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Fortunate to have my life back

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Fortunate to have my life back

Postby jinaperk » Wed Dec 20, 2017 5:59 am

After ovarian cancer and partial hysterectomy, I am fortunate to have my life back. Hi, I am 35 with a family history of cancer who has just won a battle against it too. With no uterus, surrogacy is my answer. Luckily, one of my ovaries survived the ordeal so I am going to make full use of it. I wanted to know about the surrogacy laws in the UK. I have heard a case of a surrogate mother who wanted to keep her baby. I was wondering if it is my egg she is carrying, the surrogate mother has no right over the baby or does she. If I opt for surrogacy, is there a chance that I am giving up my right to being a mother to the other woman. The laws are very confusing here in the UK. Can somebody guide me to any other convenient surrogacy facilities with lenient laws and secure options? Otherwise, I think I will go for an adoption. At least the laws support you as an adopting parent. There are no complications in long-term either. I can adopt a young child so my motherhood cravings are satisfied too. Is adoption a simpler solution than surrogacy? Please do share your views.
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