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Wife with pituitary tumor

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Wife with pituitary tumor

Postby Tvaughan78741 » Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:36 am

Hi all. We have gone through 2 ivf cycles and 4 iuis. During my wife's 2nd ivf cycle her doc found that her high prolactin levels were due to a small tumor on her pituitary. She has been on medications (cabergoline) to control this and we are now attempting ivf at CCRM in Colorado. After our one day workup we spoke with the doctor and he wants approval from a neurologist saying that they would allow my wife to proceed with IVF. We saw a neurologist and she said she would not recommend my wife go through ivf due to the levels of growth hormones that are released during a pregnancy and that those hormones could cause her tumor to start growing possibly causing vision loss and other complications and that she also needed to consult an oncologist before she would make any recommendation. This was complete surprise to us as we have been reassured by other doctors that this sort of benign tumor is not harmful but must only be monitored.

We have waited for so long to finally go to colorado to do our ivf cycle and it seems like this news pretty much kills our chances. Has anyone encountered this situation or has anyone had a successful ivf cycle with a small tumor on the pituitary that causes high prolactin level? Any recommendations?

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Re: Wife with pituitary tumor

Postby bulborea » Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:57 pm

I know almost 4 years passed since you asked the question on the forum. But i happen to be in the same situation like your wife and i am wondering if you managed to obtain a response. I am now under an IFV treatment and have a small pituitary treatment and i received mixed opinions whether to continue or not the treatment (one endocrinolist said yes - due to the small tumor, the other said no).
Thanks a lot,
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