Trying for 2nd Child

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Trying for 2nd Child

Post by Juseke » Mon Jul 10, 2006 12:30 pm

Dear Shelley

Lovely to hear from you, i think my e:mail address is posted, if you want to contact me via e:mail, that would be good.

The news my end is that I've had my blood tests taken again to check on Hormone levels, I see the consultant on the 4th August with a view to starting down regs on day 21 of that cycle which will probably mean going into September for EC, I'll not be far behind you.

Good news about the job, although that sounds a bit strange, but I totally agree with what you are saying. I work for myself and consequently find it hard to say no to my clients, I am however, giving up evening work, which will destress me, I think that my problem is that I get completely stressed out and its not helping the situation, so I therefore have to take myself down a level and get back to basics, I try to cast my mind back to when I fell pregnant with my little boy and basically I didn't have the stress and worrry in those days, like I have now.

I've started acupuncture which is completely amazing, also I have found a web site called which sells CDs to listen to when trying to 1) get pregnant or 2) (which I thought was excellent) hypnotherapy during IVF, so I am going to order myself one of those.

Take care for now and keep in touch, good luck



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