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Post by babyloves » Mon Jul 07, 2008 4:39 am

Hi all,
Just got a chance to catch up with all of you. Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July altho' most ladies on this seem to be from Canada and UK? Might be ignorant, but not sure if you celebrate this as canadians? Sure do make lots of jams tho' :lol: that's one thing i've never made., here in the US...

Ahh..all the 40 guests are gone. This weekend was fun and hectic, lots of food and noise. On Sat, we had a huge picnic where we kayaked, played badminton, frisbee, kickball, etc..I'm so sore and tired today, but feel liberated that everyone is gone and i can start my stims tommorrow!! Was a tad disappointed that i didn't get my miracle pregnancy while on BCPs (can't believe i was actually thinking this was possible). So anyway, AF has arrived, just like clockwork each time even tho' i've started running - 1 mile every 3 or 4 lady did make a comment while i was giving a group of DH's side of the family a tour of our house - "so now all you need is a baby in the house... a baby really changes everything for the better.." i was thinking yeah yeah, tell me about it. They must think i'm sooo old for not having a kid yet...the average age for the girls was about 28 and average # of kids was 2.

Anyway, enuf about me.
Valerie: those AP prices sound really low compared to what i've been told. do you know if insurance covers this at all? your tennis analogy was kinda cool...never thought of it that way. We are all champions in patience for sure...
turtles: welcome, i think i saw you on june/july as well...i'm sorry the previous one was BFN...i'm sure you'll do great this time
karen: i also liked the dove story...hope this turns out to be a true sign for you this cycle!

anyone else at stim stage yet? hoping - r u out there still?
ok then, i'm going to bed now as its about 1 am here. Talk later!
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Post by karenvancouverisland » Mon Jul 07, 2008 5:02 am

hi all! i'm coming up to the end of a very nice weekend, lots of relaxing with the DH, enjoying the sunshine, and home improvements. i've had to battle a bit to think positive lately. i'm in some weird, post-m/c stage.. i guess my energy in the last month has been on grief, and now i'm realizing more and more that i'm actually doing IVF again. i feel freaked out and edgy. i think there was some weird relief at being the person who was 'recently pregnant', now i'm back the the person who 'desperately wants to be pregnant'.

anyways, thanks for the comments back about my dove story- i thought when i saw them that it's a sign i will have twins (i've dreamt of twin girls!). the 2 doves looked so pretty and peaceful..that's where my mind immediately went.

rinnie- glad you're having a nice time in bamfield (ithink that's where you are?). you're only about 2 hours away from me in nanaimo. it's funny to think you're so close. you'll have to pass through my city to get to the ferry.

turtle- i'm about 1.5 hrs. from victoria!- what a small world it is.

and babyloves- thanks for making me chuckle. we don't celebrate USA independence day here, although there's always americans living or visiting up in canada, so we're well aware of it. canada day is july1, so that's where our patriot energy goes. and good luck with your stims!!! i'll be sending you SOOO much positive energy.

valerie- i related to your wimbeldon story (although i always want federer to win!). i seem to see everything with new eyes now. all the battles, victories, and losses.

hi to everyone else and tons of energy for BFPs!

wishing everyone a lovely night (or day depending on where you are) and week ahead. hugs, karen
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Post by Kate21 » Mon Jul 07, 2008 9:51 am

Morning Girls,

Just popping in to say hi and hope eveyone had a good weekend? The weather over here is awful but at least the managed to finish the tennis! Wasn't it a fab game, didn't really mind who won but I secretly hopped Nadal did...aren't his arms to die for?!!

Karen - I think the doves have to be a positive sign, twin wouldn't that be something?!!

Babyloves - glad you had a good weekend, bet you are glad you have your house back? I love having guests but I also love getting my house back! Good luck with the stimming - I hope you all goes ok? Think you may be the first of us to get a BFP :D

Turtle - hope you hear from the AP today, its a bit of a bugger her only being in town 3 days a week tho. Did you start the BCP's?

Valerie - that's a long time not to have seen your friend, bet it was lovely to catch up again after all these years! I like the idea of breakfast at Wimbledon, for me it would have had to have been lunch!! Great game tho. Has AF arrived properly? How far ahead of schedule does that make you?

JHarris, Hoping - hope you guys are ok?

