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Post by Daisy106 » Sat Jun 27, 2009 4:44 pm

Holly- I am so sorry, but don't totally give up hope until Beta. You just never know. Keep your chin up. I think talking to your DH about it always helps.

MikeandJess and Vicky- Enjoy POAS. I got my first BFP 8 days after 3 day transfer. Good luck!! But don't give up if it says no, you must mentally prepare yourself for this especially early tests.

KayCe- I always look forward to your posts. So positive!! You were right, all the blessings on my one little embryo from you and everyone else seems to be working! I am still in shock...

Prayin and Michelle- You two are awesome! I am in awe of your fortitude. We are sticking around here for you. Let us know when you know need pep talks!

Stay Positive- Hope 'hotel life' is going well. Considering that I need to go wash and change the sheets, I am very jealous.

Everyone else, I know I owe more personals. I will try again later today. We are heading to see a movie, try to take our minds off the heat and babies! I am a little crampy and have the annoying headache again today. Besides that, feeling good and radiating PMA!! I will check in later!
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Post by Johannanita » Sat Jun 27, 2009 4:44 pm

Hello Ladies,
I've been lurking around for a while and decided to post. I had surgery on April 29th and had my left tube removed along with most of my left ovary and a large cyst. My right tube is still blocked so our only choice is IVF. I started my bcp on May 29th and Lupron on June 13th. Went in to RE on June 23 for blood work and u/s and was told I have 2 new cyst. I just had surgery! Luckly my boodwork came back normal and I was able to start stimulation on June 23. Went back to RE on June 26 for more bloodwork and u/s and my E2 went up. I was told that I have 4 follicles on the right and two on the left. The tech told me that the ones on the left may not continue growing. I guess they're small? IDK, didn't talk to the nurse that day. I'm to continue my protocal and I go back Sunday am for E2 and u/s. Should I expect to see more follicles? I'm assuming the ones I currently have should be larger too? I was told that I have to be stimulating for 12 days. That would bring us to the 4th of July weekend for ER. This is all so emotional and nerve racking.
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Post by Rosario » Sat Jun 27, 2009 4:58 pm

Looks like last night I had a bleeding episode. I woke up to having my pantyliner full of blood. No clots just some light red blood. When I wiped there was also red in the TP. I went back to bed and it looks like this has stopped. Also last night was the first time I was throwing up a storm. I ate at 6 something and by 930 I was very sick. I felt like i was drunk. At the end of the night i also got the runs. I don't know if the bleeding had anything to do with it but please keep me in your prayers. I will go to my clinic on Monday so I will wait it out and see. If it gets worse I will have to run back to the ER.

Did i mention my set of twins are rare because they share the same sac? These twins are high risk but then again having Triplets is not getting any better. I am so scared and so worried.
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Post by HollyB » Sat Jun 27, 2009 5:08 pm

Rosario, Keep your chin up ! I will pray for you and your precious triplets! I'm sure everything will be just fine on Monday. Maybe it's just your body figuring out that's there 3 little babies in there and is acting a bit crazy :D
I'll be thinking of you :D
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Post by angeinhull » Sat Jun 27, 2009 6:44 pm

Michele - Vicky and I are at the same clinic. We POAS about 14 - 16 pt. Then we report to clinic. I believe most UK clinics do this but I may be wrong. I think I will end up waiting til the day because I still have hope until then.

Johannanita - Glad you decided to post. Not sure if this is true but one of the nurses at my clinic told me that the first 5 days is when the follicles appear. After this they are just trying to grow them.

Rosario - Thinking about you and wishing you luck. I often find myself thinking about you during the day and the triplets always cheer me up!

Holly - Don't give up hope and I agree talking with dh should really help.

AFM, I am still stimming away. No real side effects this time. I hope thats a good sign! Looking forward to scan on monday to find out whats happening.

Thinking of you all
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Post by belle-02 » Sat Jun 27, 2009 6:49 pm

Well, I POAS late last night and again this morning with two different kinds of tests and they're coming back positive!! I don't think there's any way this can be my HCG trigger shot, I've been POAS ever since my transfer and I literally watched the trigger shot disappear on those tests. Plus, today is two weeks since my trigger shot so I think I'm outside of the range that it stays in your system.

DH and I are in total disbelief and shock. I don't think we'll really believe it until the BW is in, I just can't wait for my beta test on Monday!!
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Post by CT_Michele » Sat Jun 27, 2009 7:15 pm

Belle- Yay for positive hpts! If you watched trigger go away over a couple days and got negatives and now they are positives, then they sound like real positives to me! Congrats!

angie- glad stimming is going well with no side effects.

Holly- I know it is hard to stay positive, but I was a late implanter my first ivf, and I did not even see a super faint line until 10dp3dt, I know you are a day past that, but there is still definitely hope...nothing official until beta

rosario- oh goodness, I hope you are feeling better and the bleeding has stopped, I can imagine how scared you are right now, but things have a way of working themselves out. We will keep you in our prayers.

daisy- what movie? I hope you enjoy it.

