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Post by to_have_fun08 » Thu Jun 18, 2009 10:39 pm

Katie99 - (((HUGGGSSS))) I know a canceled cycle really sucks. I have been through 4. It takes a while to get used to the idea that no, you won't go to retrieval, you are done with shots and all that other junk. What protocol were you doing? Your RE can change things up and you can possibly have a lot better cycle in July. At least you won't have to wait too long though I know it is still a bummer. Good luck!!!
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Post by sabi » Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:17 pm

Check these babies out- 2 big blasts! 6 blasts on ice & 1 nine-cell & 2 compacted embies on the 4th day. 9 embies all together! All went well w/the transfer yesterday. Very EASY!! Now the dreaded 2ww! Thank you for all the well wishes & prayers. Thinking of all of you!!


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Post by Rosario » Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:38 pm

Ahh guys I am laying low until official u/s which is 11 days away. Well I got another beta done today at 20dp5dt and its 10265. I honestly think there is only 1 in there. Look at my number for crying out loud. They are avg for a singleton. I mean even though there were 3 sacs I don't think all made it. Since my BFP I have had that feeling from the start. Anywho... I am happy with whatever god sends me. After I hear the h/b I think I will feel 100% better and start accepting the fact that I am finally PREGNANT! I feel tired, a little sick in the mornings, loss of appetite and extremely HORNY haha!!! Other than this I am ok. Hope everyone is well. Please forgive me for never doing personals.
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Post by Daisy106 » Fri Jun 19, 2009 12:23 am

Katie- I am so so sorry. That really stinks. You are so awesome though because you see the positive in going next month. We will all still be around to coach you on! So sorry.

deftonesmo- Congratulations!! Can't wait to hear about ET.

Cuppycake- Sounds so painful. I am sorry you can't really sit back and enjoy. I do hear that the fluid is normal, and unfortunately will stay around for a couple of weeks at least. Hang in there.

Belle and Sabi-Congrats for transferring 2!!! That is awesome!

AFM- My transfer started out with tears- just as my last three appointments. We had two fertilized out of 6 at ER. We come in this morning FULL bladder, wait 1 whole hour for OR. Then, as we are being rushed in they say, "you only have 1 for transfer, its a 6 cell, grade B-. Sign here. We have to hurry, the doctor is ready."

I cried through the whole transfer process, couldn't do my relaxation that I had practiced. Oh well. All is fine now, I am relaxing in bed. Hubbie brought in home made chicken soup for dinner.

Everyone please chant with me,
xxxooo to everyone. I am still positive this can happen for me and DH.
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Post by abogenpohl » Fri Jun 19, 2009 1:51 am

Today was my big day too. I had 3 , day 6 advance blastocysts implanted. All went well.
Now I have only one week to wait for the BFP!!! :D
A little crampy but otherwise terrible excited.

SABI- way to go girl. Sounds good for you!! I will keep praying for all of us!! May God Bless Us All!! Keep us all update and I will do the same.


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Post by sbr » Fri Jun 19, 2009 2:22 am

Sabi, BEAUTIFUL EMBABIES!!! I'm jealous you get the pictures!

Katie, I'm so sorry your cycle got canceled. You seem to be very optimistic for the next start. I pray you'll get in in July!

Deftonesmo, Great news on the 7 embies! Let us know when you'll be transferring!

, How are you feeling?

, Have a nice trip! Just think of all the catching up you'll have to do when you return!!

AFM, Still hanging in there. I'm trying to stay positive and busy. Negative little thoughts creep in here and there, but I try to jump back on board with PMA. Thankfully the weekend is almost here! We'll be really busy with Father's Day and my DH's birthday! We're going to go to the zoo, a MN Twins game and a BBQ at my parents' house, so that should keep me plenty busy!! Wednesday will be here soon enough....well, not really!

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Post by sbr » Fri Jun 19, 2009 2:26 am


Daisy106, [/b]IT ONLY TAKES ONE!!!

Abogenpohl, Congrats on your transfer. The blasts! Wow! I feel a BFP coming on!!! Welcome aboard!

Rosario, Maybe your gut feeling will be right, but one beautiful baby will be a wonderful blessing too!!!

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Post by nicksgam » Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:14 am

Sarah---PMA, Wednesday will be here before you know it.

Abogenpohl and Kushka--- Congratulations your ET, sending oodles of sticky baby dust.

Daisy106---Sometime the nurses at the clinics can be so impersonal. But who cares now you have an embie inside of you. Grow embie grow. How nice of your DH to bring you soup.

Rosario---I know how you feel, I don’t have my u/s until July 6th, I can’t wait to see the baby’s heartbeat. I think that should put me at ease.

Sabi---YEAH, you are officially PUPO, it so exciting. Those are 2 beautiful blasts, tons of sticky dust to you. The 2ww is not that bad.

