Anyone cycling July/August 09?

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Post by lisa10 » Thu Jul 23, 2009 11:22 pm

I am new to this site and doing my first IVF. I am having having my retreival the week on August 10th. I have a question for those out there with experience. I started Lupron 5 days ago. I am having no side effects really other then vaginal discharge and itching. My nurse said she had never heard of that before and left it at that. Doing a Google search it looks like that is a side effect. Anyone else have this problem? Is there anything to do about it or just wait it out? :P

Thanks. It is nice to have people to talk to who have been through this stuff.

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Post by » Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:25 am

I had my pre-op appointment today, everything is good so far. I have a 7:30 appointment on Sunday for an unltrasound, if everything is okay then I start my stims.

The Lupron was a breeze and I have had no side effects and feel fine.

Someone asked what vitamin my husband was perscribed to increase his sperm count and it is Folplex Tab 2.2 (It really works... he went form 10 million to 50 million).

I asked my doctor if he would do three embryos and he said, "no". That there was a good chance with my age and history that I will get pregnant with twins. I had explained a story I read on here about the PIO shots and he said he would give me the suppositories but expect vaginal bleeding... so I will stick with the shots for now. He also told me to get off the message boards, pragmatic thinkers never understand emotional women :-)

I must admit I am worried that they will find a cyst or something. Do you normally feel them if you have them? That is the only thing that could stop the progress, right?

Other then that, I am feeling great and super excited. Just miss my DH and wish he wasn't traveling this week.

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Post by KayCe » Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:44 am

Hello ladies!!! I'm still checking everyday and I'm so happy to see everybody is doing well!!!

dogz with your super embies, are you ready to say twins??!!! I'm so happy everything work out so well for you. You are very blessed to have such a great experience on your first try!!! As for symptoms, what can I say, I got both BFPs with and without, and both BFNs with and without. So I guess is just progesterone playing tricks on your body. Stay positive and I'm sure you'll do great!!! Good Luck.

lw WOW great report on your embies!!! Congratulations!! Way to go girl!!! We just need them to keep growing nice and strong so I'll do the grow embies dance for you!!! My clinic checks BETA 2 weeks after ER, but I know some do it before...

beth you remind me of my first cycle!!! LOL I didn't tell anybody about it so I also fake a back injury, I actually said it was a discal spinal hernia!! LOL everyone bought it and I didn't have lift heavy things. 3 months later we told everyone I was pregnant and I can't remember anyone asking about my hernia... Please don't so any heavy lifting!!! White lies are worth it with IVF!!!

michele I can imagine trying to take a pic of Ella with a hawaiian skirt!!! So cute!!! I love the theme for her party!!! I had so much fun, and spent so much time planning my DS's first bday party I guess that is taking away a lot of the tension from your cycle!!! i don't know how you have time to post between tutoring, birthday planning, and a 10 month old!!! GL

cressi I'm so happy you had good feedback on your appt. I'm sure everything is going to be fine. Just take each day as it comes and stop worrying about the what ifs, because a LOT of things can go wrong!!! Keep your thoughts away from the negative sides of IVFs, because today you are doing great and you have great news that should make you happy!!! Stay positive!!!

To everyone else that I missed, you are all in my prayers!!! Good Luck to all and I'll keep checking to see everyone's progress.

Baby Dust to all!!!!
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Post by katie99 » Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:45 am

Hey everyone!

Wow, you all sure are some typing females. Every time I look theres a whole lot of reading to do! :wink: Can you imagine how many pages there would be if we were all on the same schedule? I think the site would crash! :lol:

beth - Go - back injury! let them all think what they want to, just as long as you dont lift heavy things! Try to get some kind of rest. Your ER story was a riot (skeet shooting!) :lol:

faith - I start lupron on the 29th. The first time i got the giant box -o-meds, I had showed it to my BF who flipped out over the size of the box

babies - 4 embies is wonderful news!!!! :D I'm so excited for you!

dogz - How great to have 2 snow babies! YAY!!

stats - glad that you are back & back to normal! Cheers to no stomach aches!