Almost nap time for Ella...and then some quiet time for me until dh gets out of work...it is pretty warm out today, I think if we had a babysitter, we would go to a movie too. Enjoy the day everyone.
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Post by katie99 » Sat Jun 27, 2009 8:08 pm

Hi everyone!

So much going on here as always. I thought that if I logged on today I could stay on top of things, but I guess not. I find myself wondering about all of you during the day & then I just cant stay away! I am lucky that DH's schedule is crazy right now or I would be getting dirty looks for checking in all the time. I am still waiting for AF. Sooooo annoying! I feel like its back to square one for me (where are you michele?) Please god dont let me get cancelled again :roll: As it is I'm on a july/august cycle, I'm wondering if there will be an august thread? Do the threads just go on and on or do they peter out? Oh, the things I can find to worry about....
I posted the new puppy pics at; http://photobucket.com/ava-pup
I felt weird putting pics of a puppy on an IVF site, now if it were pics of new baby with puppy that would be different :lol: hopefully this next cycle will work! Yes, I'm full of PMA for you guys but when it comes to me I get nervous. Have a great weekend evryone!!

wicked - I'm doing the "you only need one dance" for you!! Wishing you STICKY EMBIE DUST - lots of it!

praying - I think that you made the right decision. If it were me i would have done the same. Onward & upward

julie nurse - Yes, I know all about the how much will this cost? panic. We both had it - but a BFP for all of us makes it totally worth it, right?

mikeandjess - Spa day + shopping= happy!

kayce - you and me both, 2 fingered typing! but thanks to you ladies now I'm using 4 fingers lol.

vicky - PMA! PMA! PMA ! PMA ! PMA! if you say it enough it comes true

holly - I'm pretty sure that I've read on this site that FET implant late - ( maybe ask michele?) by the way, welcome!

johannanita - welcome! it is such an emotional thing to go through - I know how it feels to have your tubes removed, too. I had to lose them both - but hey, whatever it takes, right?

Daisy - how are you doing? when is your beta?
STICKY STICKY thoughts to you my friend

angie - how are you feeling? GROW LITTLE FOLLIES GROW!!!!

belle - YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Cant wait for another BFP :D

rosario - How are you doing? I hope your DH is spoiling you 3 times extra!

michele - Hope that all is good with you & yours. Now that we are both later than everyone else do you think its ok to be on the june/july thread ( maybe it should be changed to the "summer" thread? LOL

stay positive ( good lord i feel like I'm writing a book!) how is hotel living going? I posted pup pics since you asked ( wheres ella?)
http://photobucket.com/ava-pup She doesnt like to sit still EVER!
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Post by CT_Michele » Sat Jun 27, 2009 10:49 pm

Katie- I already joined the next thread, I think July/august, I am running the tracker over there too. Don't worry, I am not leaving this thread...I always see my threads through to the end. Even when I was still scheduled for July, I had joined the other one because 2 of my fall mommies in the parents after treatment thread are also going for number 2, so I joined to route them on, and turns out I belong there now anymore. Hey, I saw the more threads the merrier! So I say come and join the other one too!
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Post by katie99 » Sat Jun 27, 2009 11:53 pm

michele - Thanks - I think I will. I wasnt sure what the etiquette was about joining the next thread..... but I dont even start stimming til 7/30 so we are definitely August. Have a great weekend!
DOR/ hydro tubes removed
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Post by sbr » Sun Jun 28, 2009 3:37 am

Thank you all for the very kind words regarding my BFN. It's been a tough week, but after a little time, I am doing a little better. Late in the week, I talked to my RE and he has a few ideas for my last three embies and my last attempt at a cycle. First off, he thought it would be reasonable to transfer all three and then he also wanted me to try baby Aspirin AND Heparin too. (What do you guys know about this combo?)

We have plenty of time to think about it because we're not planning on doing another cycle until January when we'll have more money. Like I mentioned, it will be our last cycle. We simply don't have the money for another fresh. So far we've paid $20K out of pocket and with one more cycle it will be up another $4K, so it's really going to be our last hurray! My RE ASSURED me that ALL (meaning all 10 from the very beginning) of my embryos looked great. He said even these last three are "great looking embryos," so there's no reason to believe that they wouldn't work. I'm going to try to go into the last cycle with hope but not unrealistic beliefs either. We really want another child, really. but if it doesn't work, I can't go throughout the rest of my son's life being mopey because he's an only child, so I hope to keep my head on straight!

We plan to take some time to recover, enjoy each other and our son and the summer. Then after my DH's end-of-the-year bonus and renewed flexible spending plan, we'll go for the last embryos next January. Coming to grips with "my timeline" not working as been the hardest, but this is just a reality check that I'm not always in charge!! God has a plan, right?

I just want to say that this thread is doing awesome for BFPs and I'll keep checking in to watch the rest of you through. I am so darn excited for my friend, Belle! FOURTH TIME IS A CHARM...for Wishful too!! Way to go, girls!!!

Good luck everyone,
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Post by CT_Michele » Sun Jun 28, 2009 3:49 am

Sarah- I am glad to hear you will have another try, and maybe the break will do you some good. Just know that in January, I will still be here routing for your bfp.

