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low ovarian reserve im 29

Discussion forum for patients diagnosed with reduced ovarian reserve or those who responded poorly to ovarian stimulation.

low ovarian reserve im 29

Postby missgemsie » Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:56 pm

hiya a bit about me im 29 ive ad 3bfns and a fet bfn ,my partner ad vesectomy reversal that never woked so started ivf 5years ago my first clinic never told me there was something wrong with me, having me tryin a new clinic as soon as i told her ow many eggs a got 11 the first time 13 the second and all this was on the highest dose of menupur she booked me in for scan turns out my ovaries are reserved i dont realy understand it all ive not looked into untill now any way after havin our 3rd fresh cycle with a bfn when i went for my review my consultant told me she,s possitive she could ghet a pregnancy tht to try again tht was in may i was thinking leaving it 2years but as my ovaries r like a older persons would i be silly to wait tht long should we get back on the rollorcoaster soon as we can any info or succsess storys of any of u in the same or similar situations i would be very gratefull im very confused xx
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Re: low ovarian reserve im 29

Postby marcus » Tue Nov 09, 2010 5:04 pm

Hi. May I suggest that you join reduced ovarian reserve forum.

Best of luck,
Samuel Marcus MD
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