March/April cycle buddies??

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waiting for 4
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Post by waiting for 4 » Wed Apr 22, 2009 3:25 pm

CT- I lost my insurance coverage when DH lost his job so instead of inducing ovulation I had to watch it with a home test. I have never ovulated on my own (without the shots) and I finally did! It was almost as nice as getting a BFP on a HPT!

dys- I did clomid for a long time before moving on to IVF (details in my signature below). I dont think it ever worked tho. Doctors are kind of funny about Femara since its not approved for infertility use but it does the same thing as clomid just without all of the crazy side effects (like lining reduction) so I am really hopeful about it. My new insurance doesn't cover ovulation induction treatment so I was worried about how to continue with my quest for a baby but I found a 30 day trial coupon on the Femara website and now I am set for 6 months!

Breakdown of my current cycle:
March 13- Consult with Dr.
March 31- AF day 1
April 2- Start 5 day of 2.5 mg Femara
April 9- "12 day scan" on day 10 bc of easter, dominate follicle on left ov @ 16 mm
April 13- Another scan bc no positive on ovulation test, dominate follicle on LO @ 19 mm
April 16- FINALLY A POS OVUL TEST!, we did timed intcrs instead of IUI
April 30- HPT and bloodwork with consult

So... here I am 6dpo and I am a little bloated (sucks) and my nipples are enlarged (happened on my first pregnancy) so who knows- I am excited to be back at it tho. :) Have a great day ladies! So happy to be back on the site again- I definitely missed the support
Me 25, DH 27

10X clomid, 3 w/IUI
IVF 1- BFP, MC@9 wks
husband laid off- no infertility coverage
3X with femara, all BFN's but has regulated my cycle and FINALLY got positives on ovulation test
Currently on my 4th cycle with femara


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Post by ianmichael3 » Wed Apr 22, 2009 3:40 pm

waitingfor 4: That is incredible! I think I'd be totally ecstatic to find out I'd ovulated after nothing for such a long time! This could be the one!! Good luck!
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Post by CT_Michele » Wed Apr 22, 2009 4:18 pm

Good morning ladies,

Well, I definitely spoke too soon yesterday about this time being better than last time and feeling good. What a mess last night. I stopped taking percocet because it was upsetting my tummy, and switched to extra strength tylenol, and the pain increased. Then last night I woke up at like 1:30 in the morning in pain, and ended up on the couch for a few hours with a heating pad, which helped. Then this morning, I was about to post to you all and instantly felt tummy sick. And it happened, I haven't gotten stomach sick in a long time. I went back to sleep for a few hours and seem to be a bit better now. Dh is still really sore too. We both said this is going to be a long day, since neither one of us is really in a good enough condition to keep Ella very occupied, we just hope she takes lots of naps today.

I am going to try and catch up, but I apologize if I miss anyone, my brain is mush today.

waitingfor4- I put you in the 2ww. If i understand correctly, you ovulated on your own, did the bd ( and are now in your 2ww, right? Good luck, we are keeping everything crossed for you!

stats- sounds good. What day of stims are you on? Smaller follies can definitely bloom in time, and more may pop up too. At my first u/s (stim day 4) they saw a toal of 12 follies, and the next day they saw 12 just on one side, I was up to a total of 22. I think when follies reach between 17-22 mm, you can expect close to a mature egg.

neffi- I switched you to fresh cycle coming soon. Sorry about that. Maybe a protocol change is what you need. How exactly does RE eval your uterus??

ianmichael- we would try to laugh about it, but it hurts to it hurts to cough, sneeze, laugh, pee, almost everything! I am sure someday we will look back and laugh though.

dys- you have very similar symptoms to my first bfp, bloating sore tummy, and nauseous by smells and what I hate. I didn't have a ton of morning sickness, but nothing seemed appetizing to me, I just didn't want to eat, I think I lived off of bagels and mashed potatoes for a month or two.

kline- sorry to hear it was full af, I was holding out hope for spotting or implantation blood. I do hope you get to cycle again soon, and I will be watching for your eventual success story. I am really considering starting to accept stories for my book. I have to look into how to publish something like that, but even if it takes me years to do, I really want to do it, and I plan on donated some of the proceeds to onfertility research.

hazel- we are jealous of the sun you have, it has been crummy hear for 2 days like dys said, but it is supposed to be a nice weekend, maybe even too hot, like 85f on saturday and 90 on sunday!

amfm- welcome to our lovely thread. I am not lying when I saw this is one of the nicest threads I have been a part of over my years here. I am sorry to hear about your aunt, it must be a very tough time for you and your family. I can not imagine dealing with ivf on top of that. Let us know when you start stims, I will add you to our waiting to start ivf list.

mel- I am so sorry to hear your news. I am glad your RE is going to test, if you have perfect ferilized embryos, then I would think it is an issue with implantation. I hope you can start again soon. As far as success stories, I suggest you go over to the parents after treatment thread and post a thread for success stories for people with failed attempts. You will get a lot of responses and hopefully inspiration. They may take a while to post since that side of the boards is slower with little ones at home, but they are such an inspirational group of people.

