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Surrogacy in Ukraine/Intersono

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Re: Surrogacy in Ukraine/Intersono

Postby tris87 » Thu May 30, 2019 2:33 pm

tris87 wrote:Dear users and guests of this forum!
You must know the truth because most of the messages and accounts are fake.
I faced with the problem of infertility by myself therefore I used surrogacy in Ukraine.
Sadly, the BioTexCom clinic knows only unfair methods of attracting clients.
They spammed all sorts of communities, websites and social networks, either by throwing mud at agencies or praising themselves. And I'm sick of it!
So, I decided to show how people can define a lie who really need help in surrogacy.
There are practically no real people in this subject line “Surrogacy in Ukraine/ Intersono” - most of them are employees of the BioTexCom.
Below, I gave examples:

Tell me, how could a normal person write the same text, indicating constantly the same clinic, even on the same day and at the same time? It is obvious advertising!

To type 18 messages just in 2 days and everything is about the same clinic again …
I would show more screenshots, but there are so many of them that even I am tired of reading it. Dear readers, think twice whether to trust and go to this clinic if they slander competitors and praises themselves.
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