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New to site, just getting started

Postby jjw28 » Mon Nov 06, 2006 11:35 pm

This site looks great - very supportive. I'm really very new at trying to get pregnant, but feeling very frustrated after 6 months of trying.

Everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant. My sister-in-law is having twins. My neighbor is pregnant for the second time in a few years. They weren'e even planning this.
I'm feeling so disappointed and alone. My husband is laid back. he thinks it will happen when we're ready.
I'm 13 days late and took a test this morning - another negative.

How can I be 13 days late and not pregnant??? Can the test be wrong?
I tried using an ovulation kit this month and it never indicated that I was ovulating. What does that mean?
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Postby meg12 » Tue Nov 07, 2006 6:35 am

Welcome and can I just say that I feel your pain! Everyone I know has had 30 kids since we've been trying (okay that might be a slight exageration!)
I am by no means an expert, but I don't know how accurate those ovulation tests are. My only advice is go see a doctor. They say that a "normal" couple should try for about a year before going in, but I'm a big believer in trusting your body. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. On the other hand, stress can only hurt you at this point. So don't panic. Easy for me to say, I know. Just keep in mind that you live in a great age where medicine can do a lot so if there is something wrong, it probably can be overcome! Stay positive and kick those smug pregnant people every chance you get (just kidding, please don't kick anyone!!!! Man, I hope that doesn't get me booted from the site and I really hope that you and I are both smug pregnant people very soon:D )

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