups) and there's also one called 'unsociable' where people generally feeling hacked off with the world, vent. In short, there are lots and lots of people on here just like you. If you add a bit to your profile, you might find people with experience of your clinic even.

I know full well this next bit won't help you much but it's still true :) You have several positive things in your pocket already. You respond well to meds (some people don't), your eggs fertilise (some don't) and best of all, you know that you CAN get pregnant - small solace when everything feels crappy but at least should give you some hope for your next cycle.

Have you read Zita West's books? she has a new one just published which updates her 'Fertility & Conception', which I, and many others on here dip into for ideas, tips, explanations etc.

Good luck with the consultant apt.
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