Ok, I think I got most of you. AFM- Just waiting for the fertilization report phone call, and I will update you as soon as the call comes. I had a dream that they called and said none fertilized....ugh, I hate waiting for phone calls.
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Post by jennywit » Wed Apr 22, 2009 4:44 pm

sorry to crash your ladies thread-just wanted to say a quick hello to my fellow Ct friend-Michele!!! Waiting anxiously on your fert. report-and wanted to tell you the same happened to us-dh's sperm were only
'twitching" too-and it didn't seem very promising at the start-but I guess twitching sperm was all that was needed!!! So since thats all they had for me and it worked, I'm sure they will make it work for you too. I'm saying a little prayer for your embies that they grow, grow, grow!!!!!! Hope you and dh feel better soon, ER was very tough on me too-but as you know, oh so worth it in the end!!!!!
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Post by CT_Michele » Wed Apr 22, 2009 5:57 pm

jenny- my clinic buddy, how sweet of you to be thinking of me! I hope that new little boy of yours is giving you some sleep! And yes, I know that it will all be worth it!

So I wish I had a better fert report...I know, I know, it only takes one, but with how many potential eggs/follies I had compared to last time, I was wishing for higher numbers. Out of 12 eggs, 1 was not mature and they said one was degenerate (which I do not know what that means). So that left 10, and out of 10 she said 6 fertilized. She said that I can call late tomorrow morning for an update on dividing, and that transfer will be friday at 11am. I know that 6 is still pretty good, but I was just hoping and anticipating more, since it seems like these 6 our are last hopes for baby #2, and if I am lucky enough eventually #3. Ok, I gotta go lay down, still real sore and Ella is finally napping. I will talk to you all soon.
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4th IVF - Fall 2011??

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Post by statsgoddess » Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:24 pm

ct_michelle - i'm on day 4 of stims, same as your first check. it's good to hear that more might pop up. i am really hoping we'll have some frosties after all of this, especially since most of it is out-of-pocket expense. it's getting a little more real now, thinking Monday might be ER and I could have an official test result by my birthday...eeek. I sympathize with what your husband is going through - mine did the reversal before we went down this road, and let me tell you, that has to mean love! Fortunately, when they did his aspiration, they only did MESA (small needle, no cutting) and were able to get enough out and it was a speedy recovery. I really think you should think about doing a book. There are tons of independent publishers out there now, so it is a lot easier to get published than it used to be. Plus, with sites like, it's a lot easier to buy books printed in smaller editions.
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Post by Hopeful57 » Wed Apr 22, 2009 7:07 pm

CT_Michele- That's wonderful you have 6. That's a good number. I think your dr office would be blessed to have you help support others. You are always here for everyone. I hope that works out. Good luck with your transfer.

Aims - Congrats on twins!

I had my 2nd beta yesterday and the number is 1306. They wanted it to be at least 900. I feel good about it and they were happy too. Our first sono is May 5th.

Have a great day!

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Post by Sari » Wed Apr 22, 2009 8:43 pm

Michelle - You are bless, having 6 fertilized. If you remember I only got 7 eggs, but only 4 fertilized and 3 make the third day, and got BFP. You got 2 more than me, so the odds are better for you. So PMA, everything will be fine.

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Post by ianmichael3 » Thu Apr 23, 2009 12:04 am

Oh Michelle- WHAT A TROOPER YOU TWO ARE. You are amazing you'd go to the trouble of all those personals given your condition. You are a RICH blessing to everyone on this site.

:) WHEW. Good news. Bebe is measuring 7 weeks, 6 days, RIGHT ON THE NOSE! Heart beat was strong and beautiful. I've been released to ob/gyn who won't see me until 5/14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES. We video taped the heartbeat so i can listen to it whenever I feel discouraged!