I am afraid I am falling into the same mopey state of not wanting Ella to be an only child. I absolutely know how blessed I am to have her, but then I think about growing up with my brothers and how they are my best friends, and if I did not have them I would be a completely different person, and I so want Ella to have that bond with someone. But again, if it is not meant to happen for me, I have to be strong for my beautiful daughter and I do thank my lucky stars for her everyday.
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Post by Debbie67 » Sun Jun 28, 2009 1:51 pm

to_have_fun08 ~ love the POAS sign! :lol:

wickedwheel ~ Congrats on the trasfer! I will put you in my prayers this a.m.

praying4BFP ~ glad to hear you are moving forward ASAP! This will be your BFP.. Keep faith.

Julie Nurse~ Don't have a panic attack.. keep it calm, the stress isn't good for ya! Easier said then done, I know. Just take one day at a time.. :)

Stay Positive~ camping out in a hotel, that is always fun! Keep us updated on your u/s report.

Kayce~ I still don't know what I will do about POAS.. I have a couple of weeks to decide. uggg!

Rosario~ I hope your bleeding episode is fine. Check in Monday and let us know if everything is fine!

Belle 02 ~ congrats on your BFP POAS!! whooo hoooo!

AFM: I start my E2 supp tonight. I am currently stimming! Whoo hooo! I start my Bravelle shots Monday. Kinda scared on that one, I have heard from different ladies that it stings when going in.. I think the stinging is from all the concentrated solution vials you have to draw up.. , for about 3 days it is 8 vials per syringe for me to inject. I am gonna try it in my thigh to see if it is any different than doing it in my stomach..

Sorry I know I didn't catch everyone, but hello to all and baby dust to all!

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IVF # 4 Nov 2009(?) = doc canceled before ER
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Post by CT_Michele » Sun Jun 28, 2009 2:36 pm

stay positive - start stims June 21, ER July 2, ET in August
KayCe - estimated ER July 7
angieinhull - estimated ER July 8
vicky1707 - stim start June 26
debbie67 - stim start June 26, ER first week of July

Almost there...on Estrogen for FET
mikeandjess - FET June 30

Kushka – ET June 17
belle-02 – ET June 18, beta June 29
sabi - donor ER June 12, beta June 30
daisy106 - ET June 18, beta July 3
deftonesmo - ER June 17
tanya123(Tanya) – beta July 6
Wickedwheel – ET June 26, beta July 7
sunshine.12 - ET June 27

Image Image
morningglory - on bcp's, start stims/microdose lupron June 18, estimated ER July 1
Brighty – Fresh June
to_have_fun08 (Chris) - start stims June 30
ls4 (Lisa) – on bcp's, Lupron June 1, estimated ER June 23
wolffie(dani) - FET June/July
prayin4BFP - Fresh cycle July
Paytonsmommy (Carrie) – Fresh July
sprouthaus – Fresh July
statsgoddess - Next try in August
josee1973 – Fresh
sokru8(Sonya) - Fresh
marymeganb - ER July 17, ET July 20
ct_michele - canceled, maybe FET in August
hjw(Hazel) - FET July 27/28
katie99 - waiting for af, start bcp's July 2, start stims July 30
katieg - on bcp's, FET early August

Beta Results
Rosario BFP! :D :D :D OMG! It's Triplets!
nicksgam(Nicole) - BFP! :D
EYCI (Julie)- BFP! :D
wishfull27(Carolyn) – BFP! :D
Sbr (Sarah) – BFN :(
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2nd IVF- 04/09 - BFN
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4th IVF - Fall 2011??

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Post by sunshine.12 » Sun Jun 28, 2009 4:26 pm

praying - you have taken a very bold decision..we will all be here to support you in your cycle.

- im sure the break will help you to unload all the negative thoughts and start fresh...i know the pain of doing things out of pocket. this will be our first and last try for a while. if this cycle dnt work, we will have to wait for about a year, to go for another try..im sure god is definitely sending lil Jack a sibling very soon.

Katie - your puppy is so cute!!

daisy- did you get a date for your beta?

belle - tht sure is a BFP!! congrats.. i was also planning to start the POAS experiment right after ET, but looks like it wnt work, :( as my doc is giving me HCG shots!

Debbie67 - yey! you started stimming..let the follies grow!

Stay Positive and KayCe-
hope you are enjoying the stimming..

All the 2ww-ers.. im joining the club. we had our ET yesterday evening, at 2.5 days. Out of the 3 embryos that fertilized, 1 was abnormal. The other 2 were grade 1. We have transferred both the embryos. I hope both of them stick..
Yesterday night, I tried my best to sleep on back(which i thought was best), but ended up tossing and turning all night and sleeping on sides! now im worried, if it affect my embabies..also this might sound stupid..will sleeping on side cause embryos to go into tube, and cause ectopic pregnancy? im even scared to poop, thinking it will harm the embies..i knw i should take it easy..am i the only crazy person in the group? :?: :?: :?:

takecare all of you..
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