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HELP GHOST or anyone !! blocked tube/fibroid/polyps -

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HELP GHOST or anyone !! blocked tube/fibroid/polyps -

Postby bey1214 » Fri May 22, 2009 3:02 pm

HI there,
I am 37 and already tried one round of fresh IVF last yr and it didnt work ,
I have 4 frozen embies left and am trying to start a cycle for FET . My problem or history is I've been going to my clinic now for 2+yrs and i've only got to do one cycle !! everytime I get close to a transfer my cycle gets cancelled. First they found out I have a unicornate uterus (cancelled cycle) then they saw a blocked tube (cancelled cycle) then they saw a fibroid (6cm) cancelled cycle and they suggest to remove it but i wanted to try without removal first so started another cycle then they saw fluid in uterus (cancelled cycle) then the fluid came back (cancelled cycle) and my lining was alittle thick. now keep in mind they not only cancel my cycle but they make me want another full month in between to get the meds out of my system. then my RE suggets myomectomy so i agree in January and have the fibriod removed. I was scheduled to start another cycle in April wiating the 3 months to let me uterus heal. during the first US they see a polyp ( 1 1/2 cm ) !!!!! so they cancel me again !! so 2 weeks ago i have to surgery to remove the polyp and when my RE goes to remove the polyp she says after surgery that she saw another "bump" she didnt know what it was so she removed it anyways - that's good right?!?!? - whew..
soooooo I am waiting to start my period this wkend so i can finally start a cycle... my RE wants to me call her on day one so i can go in for an US and make sure everything is ok for me to start my meds next week !! please keep your fingers crossed for me I feel like i've been waiting for months and months just to try IVF !!! but i should be thankful i atleast got one fresh IVF in so far :)
my question is why in Jan (mymomectomy) i showed no polyps but now in May i have one?? and does fibriods really cause fluid in the uterus?? I am just hoping that the two surgeries i've had this yr will actually do some good..???
i just want an excellent chance for implantation to happen ! i've had a child already 12 yrs ago naturally so i know i can get PG... does anyone know the answers or have any advice for me?
thank you all for taking the time to read this and help me !!
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