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Post by babyluv123 » Thu Apr 23, 2009 2:19 am

hey girls

congratulations ianmichael3 for doubling beta numbers :wink:

AFM: 5 days since BFN and no AF yet. what to do next?
27 yrs Right fallopian tube blocked, Poor egg quality
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evening all

Post by amfmbaby » Thu Apr 23, 2009 2:24 am

Michelle I am so happy you got 6 I only got 1 last time and it only takes 1 and wow I cant imagine how strong you have to be to go through this and help DH too DH for me is in standby mode you could say he is not excited this go around and is hardly even speaking of it he is still reel hurt from oct cycle I secretly know he is excited and is confiding in my brother how bad he wants this to be it... on a good note add me to the list

Thank you all for the warm welcome!!!!!!!

Quick update I seen RE this morning and i have been battling cyst on my right ovary since Oct cycle it measures at 43mm X 37mm to me that seems huge for being on ovary RE is going to take the risk in my last cycle I had 14 eggs and woke up with only 2 1 fertilized and we did 3dt my ovary of coarse the right one slipped behind the uterus and we were unable to get them well being more prepared this round we are only counting on left side long story short even with the cyst we get to start tonight no down regulation and u/s again Fri if the cyst grows we will be canceled on Mondays appt our appts are every other day except weekends I thought I wasn't even going to start today but I am and ill worry about Monday when it gets here I'M HAPPY TO BE STIMMING

:lol: Goodnight Ladies
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Post by CT_Michele » Thu Apr 23, 2009 3:17 am

trx0424 - stim start Apr 9, ER Apr 22
CT_Michele – ER 4/21, 6 fertilized eggs, ET Apr 24
sportsmom - stim start Apr 13
estrellita - stim start Apr 18
statsgoddess - stim start Apr 18
amfmbaby - stim start Apr 22

Latinosunshine – ET Apr 3, Beta Apr 17
wishfull27 (carolyn) - ET Apr 10, Beta Apr 24
Waiting For 4 - HPT on Apr 30
Hjw – ET Apr 20, Beta May 1?

Image Image
milpagan - BCP start Mar 7? RE consult Mar 9, ER/ET early Apr
biancajb - Last bcp Mar 20, stim start Mar 25
hope2beamummy - IVF w/icsi April
EmilieNZ - ER around apr 27
caperez - Last bcp Apr 14, start stims Apr 24, ER around May 5
Wishing4Baby - 31 frozen embies! FET May/June
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babymex - BFP...a true miracle! :D
Sara30 - BFN :(
kimbob - BFN :(
lionoe - BFP! :D
Sisi1 - BFN :(
aims327 - BFP! :D :D It's Twins!
ianmichael3 - BFP! :D
tabatha1975 - BFP! :D
cymplicity27 - BFP! :D
sbr - BFN :( FET in May
Sari - BFP! :D
hopeful57 - BFP! :D
babyluv123 - BFN :(
dys24 - BFP! :D
josee1973 - BFN :(
Trying for another angel BFP! :D
Neffi211 - BFN :( Fresh cycle soon!
melanie_100 - BFN :(
kline - BFN :(

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4th IVF - Fall 2011??

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Post by dys24 » Thu Apr 23, 2009 11:28 am

Hi Ladies!!!

Hopefully everyone is doing well today :D

Michele- 6 fert. is good! Lets hope they all grown nicely for your 3dt :D , are you going to call them today for an update or will you wait till tomorrow? I'm crossing my fingers for you!! Are you feeling better today? what about your dh?

ianmichael3- yey for seeing the h/b :D :D , and I understand your being impatient for your ob/gyn appt. I only had 2 b/w done and have my 3rd on monday and I'm soooo worried, I hate this waiting especially when i dont have much symptoms to go along with my waiting :x

babyluv123- on my last BFN I waited 7 days for my AF to show up.

amfmbaby- hopefully your cyst wont grow so you can continue with your stims

AFM waiting and waiting and waiting till monday for my 3rd beta, I'm so worried since i don't really have any symptoms and my bbs and tummy seem less sore each day, urghhhhhhhhh I hate this waiting!!!
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Post by estrellita » Thu Apr 23, 2009 12:54 pm

G-Morning everyone!
Went today for my bw and us. ER will be Wed or Thurs next week. They'll tell me Mon. Finally! :)
Have a beautiful day eveyone! :wink:
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Post by sportsmom » Thu Apr 23, 2009 1:31 pm

Morning Friends! I went for my daily stim check and I have 21 countable follys on the right and 10 on left! I'm sooo amazed :lol: The doctors office will call me this afternoon and let me know if I can trigger today for my ER on Saturday. The nurse said the RE might make me wait another day because me e2 is very elevated to give it a chance to stabilize before doing the it may be Sunday...the latest.
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