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2 ww is due today but...

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2 ww is due today but...

Postby Lertluck Sukondhabhant » Thu Nov 10, 2005 1:04 am

Hi everyone I'm new from oversea...far away..I found out this site 3 days ago and felt like it's very helpful. I had my second attempt of IVF after 1year and a half past. Before that I tried IUI,IVF(1),GIFT (1)and SHIFT(1).
So exhasusted!!!
I had no significant symtoms of infertility except stimulate follic was a bit difficult. I usually got 3-4 each stimulate but the quality of egg seem OK.
First IVF 3 years and half, I got 5 eggs 4 become blastocyte and all were trasferred. Sadly it didn't work.

Last month, I decided to come back and did it. This time I almost had no egg after stimulate 5 days so DH change to Gonal and try another 3 days then I got 2 follic. EC on 26 both divided, ET 29 Oct all. Then the 2 WW started. I kind of get used to disappointment but can't help worrying so I check on the internet to find anyone like me...not really...
This time I had difficulty with sleeping too. I woke up at night often. 2ww is suppose to be a good day. But I woke up at 4 am and found out I was bleeding. I am now very depress and need support very much.
Lertluck Sukondhabhant
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Postby Lertluck Sukondhabhant » Thu Nov 10, 2005 1:20 am

I'm forgot to tell. I'm 39. Husband 35.
If this fail should I try next IVF right away?
Lertluck Sukondhabhant
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Postby Smita » Thu Nov 10, 2005 3:09 am

Hi Lertluck,
Welcome here!
Looks like you've had a tough time.
About the bleeding you are having, have you spoken to your doctor about it?
Why dont you post on the general forum, you'll find a lot of women going through the 2ww and you can discuss your feelings with them and feel less lonely.
Wishing you lots of luck.

me-32, dh 40
ttc 4+ years
4 failed IUI's
1st ICSI +ve 17/6/05:)
Baby girl Dhruvaa born on 14/02/06
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Postby AMck » Thu Nov 10, 2005 6:16 pm

Hi Lertluck and welcome to the site.

Sorry to see you been through a lot of worrying times recently. You might like to join the other ladies on the general forum. You will find lots of advise and support there!

Good luck, sending you lots of PMA

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