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Need someone to talk to - feel so low

For new members wanting to introduce themselves.

Postby roseannp » Mon Nov 28, 2005 3:21 pm

Hi Lis

I am new to this site and Ivf.

My other half isn't much better off than yours so we are awaiting ICSI cycle too. This was really hard to deal with when we found out and still is.

I think the problem that I found, was resentment toward the whole thing. Not my partner, just at the fact this had happened and also what I was having to face in respect of treatment when it isn't even my problem, how fair is that?!

One way that I have passed time (we have about an 8 week wait now) is by gainig knowledge. Read everything, find out everything about the clinic and become an expert! If nothing else it will feel like you are doing something proactive with your time not just counting days!

Oh and I completly sympathise with the whole pregnat thing. I just can't be happy for anyone who is expecting.

Take care

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Postby Lis » Wed Nov 30, 2005 9:31 pm

Hi Roseanne,

I so know how you feel! Since we found out over 4 weeks ago now I've done nothing but immerse myself in websites, forums and of course Zita West's little number just arrived tonight. It's like therapy to be well equipped with as much knowledge as possible.

I know its so unfair - all of it. I'm having a hard time trying not to resent DH's parents who didn't seem to notice that DH's testicles hadn't descended. It took a doctor to spot it at routine medical when he was 12 years old !! I mean how can they not have noticed something was wrong when they were changing his nappy as a nipper or bathing/clothing him as a toddler/youngster?? The mother in law actually said the other day she "didnt think she could diagnose it as a mother". Well how about as a urse and midwife which she's done all her life?!

Like you I can't get excited about pregnancies - I feel terrible saying that. Currently two best friends and my sis in law are expecting next February, April and July and although I'm happy for them and care for them deeply can't muster up any excitement from within - it's too hard. Glad I'm not the only one.

Hope to speak to you on other threads in the general forum but feel free to mail me privately if you fancy a chat.

L xxx
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