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Gestataional Surrogate looking for Intended Parents

Discussion forum for those particularly interested in adoption and surrogacy and wish to share their experiences of parenthood.

Gestataional Surrogate looking for Intended Parents

Postby Maanika Khurana » Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:51 am

I am a loving wife and mother. I love children. I have a child daycare license but at the moment I am just being super mom!I'm work with Indian Agency. I love to help people and love spending time with my family.I love to be pregnant i think its one of the most beautiful gift and blessing ever. Women looks so pretty and there glowing skin. If my body can carry a child and for some people it can't why can i help them to become a parent and to love your baby and to see them grow.
Maanika Khurana
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