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hoping to ED

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hoping to ED

Postby jbirdsbaby » Tue Mar 14, 2006 12:35 pm


My name is Billi I am a 21 YO female living in Peach Co.,Georgia. I am willing to travel. I am in excellent health, and so is my family. I am a non-smoker and I dont drink. I am a mother of two. My first is my son Bradley who is 2, he was a victory on the first try, he won State of Georgia's pageant as "Baby Master 2005". My daughter is 3 months old she was attempted and concieved on my sons first birthday victory on the first try again! It seems I'm a fertility bank of some sort ;). I graduated from High school at 17, joined the Army at 18 and became an Intelligence Officer. I also got my Bachelor's in Criminal Investgations. I recently got my Sustitute teachers certificate. I love kids and I am striving to one day become a Principle. I left my job as a 911 Dispatcher and opened an In-Home Daycare to stay home with my daughter, I keep two other children right now while waiting for my teacher paperwork to be finished. I am caucasian, 5'1'', Blonde hair and Hazel eyes, I have a picture if wanted, please contact me by email or phone. jbirdsbabydoll@aol.com (478)825-1765. I dont want to have anymore kids right now, but I would like to help others experience the joy I have. Just because I'm not using my eggs, doesn't mean they should go to waste, each one of them is a tiny child wanting to live and to be loved.

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Postby asante » Wed Mar 15, 2006 2:38 am

God bless your heart... You can also call fertility clinics. You can be able to help people there..
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