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GS looking to start 1st journey

Discussion forum for those particularly interested in adoption and surrogacy and wish to share their experiences of parenthood.

GS looking to start 1st journey

Postby SiddhiBamrel » Thu Mar 26, 2015 7:23 am

I decided to move forward with being a surrogate, We are from Kathmandu and my name is Siddhi, mother of two full term healthy children. I am 27 years old, in perfect health with no prior medical issues. My two children were carried to term with picture perfect pregnancies and all natural deliveries! I cannot imagine not being able to have a child. All my best memories in life involve my children, and the loudest, messiest, most stressed moments with them surpass all the most happiest moments without them.I would like to help a family or single person expand there family.
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