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10 day preg test negative, weeks later preg, now Ectopic

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10 day preg test negative, weeks later preg, now Ectopic

Postby Eytbol8 » Thu Apr 23, 2009 11:03 pm

I've posted pieces of my situation, but wanted to post the whole thing here in hope for some support.

I am 35-years old and have had my first IVF cycle in Thousand Oaks, CA in late Feb/early March. All my pre-test came back great and I appear to have no obvious problems, ovaries are fine, tubes and uterus are good, etc. My HSG test initially came back fine and showed no obvious blockage in my tubes. My husband is a paraplegic and paralyzed from the waist down. That is one of the biggest reasons we have had to opt for IVF. After having a testicular biopsy we found out he had good sperm which was a great relief and our first cycle went perfectly, as best as we could expect …with the exception of a negative pregnancy test 3/19/09. The main meds I was on were: Menopur, Follistim, Ganirelix, Chorionic Gonad, Progesterone Oil, and the Vivelle-Dot Patches. My body responded so well to the Menopur and the Follistim, that the doses were decreased after just 3-4 days. My eggs grew fast and many and there were able to retrieve 18 eggs just 9 days after starting meds, 8 of which were stable enough to fertilize and 4 fully fertilized (2 A quality and 2 B quality). We had 2 embryos transferred on day 5. My entire cycle from starting meds to a negative pregnancy test was 25 days. After the negative pregnancy test I was told to stop all my meds, except my prenatal vitamins Prenexa. I had a heavy period for two days only starting 3/24/09 and spotted for a few days after. I went to my follow-up appointment on 3/24/09 and my doctor did an ultrasound and he found some fluid near my right tube, which has been determined to be Hydrosalpinx. I was told it was probably caused by a blocked tube that was not detected in my HSG test. Apparently those tests are only about 80% accurate and I feel in that 20% that did not detect a small blockage. We decided on surgery, a Laparoscopy, and it was scheduled for Friday 4/10/09. On Monday 4/6/09 I went to the hospital for my pre-op testing and pre-admittance. They took some blood tests and a urine pregnancy test. The doctor’s office called me Thursday 4/9/09 to say that my urine pregnancy test came back POSITIVE. I ran over to the doctor’s office to take a blood pregnancy test that also came back positive with a beta number of 324 and my surgery was canceled. I went back for another beta test on 4/11/09 and my number was only 459 and another one on Monday 4/13/09 and my number dropped to 439 and also had an ultrasound. Unfortunately it has been discovered that I have an ectopic pregnancy. I went in Tuesday 4/14 for the Methotrexate shots to stop the ectopic pregnancy and we will still go forward with the Laparoscopy after my tube has cleared from the ectopic. I bleed (not spotted, bleed) Wednesday – Saturday after the shots, with 2-days of heavier bleeding. I’m so devastated with the UPS and DOWNS in this one month and an emotionally drained after this past week! I mean, I had just gotten over the first negative pregnancy test and was totally prepared for the surgery and to move forward with a new cycle shortly after.

On 4/9 my number was 324, on 4/11 it was 459, on 4/13 it was 439, and I had the Methotrexate shots on 4/14. I went in yesterday 4/21 to check my numbers after 1 week and my numbers increased to 604. Is that normal, for the numbers to increase? Now I'm a little worried (should I be?) and my doctor is out of town until tomorrow, Friday. I don’t know what the next steps are yet. I would like to just get the surgery scheduled as soon as possible to have something to look forward to instead of the waiting game. I'm probably being a bit impatient??? I go back on Tuesday 4/28 for another blood test to check my numbers again. Anyone, anywhere had anything similar to this happen. It’s just all been so unusual.
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