As for me I had a pretty hectic weekend again. DH had to go and do his semen analysis Saturday, just to make sure there will be no surprises when we go to Sweden. It was so embarrassing though, the nurse asked if I was staying in the room while Dh did what he needed to do and when I said yes she thought we were going to have sex so went and got us a special condom!!! I nearly died! :oops: I guess some people do but the thought of having sex in a room with a paper thin door and people walking past every couple of minutes - no way!!!

I also had a hen night that evening which was good but I paid for it Sunday! I don't drink much anyway but after that I have decided I enjoy it even less and am going to probably cut it out totally!

Only 2 weeks to go before we finish and I cannot wait!! It will then only be 3 weeks before we go to Sweden...bring on that BFP!!

Catch you later

Kate :D
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Post by jharris12 » Mon Jul 07, 2008 12:58 pm

Good morning ladies. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Hard to believe it's Monday again already!! Sorry I didn't get on this weekend. It was a busy one. We went to my brother's Friday to celebrate the 4th, then Saturday morning I had to go shopping with my sister for baby shower decorations for my sister-in-law (it was kind of fun imaging the decorations for myself). Then we had friends come over Saturday night to hang out. Then we went to church yesterday morning, and then went home to do some work there. We did some yard work until it started raining, then went in to clean house. I'm kinda glad to be back at work to have less going on!! :D

Rinnie: Hope you enjoyed your vacation in Canada. Clean air & mountains are better than fireworks anyway! Enjoy your family, and hopefully your meditation garden will be just fine when you get home.

SueQiwi: Wow, snow!! We haven't seen that in forever here in NC. Have you found out anything about those herbs yet?

turtles: Sorry you also had to join this group. I was so pulling for you this last cycle. I can't believe you are getting to start again so quickly. Good for you! This group of ladies is wonderful!

karen: I'm glad you had reconsidered your friends email. Maybe in time you 2 will be able to talk it through. And I would definitely take the doves as a beautiful sign!

valerie: Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! AF actually has NOT started for me yet!! I'm cycle day 34 now!! I'm crampy, but nothing yet. We may end up starting together! I can't wait to cheer on our upcoming tennis matches! :lol:

babyloves: I'm in the US, and we celebrated the 4th!! I've never made jam either, but it sounds delicious. We have a farmer's market close by, and I think I will have to stop by and get some from them! 40 guests??!! You are a more patient person than I am! Sounds like you had a blast though!

kate: That must have been a bit embarrassing! My DH gets embarrassed when he goes because he says everyone has to know what he's doing in there. I've never heard it called a "hen night" before. I like that! I've noticed the older I get, the less I can drink. I am down to only drinking a glass or 2 of wine, and only occasionally!

Anyway, So I am still waiting for AF, hopefully she will finally show up today!! I guess I need to try and get some work done. Have a great day ladies!!
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Post by MzTia » Mon Jul 07, 2008 8:20 pm

Hello Ladies,

I was hoping to hope on over to was looks to be a wonderfully positive group of ladies. I just completed my first IVF unfortunatley it was a BFN. I just know this next go around will be the one.

Little about me. DH and I have been trying to conceive our second for about 4+ years now. We have a beautiful 7 1/2 yr old daughter which we conceived prior to my DH's diagnosis of diabetes. Unfortunatly the diabetes has left him with fertility issues. So we are doin IVF w/ ICSI. Our first attempt was very unsuccesful we only ended up with 2 fertilized embies and I was on 300 iu of follistim and menopur daily due to my weight and I only stimmed for 7 days. This go around I am skipping the BCP's and doing a flare Lupron protocol with 300iu of follistim and menopur(no more repronex I had a sever rash reaction which the RE believes may have inhibited the absorbtion of the drug). I should start stimming around the last week in Ausust. I am hoping upon hope for a better response this time.

I am excited to be able to have another go at it and wish everyone great success and LOTS and LOTS of BFP's
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Post by cocosmomma » Mon Jul 07, 2008 9:08 pm

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been MIA. Had a really long weekend and didn't log onto the computer once. That's a large feat for the Queen of the Blackberry Nation!

I tried to read through the last 3 pages. Looks like we've got some new siestas! Welcome babyloves, turtles and mztia!

All is well here. AF has come and gone. AP thinks I was TOO heated this past cycle given the heavy flow I had. We'll figure this out soon, I hope! DH has to have his gallbladder removed next week - of course the week I ovulate - so I guess this month is already a bust. :(

I'll check in later. Have a great night!
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Post by bell-02 » Tue Jul 08, 2008 4:25 am

Thanks for the nice welcomes from everyone. AF came on Saturday and I started BCP yesterday. So I'm on track to do my transfer on August 21.

