Abnormal Paps and IVF

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Abnormal Paps and IVF

Post by JJaxx » Tue May 05, 2009 7:10 pm

In October 2007 I had an abnormal pap test. I did a colposcopy and it showed that I had HPV. They said everything was mild and that I did not need treatment. When I had a pap in December 2008 it showed that everything remained the same, meaning it hadn't gotten worse (still don't need any treatment for it). I am hoping to start IVF in June and am wondering if this will affect me being able to start IVF. My gyno office is in the process of sending everything to my infertility doctor for him to review, the fertility nurse told me that if my gyno isn't worried about it they probably won't worry about it either. The fertility doctor is supposed to get back to me if there are any problems, but I am stressing and wondering if anyone has a similar experience?

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Post by IndieBlue » Wed May 06, 2009 2:55 pm

I had an abnormal PAP in 2003 or so and my Gyne at the time decided to treat it with the cryo treatment. It wasn't fun....didn't really hurt but for weeks after I had horrible discharge (sorry if TMI). I would think that your RE would want to have a clean PAP before proceeding with treatment because of the different strains of HPV and the side effects they can have on the babies when they are born. My RE even does a PAP before starting treatment, thankfully I've been clean since the Cryo :)
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