Katie—Sorry to hear your cycle was canceled. Good to hear you were able to get in the July cycle. Sending you PMA and your next cycle will be the one.

Julie---1196 is a great 2nd beta. My 2nd beta was 162 at 15dpo (almost tripled), my clinic was also happy. Are you doing a 3rd beta?

Deftonesmo---7 embies that is wonderful!!! GL with your ET, let us know how it goes. How many do you want to transfer? You should give this some thought, we were given a very short time to decide ~10min.

KJGrant---DH doesn’t understand giving yourself shots aren’t making you happy, it is knowing your cycle started, I was the same way. You are on your way!!!

Chris---So the cycle begins CONGRATS. Making sure my insurance covers our medical needs is a full time job; there are many times they have sent my blood pressure through the roof, it is good how you are able to be so relaxed.

Cuppycake---Welcome to the 2ww. Sorry to hear about your OHSS, make sure your clinic monitors you closely it is no joke.

belle-02---You are braver than I, keep us updated on your science project. Lots of baby dust to you.

Michele---Have a great weekend away from IVF.

Candice---Welcome to the board, what a wonderful cousin you have.

AFM---First off thank you everyone for your warm wishes and congratulated me on my BFP.
Had my 2nd beta 15dpo was 162, almost tripled. The nurse said is a great number and scheduled me for an u/s on July 6th. No more betas for me. I was a little surprise because I notice people post several betas, is this normal? I am to remain on progesterone and aspirin, and refrain from sex and exercise. I was thinking I should get some more HPT and test myself during the weeks up to my u/s. DH doesn’t agree, he wants me to relax and just enjoy being pregnant.

p.s. can anyone tell me how it add a ticker to my signature .
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Post by cuppycake » Fri Jun 19, 2009 6:01 am

hello everybody,

sbr : thanks for sharing your OHSS experiance sometimes i feel im the only one going through it as noone else i met at my clinic is going through this. have fun on your DH's bday and fathers day..im not sure but i think i remember from some previous post that you were gonna POAS for your dh birthday if it was you please tell us how it went and if im confusing you with someone else ignore me :).

Daisy : im chanting and doing a 'you only need one' dance with the chanting to make it stick! there are lots of success stories with only one maybe in 2 weeks you'll also be one of them im praying for you!

sabi : the embies are beautiful lots of sticky dust.

katie19: so sorry to hear about your cancelled cycle its good that you are ready for next month hang in there.

abogenpohl : congrats! you are finally in the 2ww you sound so positive and happy wish i could be as optimistic as you :)

AFM, im 5dp4dt and all my OHSS symptoms are almost gone because ive had the fluid drained and its not coming back which makes me 90% sure im not pregnant but im still hoping for the best. Im peeing ALOT and i think its the rest of the fluid leaving my body as my bloating-ness (dunno if its a word) is slightly less than yesterday. Me and my DH are prepared for it not working but i think my moms not gonna take it well she keeps calling and asking me my symptoms i know she means well but im more worried about dissapointing her. My beta is on thursday please everybody pray for a BFP i'll cling on a little hope :)

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Post by Kushka » Fri Jun 19, 2009 10:13 am

Hi Gals!

Belle - Did you have your ET on Wednesday? My computer is set up to Central European Time so it's sometimes hard to figure out when posts were made. My ET was on Wed, I also have 2 embies and my beta is also 29 June, so we're heading to the finish line together now...

Deftonesmo - well done on 7 embies and good luck for your ET. Do you have a date for it yet, and do you know how many you'll transfer?


Katie - I'm so sorry you got cancelled. In the grand scheme of things, it's just a question of a month (which will go so fast!) and your RE has learned about your body's response and will be able to tweak your meds next time. I hope you don't mind me asking a question though - If you have 1 follie then why they wouldn't proceed with that one? It only takes one! What will happen to it now? (and pls tell me to bugger off if you don't feel like going into details!)

Sabi - Great pics. They look like very happy embies. Do you mind me asking, what's a 'compacted embie'?

Rosario - I'm glad you're feeling good (apart from the morning sickness - which is great in it's own way I'm sure!). If you are having a singleton I'd have thought there are big bonuses to that - a much less complicated pregnancy for you and the baby. Wonderful news!

Daisy - I'm sorry you had another traumatic appointment. I'm so sorry that you only had 1 when you were expecting 2, but you're right, you only need one. IT'S TRUE! And you know in some countries e.g. Australia you're only allowed to transfer 1. My friend who is a doc told me that the UK are revising their rules currently (at the moment their max is 2 but they're considering lowering it to 1). This is all in the interest of avoiding multiple pregnancies. From what I can see the USA has a bit of a different approach. I'm wishing for all the best for you.

