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New to Forum - 3rd Time Lucky

Postby angellica » Thu Oct 05, 2006 10:20 am

Glad I found this!I am 26yo and am infertile due to having a salpingectomy (both fallopian tubes removed when I was 19) I have had 1 benign tumour removed from my R ovary, 2 cyst removal operations, and laser ablation to endometrium with adhesiolysis..
I have just started my 3rd cycle, first injection today...and to be brutally honest I am dreading it! (Had very bad side effects previously) This time is very different from the last 2 as I am doing egg share, which I am really excited about! What an amazing gift, I believe what you give out you get back so I thought why not... This cycle is an ICSI with assisted hatching, I had ICSI with the second cycle, but it is the first with assisted hatching...has anybody got any advice too share, or good news stories? :D Angellica
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Postby AuntyPebbles » Sat Oct 07, 2006 1:53 pm

ImageHi Angellica...and a great big Image
it sounds like we have been through the same things except i didnt have salpingectomy my insides are too messed up they said they couldnt be sure they wouldnt cut off blood supply to my ovary's....so im stuck with them...
i was also 19 when this started ...had cyst removed from right ovary (they had to take 2/3 of my overy with the cyst).

i am waiting to start my 3rd IVF you would think it gets esier but i think its harder every time i have had different effects from the same drugs every time..so lets pray this goes easier on your body.... i think they Egg share is a wonderful thing to do such a gift your a sweetheart for doing it....i had assisted hatching on my last cycle and will be doing it again but ive never done ICIS we seem to do ok with fertilization..i just wanted you to know your not alone...hugs

wishing you luck and a big belly...Aunty
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Postby angellica » Sat Oct 07, 2006 7:11 pm


Good luck for your next IVF, to be honest I relly dont know why they insist on doing ICSI, my DH's sperm count is normal, apparently they just fight with my eggs my new Consultant was disturbed that my old one actually told me that as apparently that would make couples split up as they see it as a sign! In my job its all about looking for the signs but we choose to ignore that...we actually had more embryos from our non ICSI cycle and we had 2 frosties but our ICSI cycle embies perished pre freezing, the AH is pretty rare for somebody my age I do worry about interfering with the eggs too much and every time they carry out another proceedure it cost me another £600! You know how I feel with regards to all these ops I have actually refused any more help from conventional medicine with regards to the pelvic pain from adhesions which used to cripple me due to my ovaries being stuck to my bowl and was offered a hysterectomy last year, I treat it with Complementary Medicine and wish I had turned to it earlier....19 is a terrible age to cope with all you have but at least we found out early on! healing thoughts are with you...stay positive and strong
Angellica xxx
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