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Hi. Need someone to talk to.

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Hi. Need someone to talk to.

Postby bee » Sun Jan 15, 2006 7:41 pm

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a little over a year and a half now. After the first year I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and PCOS. I am currently taking synthroid and metformin and started clomid last month with no luck.
I feel depressed a lot and have been having some severe mood swings. (So bad that it has apparently affected my job-so says my coworkers). I don't know if this moodiness is just due to what I am going through or if the meds could cause depression. I know a lot of you are in the same boat, and it has really helped me to read everyone elses posts, but I just needed someone to talk to. I am a really private person and don't know anyone who has this same condition or anyone that can really understand what I'm going through. When we finally told our family, some of the things I heard were; "A year and a half really isn't that long to try, some people try 10 years to get pregnant." (Stepmom) and "Well, you must be just to stressed out right now. I'm sure if you just relax and don't worry about it, you'll get pregnant." (Mom). I CAN'T STAND THAT!!! THEY HAVE NO IDEA HOW I FEEL! AND THEY WANT TO BE THE PEOPLE THAT I COME TO!

My sister has been the one person that I feel most comfortable talking to, but she is 16 months younger than I and got pregnant a couple weeks after getting married! She is now about 7 months pregnant and I just don't want to bother her anymore. She is going through enough on her own. I can't really talk to my husband either. He wants me to... and he is so positive... but I just don't want to bother him all the time with it either. I don't think he realizes how often I am upset.
So, is it the medications? What can I do for my moodiness and depression? Is there hope for me on the clomid? I have read a lot of posts saying that clomid hasn't worked for those people... I know I'm only starting my second round, but every month that goes by, I lose more and more hope.
Please help.
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Postby Lis » Sun Jan 15, 2006 8:36 pm

Hi Bee,

I'm sorry your having such a hard time right now. There's no doubt about it - trying to conceive is a rollercoaster of emotions. I'm afraid I'm no expert on the drugs your on but I'm definitely sure that you need to talk.....Your husband is going through this too and no doubt finding it hard so talk to him!! You'll only get through this if you share your feelings and thoughts.

As for the comments AAARRGGHHHH!!! We've all been there and know how frustrating that is. The best thing to do is come on here and moan about it! We understand!

You'll find lots of support here - the ladies are fantastic. Come over to the general thread, you'll get lots more support and info there.

Take care and keep in touch xxx
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Postby souris » Mon Jan 16, 2006 8:09 am

Hi Bee and welcome here!

I agree with you, people who dont have fertility problems just dont understand. I know they are trying to be kind and helpful, but they just dont get it do they! Dont blame them, just try to ignore their comments...
So i think you are gonna be so happy you joined this group, because many ladies/couples here are going through the same thing, and they will understand you and support you!

And i agree with Lis, maybe you should speak more to your DH. He seemed to be very supportive and maybe he needs you to speak to him. I am sure he is also affected by the situation and being there for each other is really important.

Wishing you luck with your next clomid cycle,

take care
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