First time IVFers!!

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First time IVFers!!

Post by lovesme4me » Fri May 23, 2008 6:38 pm

I noticed there was no recent group for first timers. I don't even know if there are any or not. I just joined this site. My name is Emily and I'm 23. We are doing our first IVF in late June or early July. We just had our first appointment to discuss the IVF yesterday. There was so much info to take in and I'm a little scared about all the risks, but I'm hoping it will be all worth it in the end.

Any one else a first timer?
Emily (23)
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Post by riogirl71 » Fri May 23, 2008 10:23 pm

I am not a first timer but I wanted to wish you good luck and say that it seems overwhelming in the start but it does get better. You will figure all the meds out. The emotional rollercoaster is something else and you and DH need to be good to each other :)

Baby dust for you!
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Post by ladypinkof66 » Sat May 24, 2008 6:58 pm

I am a first timer and now waiting for my initial consultation i have had all blood tests and partner has had his tests, i have to lose some weight though as my bmi is over 30. :lol:

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Post by lovesme4me » Sun May 25, 2008 1:04 pm

riogirl- Thank you, its great to have your support!!

Ladypink- Yay, I'm so glad to have another person to talk to during this time. I have had all the blood work too and hubby has had his tests. We had our consultation last Thursday and its over whelming, but sounds like there is a lot of help at the doctors office so it should be okay. When is your consultation?


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Post by ladypinkof66 » Wed May 28, 2008 3:53 pm

hi lovesme4me we are still waiting for our appointment as oh has to have another sa test done this friday - i am getting so impatient and anxious - where in the world are you i a in uk - things seem to be really slow over here perhaps we can compare notes i would love to be in touch with someone who is at the same stage as me

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New to post

Post by ftg » Wed May 28, 2008 4:56 pm

I'm new to both the post and forum and am copying this post from the May/June cycle buddies post. I definitely understand the rigors of this process as this is our first ivf cycle.

After trying several months either naturally, help from clomid, letrizole, we went to 3 attempts at IUI and failed. After that I immediately went on bcp's in April, then stimulated with a cocktail of lupron, gonal-f and menopur. Our ER # was 14 on 5/22, all looking great with the same shape, size, etc with 13 fertilized via ICSI. I now have very painful nipples/breasts with the daily progesterone in oil shot. 10 embies made it to our 5dt which was yesterday, 5/27. I am now lying low for 2 days as directed, with no harsh activities (I'm pretty active outside) for the 10 days until we go back for hcg blood test on 6/6.

I'm crossing fingers for myselft and everyone else that is going through this. I know none of us would unless the desire was so strong. Hang in there!
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Newbie too!

Post by jcurlygirl » Wed May 28, 2008 8:22 pm

I too am new to the IVF world. I have posted under the June/July buddies page. I would love to offer support to anyone and get a little myself. I began Lupron on May 26th. So far so good. Although a little crampy. Good luck to all.

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Post by guknit » Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:06 am

I'm Tracy, 32 and a first time IVFer as well. So excited for this cycle to start. I am should be starting lupron around June 20th. jcurly is the Lupron making you moody?

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Post by tjspry » Mon Jun 02, 2008 4:07 pm

hey all,
well I am a first timer as well. I just started bcp's today. Very nervous cause we are being rushed. Found out today with my first visit that the lab my doctor uses closes on July 15th. So, we have to start now or wait until September. Our sit is: Male infert. we found that out after our first try with clomid. our doc said it would be a waste of time for us to try any other method than ivf with icsi. So, here we are!!!!

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Post by bell-02 » Tue Jun 03, 2008 4:18 am

I posted over on the June/July board but since this is our first IVF I thought I'd post here as well. This is our first infertility treatment overall, so a lot of the abbreviations etc. on this board are confusing but I'm sorting some of it out. Our doctor recommended that anything but IVF would be a waste of time so here we are.

So far we have visited our doctor three times, I had a mock transfer, and we had an orientation visit which included teaching us how to do all of the shots.

I started my Lupron shots last week on May 29, and so far so good, I got my first bruise from today's shot but otherwise, all is good. Than, after some tests, probably next week, I'll take Gonal F, HCG and progesterone oil.

It's nice to see that there are other first timers out here.


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First timer =]

Post by Rosario » Wed Jun 04, 2008 1:50 am

I am 23years old definitely a first timer to everything. Been on aygestin since may 31st and started lupron on June 2nd. My follow up appt is on June 14th and from there i should start the stims.

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Post by rn2005 » Fri Jun 06, 2008 11:38 pm

Hi Everyone!
Wow, am I glad I found this site! I am a newbie and excited/nervous/overwhelmed with starting my first IVF treatment this month (last week of June). I have so many questions and it seems that everyone here is so kind and will be nice to talk to people who know what it feels like and not hear, "just relax." HA! :roll: My first question...I see people writing that there were a certain number of eggs retrieved, and another certain number that "took." what does this mean exactly and how many is a "good" amount? I am sure there will be more questions coming up..I won't overwhelm anyone too soon! :lol: A little info about us...I am 27 years old, hubby is 28. I've been on clomid 6 months with 3 failed IUIs. Hubby is fine. Only have one ovary d/t tortion when i was in high school. Thank you all!


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Post by wishfull27 » Sat Jun 07, 2008 7:34 am

Hi ladies

I know exactly where you are coming from when I did my first cycle last SEptmeber i was just so overwhelmed by the whole thing but found this boards invaluable - whatever you are feeling/thinking/worrying about there will be someone on here who has felt/thought/been the same :D - and all those questions that you forget to ask when you go for appointments people will be able to answer on here - good luck to you all in your journey to your BFP (BIG FAT Positive)

GG - number of eggs retrieved varies from person to person and cycle to cycle - last cycle I responded poorly and only 3 eggs were retireieved - one was no good but the other 2 both fertilised with ICSI (we have male issue) and were put back - unfortunatley they did not stick around and got a BFN (big fat negative) - am now on cycle 2 and on Gonal F for next week with ER (egg retrieval) on week com 16th June>

You will find a thread on general forum with all the abbreviations to help translate the boards

Good luck evryone and welcome to the best support network around

lots of love

Carolyn x

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Post by skayre » Sat Jun 07, 2008 10:37 am

Hi everyone,

My name is Susan and my DH and I are in the middle of our first IVF cycle. We tried for years to conceive naturally and finally went to see an ER. My age (41) is a against me, but I remain really optimistic. Sometimes the first IVF is successful and I figure, hey, why not for us?

I am on day 8 of stims (Menopur/Bravelle) and go for u/s and b/w this morning. My fingers are crossed for lots of big, fat follicles.

Good luck to you all! :D

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Post by Bella123 » Mon Jun 09, 2008 12:44 am

Hi everyone! I am so happy that I found this site. I have so many questions that are on my mind all the time! A little about me, my husband and I have male factor and I have just completed my birth control, will continue on Lupron, and will start my stims this Wednesday the 11th. I am a little nervous having to increase the shots from one a day to one in the morning and 2 at night :( but the Lupron has really not been that bad so I am hoping the menepur and follistim won't be either. I was prescribed the follistim pen so i hope that will help as well. Our approx. retrieval day is the 25th....I know I am early in the process but if anyone has any questions up until this point ask away :) I do have a question for anyone at my point, since I finished my birth control today, I am assuming my AF will come it going to be a full flow? I normally have cramps, are they going to be as bad as they usually are? i don 't think I can take ibprophen....any suggestions? thanks ladies and good luck to everyone!!!!!!!

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