I decided to be really proactive for my second try, I ordered some meditation DVD's and I'm going to go in for my first acupuncture treatment this Thursday.

I've noticed that a lot of you on this thread do acupuncture, what should I expect? I'm excited but nervous. I'm mainly going to increase my chances of implantation, but I also feel really anxious and stressed so I'm hoping it will help with that too.
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Post by SueQiwi » Tue Jul 08, 2008 10:06 am

Turtles~I remember you from the last board and am so sorry to hear about your negative. But I'm glad you get to try again so soon and so great you joined our new board. We are going to break the record for BFPs!

Mztia, Bell, BabyLoves and all the other newbies--welcome to you too. We will stick together and support each other through this crazy time!

Val~I like you tennis analogy! It's good to hear an inspiring story. I have start noticing struggle/succeess metaphors in so much nowadays--my mind never strays too far from the challenges of IVF.
I think Karen said you felt that way too. I also loved hearing about your lovely white doves--a good sign for sure. Im glad you are feeling a little more hopeful nowadays.

~I hope you are recovering from your crazy weekend! Im glad that you got resolution on pursuing IVF and we all get to cycle with you.

I found out the herbs that are in my concoction:

Paeonia lactiflora
Vitex agnus castus
Taraxicum officinale
Scutellaria laterifolia

Do any of you know about these herbs? Rinnie? Please let me know if you know anything about them. Wanna make sure my naturopath prescribed the proper brew!
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Post by JDC » Tue Jul 08, 2008 10:09 am

Hi everyone....and welcome to Mztia and Bell! I just wanted to pop my head in because I missed you guys! I didn't post for only a few days, and wow we got a new page already. wonderful!

babyloves I'm in New Jersey so you are not alone! I had a very enjoyable 4th. Congrats on stimming!!!!!! Your on your way now!
Hey, hoping, aren't we neighbors? How are you doing anyway?

Mztia You said in your post that you were taking 300iu of follistim due to your weight. Is it high or low? The reason I ask is because I was on 450iu of follistim/day until the day before trigger in which it was increased to 525....I think that is close to the max....I was still a very low responder. Anyway, my weight is average. I will also be doing follistim again next cycle ....icsi too.

Karen I do believe those doves were a symbol sent to you.....

bell for my first ap session, it was a consult so no needles. She asked all kinds of questions I didn't really expext...about emtional stuff. The actual first ap session was awesome because I left there on a natural high. But everyone is different and responds a little differently. I hope it went well for you.

As for me, I'm just chilling out counting down the days! Ta ta for now my friends......
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Post by hopinginpa » Tue Jul 08, 2008 1:03 pm

Hello everybody, sorry I was MIA. I was up in NY visiting family and friends. We had a great time although my DH was sick on Saturday night and had a very low blood sugar on Friday night....32!!!
We were tired on Sunday.
I did get to see my brother, the one who is having a baby in October. They are doing well and things were great between us. Thank God!
I finished my last BCP yesterday and now go friday for US to start stimming that day!!!

Babyloves-we will be stimming together soon enough!

JDC-We are neighbors! I drove through your area this weekend. I am outside of Philly until we move to NC in October.

Welcome Mztia and Turtles. We will all get BFP this time :)

Well have to run but hope you all are doing well. I will do more personals later.
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Post by valerie68 » Tue Jul 08, 2008 1:27 pm

Morning Ladies,

I see everyone seems to be doing well.

AF started this morning right on schedule after all. I thought I would be early but it stalled for 2 days. Looks like I will be starting bcp pretty soon.
jharris~ how about you? Did AF finally get here for you. I hope and then we can cycle at the same time. That would be great!

I talked to my AP and I will be doing AP for the 3 weeks she's going to be gone. She taught this lady about AP and is very confident she will do a good job while she's in China. This new AP will come to my house! I think my AP realized I was not happy at all about stopping for 3 weeks. I feel like I'm on a roll here and don't want to stop. I feel good that there's a solution to this. And they know each other well and my AP gave her instructions on what to do, that way the whole process goes uninterrupted.

Mztia~ Welcome to our thread. I also know a little about you from crashing the other thread from time to time. I'm glad you get to start so soon and your positive attitude is the best thing you can do for yourself.

