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Postby kay1 » Wed Oct 26, 2005 6:38 pm

Hi ladies, i have been looking on this site for a few weeks now and think its great that it's here as a form of advice or even support. I am about to have lots of screening tests with my own G.P and once i've got the all clear from him i will start ivf and share my eggs, my hubby is cool with the sharing and thinks its great to be able to give others the chance to have a child. I hope it was okay to post here even though i am only having screening done at the mo. I hope my GP will give me the all clear so that we can get things moving in the new year. I've had lots of info from the clinic and am a little worried about the side effects of the drugs, are they really that bad.
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Postby Sand » Wed Oct 26, 2005 7:12 pm

Hi Kay

Welcome to the Site. Hope you can get all the test stuff out of the way quickly, and get moving with tmt.

The drugs ? ... Needless to say, everyone reacts differently. Some get away with hardly any side effects, whilst others are hit a little harder. One thing I'm sure everyone will agree with - you'll become very emotional. Warn dh (dear hubby) beforehand !

If you look on the General Forum, the first thread covers all the abbreviations that we use.

Sandra x
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Postby souris » Thu Oct 27, 2005 9:21 am

Hi Kay and welcome!

As Sand said , I think all of us girls going through the tmt had mood swings (like PMT X 100!!) A message for all our DH, Please forgive us!!

Personnaly I put on weight around my belly, but nothing horrible... that's about it!

I will have ICSI number 2 in January, so maybe we will cycle at the same time and be buddy!
I think egg sharing is great! I will consider it next round if I have some eggies left (I did not ont he first attempt!)

Good luck for the screening! Lots of PMA
Take care'Souris
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thanks for the welcome

Postby kay1 » Sat Oct 29, 2005 10:15 am

of course i'd love to be your cycle buddy souris, obviously this is subject to all my tests being ok, i'm having them done when i get next AF in two weeks and when i get results i have to contact the clinic. Although i live way down in the bottom of cornwall and there are clinics nearer to home DH and i have decided to go to a clinic in london and they have lots of lovely ladies waiting for eggies, so there would only be the matter of matching me with a recipient which they have said they could do in a day and then waiting for AF so that treatment can be started. At the moment i dont get to my pc that often, but once i start my cycle i'll be on everyday. Thanks for the welcome Sandra and Souris and for telling me about the abbreviations thread, there are loads but i'm sure i'll pick them up.
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