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Endo+, LowOvarian Res, High FSH, Low AMH Any IVF Success??

Discussion forum for patients diagnosed with reduced ovarian reserve or those who responded poorly to ovarian stimulation.

Endo+, LowOvarian Res, High FSH, Low AMH Any IVF Success??

Postby Anjeleyes214 » Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:09 pm

Hello Ladies,

Was told by my doctor that my only option was Donor Egg, I had a laparoscopy done for right ovarian cyst in July, she never put me on meds afterwards, instead waiting nearly 7 months to check my FSH level which was 24.4 with a very low AMH and than says IVF is off the table for you and goes on to discuss Donor Eggs. Talk about cold hearted! I went for a second opinion with Dr. Zhang of New Hope Feritlity, he says I still have a chance, only had 2 follicles measure 4mm on day 3 of my period. Have an appointment tomorrow I guess to see if the follicles are growing.

Has anyone had any success with all my problems?? Endometriosis, Low Ovarian Reserve, High FSH, Low AMH levels??

Is 4mm a normal size for a follicle on day 3 of cycle with no meds?
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