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New Person - Worried about my sister

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New Person - Worried about my sister

Postby cathryn0308 » Wed Apr 05, 2006 7:57 am


I am new to this board. I am not going through IVF myself, but my sister is. She has just had 2 embryos put back yesterday, on her fourth round on IVF. As you can imagine she is so anxious, and any ache or pain she is worrying about.

She has had some mild cramping on and off since the embryos were put back yesterday, could someone tell me if this is normal, or whether my sister should be worried. I am positing this for her, as she is on bed rest at the moment.

I am so desperate for this to work for my sister this time, I do not want to see her destroy herself with her grief etc if it doesn't.

Can anyone help me at all?

Many Thanks
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Postby gailbunny » Wed Apr 05, 2006 11:14 am

Hi Cathryn

The whole IVF is a very big roller coaster and unfortunately we analise every ache or pain. And worry like crazy.

I would say you shouldnt worry too much at this stage. I dont know whether your sister had a frozen transfer or a fresh transfer but certainly with a fresh transfer there are aches & pains with ovaries etc as the drugs have to work out of the system and have been stimulated to a size they would normally never see.

When you sister is able to get up point her to this site as everyone is very supportive and many have gone through the same greif.

Very best of luck to your sister, she is lucky to have you.

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Postby cathryn0308 » Fri Apr 07, 2006 10:39 am

Hi Gail

Thanks for your reply. My sister had a fresh transfer, at 5 days. She is now 4 days since ET.

I can already tell she is torturing herself, I just keep telling her to be positive. The pains have eased off.

This is her fourth attempt at IVF, the last time she got pregnant, but it was a blighted ovum, detected at her 7 weekl scan. I think she is petrified of it all going wrong again, which I can totally understand. From what I can gather her Dr said that the ones they put back were of very good quality.

She has to take a HPT next Friday (Good Friday), lets hope it really is a Good Friday!

Thanks again for your comments.
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