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Hello Fellow Pincushions!

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Hello Fellow Pincushions!

Postby ampmed1 » Thu Aug 17, 2006 8:45 pm

:P I am new to this site and am thankful that I found it! I have been reading all of the different posts concerning IVF.

Getting ready to start stimulation again and a new cycle of IVF.

Went through one retrieval, hyper stimulated! :x , then had to freeze embryos. Have been through 2 frozen transfers with no success.

I am very frustrated today because I spoke with a girlfriend of mine who also just went through an unsuccessful IVF cycle. But, the thing is her doctor and my doctor are doing everything differently.

I was advised that I did not need to stay on the table for more than 10 minutes after my transfer. I was advised that I could drive myself home. No bedrest was needed. Just lay around and do light activity for 6-8 hrs. No lifting or stress for 24 hrs.

She was kept for one hr after transfer. Also she was given valium and advised to lay back almost flat the car ride home. Bedrest for 24 hrs.
she was also monitered every few 2-3 days for hormone levels.

I know Dr's are different but shouldnt they be doing close to the same techniques since the ultimate goal is the same?

I love my doc, she is an awesome lady with a great bedside manner. But on the other hand I also want to be informed if there is something that is not being done correctly.

Also has anyone been advised on if it is okay to have a drink or two with dinner or should I steer clear of alcohol for 2 months prior. My doc seems to think that it won't hurt to have a few. Also she has not commented much on caffeine intake.

Thanks a bunch! Looking forward to new pincushion friends!
Your Fellow Pincushion!
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Postby AMck » Fri Aug 18, 2006 11:45 am

Hi and welcome to the site!
Sorry to see your previous negatives.
Come and join us on the general forum. You will find lots of support and advice. The ladies are great. You will also see lots of different protocols throughout IVF procedures. No two clinics seem to do things the same, types of meds used, amounts of meds used, number of scans, type of blood tests, investigative procedures etc etc...Try not to worry I'm sure your dr knows what she is doing.

Good luck with yout tmt!

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