Sbr and CT_Michele - Sounds like you both have a fabulous weekend ahead. Enjoy!

Nicksgam - So happy for your BFP. My DH also doesn't want me POAS!

Cuppycake - So pleased to hear you're not having OHSS symptoms any more . Now I'm new to all this stuff and understand very little, but I can't for the life of me think why your not having OHSS symptoms should mean that you're not pregnant. Surely it just means you no longer have OHSS!

AFM, I'm just lazing around trying to eat everything in sight (is progesterone known for making you hungry???) and trying hard to be chilled - despite having a massive argument with the washing machine man this morning! I am now 2dp3dt. I'm obsessing about whether they've implanted or not! I keep hearing people talk about knowing when the trigger is out of our systems. By that do you mean the Ovitrelle injection (to make you ovulate)? Could someone explain why this would affect a pregnancy test? Thanks and sorry for dumb questions....

Big hugs and positivity to all of you. WE CAN ALL DO THIS!

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Post by belle-02 » Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:11 pm

Daisy 106-I'm so sorry for the trauma you went through at your transfer. That is so horrible and insensitive of your clinic. At my last FET my clinic called me the day before and told me that 4 of our embryos didn't thaw and they were only going to transfer one. Even finding the day before was a shock and I was so devastated that I sobbed through most of the transfer...I can't imagine finding out minutes before the transfer. But you stayed strong and got through it and the the one they transferred is the one that's going to give you a BFP!! Hang in there!!
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Post by vicky1707 » Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:15 pm

Hi Sabi,

Can I ask is that picture of your eggs from blastocyst?

Good luck x

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Post by to_have_fun08 » Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:54 pm

Daisy - I was also pretty upset with my last transfer. I had 2 eggs 3-cell and a 5-cell. RE said "oh they are viable that this could still work" but me knowing too much info new she was full of shi*. Yes, I guess it could of worked but knew the odds were really against me. So I was really angry and all trough my transfer I was thinking what is the point. I am just wasting my time. Try to keep positive, it only takes one.

Good Luck!!!!

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Post by sabi » Fri Jun 19, 2009 5:37 pm

Vicky- Yes, er was last fri & et was weds. Those are blasts. Those were the two they transferred on weds.
Daisy- I too feel for you. Don't worry love- it really only takes one. When I saw these babies for the 1st time I got real nervous... multiples... I was thinking..maybe I should only transfer one. My doc told me if I want a singleton, transfer one. But, we are the statistics- we paid out of pocket, we want to get the most bang for our buck & I swear I never want to go through this again!! Feel confident pma no stress. It is now in God's hands. Let him do his magic.
Feeling tired- no caffeine!!! & hungry for meat!! must be in my head!
Thinking of all of you & sending babydust, stickies, & PMA !

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Post by EYCI » Fri Jun 19, 2009 5:57 pm

TrueBeliever, Vicky1707, Candice81 - A big welcome to our new ladies

Kushka, Belle-02, Sabi, Daisy106, Cuppycake, Abogenpohl - Congrats to all of our new PUPOs! Hang in there and good luck to all of you. As my RE always puts it, “It’s now out of our hands and in God’s hands.” For Daisy, “YOU ONLY NEED ONE!”

Mikeandjess – How are the headaches? I feel so bad for you. I can totally relate! I hope you are finding some relief.

Deftonesmo – Good luck for Saturday or Monday with your transfer!

Michelle – We are missing you! Hope you are having a great trip.

Katie99 – So sorry that you have been delayed. Hopefully next cycle they will try something different and you will have a bumper crop. Sending you hugs!!!

Rosario – If you go to betabase.info, your numbers look average for twins or triplets. Definitely higher than a single! Try to enjoy this… you are pregnant whether there is 1, 2, 8 or 10 of them in there. I understand the worry though! You just want to hold your baby(s) in your arms and that is still a few more milestones to get through.

Nicole – Yeah for your beta tripling! Mine tripled on my last pregnancy with twins. :wink: I’m not having any more betas either. Just my first scan on July 3. To add a ticker, go to lilypie.com or tickerfactory.com and follow the instructions. At the end, you’ll get this big long thing that you copy and paste into your profile signature. If the HPTs make you feel better, than I say pee away. It will bring a big smile and reassurance each time that you do.

Sarah – Good luck on Sunday. Sounds like you will have a great day at the zoo and game, with a BFP for the grand finale!

Chris – Good luck on Monday for your baseline. I hope everything gets worked out with your insurance.

KJGrant – How’s the lupron going? Any side effects? That can be a tough drug for some women (myself included).

Carolyn – It’s almost beta time. Are you going to POAS?

AFM - I am feeling good and just keep praying for the babe(s) to keep sticking.

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