My AP talk about the fact that it's probably the most important thing to's to let go, be relaxed about it all because you can't change what happens anyways. She did say that by getting nervous and stressed that that actually does damage to the whole process since the blood flow gets to be directed to the wrong organs.
So let's all stay relaxed as much as possible.

I'll do some more personals later but I got to go to work.

Have a fabulous day!

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July/Aug/Sept buddies

Post by baby_crazy » Tue Jul 08, 2008 1:36 pm

Morning Ladies. Hope all our american buddies had a great long weekend. Welcome to Mztia and Bell!!!

Karen - i wish i got a good sign. Quiet the opposite, one day DH and i went for a walk and we found an injured bunny, we picked it up and it wouldnt even try to run away. We put it in our backyard, we tried to feed it but it wouldnt eat or drink and next morning we found it dead. I was so sad, but trying not to read too much into it. It was a couple of months ago anyway. But then i saw a couple of rainbows last month and they gave me hope. It's ridiculous how every little thing i see as a sign.

Last weekend was wonderful though, i was babysitting a friend's daughter while she was shopping and my DH helping a friend in the garden. I went for a walk with the baby and while pushing the stroller, i imagined myself being a mother. It felt amazing. I used to get angry and sad when my friends and relatives got pregnant and didnt even want to see any babies but now i'm warming up to them.

A friend of mine gave me a book for my bday called 'the secret', it teaches you how to think positive, visualize things you want in your life and be thankful for what you have. It really helps me. Even though sometimes i catch myself having negative thoughts, i chase them away immediately and think about something positive.

Looking forward to read everyone's posts. C'mon bfp's, we all deserve it!!!
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Post by jharris12 » Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:22 pm

Sorry, my post came through twice and it won't let me delete one, so I guess I will just have to edit it instead!
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Post by jharris12 » Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:23 pm

Good morning ladies! Looks like you are all busy already!

MzTia: Welcome to the new group. Sorry for your BFN. I am so glad you get to start again. Interesting to see someone else battling a diabetic DH issue! Good luck on this cycle!

cocos: Welcome back!! Sorry to hear about DH. Hope everything goes smooth. I'll be praying for you both.

bell: Good for you on all the great things you are doing to prepare! And congrats on starting BCP's!!

SueQiwi: I think I am recovered now!! Sorry I don't know anything about the herbs, but I'm sure Rinnie should be able to help! :lol:

JDC: This page does grow really quick! Hard to keep up! I ended up on 600 IUs of Follistim, and he said that was the max dosage, and I am average weight. I only got 6 mature eggs though. So who knows how that works out! :?

hoping: Sounds like you had a great vacation. Another diabetic DH?? That seems to be a trend. That low blood sugar gets scary! I can't believe you are starting stims Friday! That is amazing! Get us going!! Just in time for your move to NC! :D

valerie: Sadly, no, I still have not started AF!! :evil: I am starting to wonder if it's coming this month! Hopefully it will come soon so we can cycle close together! I'm glad you got the whole AP thing resolved. I know that was an unneeded stress! And now she is coming to your house, even better!!

baby_crazy: I've decided you can't read much into most "signs". I have a peace lily at home that I got the day of my grandpa's funeral. I was his favorite! :D Just before my beta test, the lily bloomed, and I took that as a great sign! But I got a BFN. So don't read too much into the poor bunny. They say death makes room for new life, maybe that's what it meant. Making room for your BFP!!

So for me, I meet today with my RE to get his decision on IVF vs the reversal based on DH's SA fom last week. My appt isnt until 6:30, so I have to wait all day!! Plus, I'm STILL waiting for AF. I'm on cycle day 35 now, and have had no real signs she's coming. No spotting at all. It came on schedule last month after my BFN! Hard to believe I want her to come and she won't! Oh well, hopefully it will happen soon so I can get started again.

I'll check in a little later!
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Post by babyloves » Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:41 pm

Good morning to you all.
Wow...our post is very active!! I have a couple of we continue on aspirin for the entire cycle or just while on BCPs...i kinda stopped it when i stopped BCPs..don't like to be on extra meds. These stims are tough - i'm hurting already. Stim day #2 today...I'm using the multidose gonal F which has this 27 gauge needle which goes thru the rubber top and then into my poor belly and by that time it is kinda blunt and i have to push pretty hard to get it in. I'm sure that that's what was shown in IVF class and i've read the directions. This may just be the way it is....ugh. I've left messages for my nurse, but figured i might have a quicker answer from someone experienced here :)
Well write more later... thanks
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