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Can't decide

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Can't decide

Postby claudia » Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:49 am

Oh God...I finally found the right forum to discuss my issue. You guys have no idea what we are going through right now. I and my husband are having an argument. He wants us to go for surrogacy. Whereas, I want us to adopt a baby. Now we need help. We are gonna see how many people support his decision and how many support mine. See, my husband wants to go for surrogacy because he wants the child to share our genes. He thinks that he will not be able to get attached to the adopted child. And it will cause us problems when the child will go u and find out about his adoption. But I think that adoption is better. Surrogacy is hell expensive. Why spend so much money on getting a child when we can adopt one? Also, we will be helping with over population by not getting another life to the world, but giving a home to existing life. Now, we can't decide. We need votes.
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