miyaya - isnt medical care just great sometimes? Actually I live about 1hr north of NYC - but the property borders 100 acres of state land, so sometimes its like the nature channel around here!

penny - sending you some patience dust! ask for your schedule, I cant believe you never got it. Didnt you have to also sit through an IVF class? YAWN!

lw - congrats on 11 fert!!!! I know the feeling, my DH only made it to the initial consult a year ago, ER & ET

tangela - You are getting so close now, how exciting!!!!

michele - cant wait to see pics of Ella in her hula skirt! Dont eat the flowers, Ella :lol:

Iamhopeful - Welcome - At least you've got it better than me, I get 4 injections a day - but they dont really bother me :D

gi - Are you on the boards while at work again? he he

cheeky - Hows going with you, you cheeky monkey? tee hee

lisa - welcome! my ER / ET is the same week as your's :D

luv you guys, but i'm starting to feel like a writing a book!!

HUGS & PMA!!!!!
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Post by Path Finder » Fri Jul 24, 2009 2:05 am

Hi Ladies, I've been working and have been out of the loop for a couple of days. I see that there's a lot going on. It is so awesome to be able to share this experience with others who are going through the same thing.

I saw my RE yesterday, and he informed me that he only expects to get 3-5 mature eggs during tomorrow's retrieval. He said that for a woman with my history - stage 4 endo and fibroids -that he doesn't expect that I'll get more if I wait. I spent a couple of hours a little down about the news, but then I remembered someone posting that it only takes one.
I am going to fight to keep my thoughts positive and to remember that it only takes one.

Blessings to all of you.

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Post by KayCe » Fri Jul 24, 2009 2:13 am

Path Finder, Good Luck on your ER tomorrow!!! I know it is much easier to go to ER knowing you have a bunch of follies to choose from, but I've never had more than 5 eggs at ER. My first BFP was with just one embie who is now 20 months old and running around like crazy!!! So yes it only takes one and a lot of PMA to survive the 2ww. I'll pray that you get a nice crop of eggs tomorrow and a bunch of big strong embies!!! GL.
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Post by cheekyone » Fri Jul 24, 2009 4:45 am

hello ladies

Hi lisa and welcome to this lovely thread of people. The discharge is definately a side effect of the drugs you are on. nothing to be worried about. There will definately be alot of weird things happening too our bodies the more deeper into ivf you tread. Just keep asking away there are alot of first timers on this thread :D

Babies wow great to hear them embies are going we'll i'll just give them one last power boost for Your ET heaps of pma and i hope everything goes we'll

Pathfinder all the best with ER tomorrow heres an extra boost to them follies i hope they do a good dig around and find some more

Jamie77 how ya going u must be on ER shortly if so all the best for a great haul of eggs

Iw great stuff on the 11 embies woohoo now grow embies grow

Dogz thats great you got 2 to freeze in the end how about that aye a last minute gift for ya lol

Katie 99 lol glad to hear your starting soon looking forward to hearing some positives things from ya

AFM just sucking it up at the moment i am just so annalyzing every little twitch and twinge its driving me insane. I am over it and it's not even a week yet. please make the days faster. and as for the poas i'm a sucker for them i go through something like 3 or 4 of them as the time nears the end. I just can't wait :cry:

Heaps of pma to you all
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Wowsers! We are a busy group.

Post by butterfly78 » Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:11 am

Faith9455 - I totally know what you mean on the medications. Its overwhelming. I got home from work one day with 7 coolers on the front porch. I told my DH that we were going to have to annex the refridge. I do recommend taking inventory. I'm on my stims and I just realized that they upped my dose and I probably don't have enough of one drug. This site has alot of acronyms on it:

Miyaya - Hang in there. I admire your stamina.

LW - 14 eggs is awesome and 11 fertilized is even better. Wowsers! Hope your ET goes well.

Beth and Dogz - Anxiously anticipating a positive BETA for you next week.

Dogz - Great news on the 2 frosties. My clinic's had a few clerical issues too and I keep asking myself "am I really trusting them to get the right embryos back in me?" LOL I didn't realize they had a numeric scale for embies. I just learned something new!

Penny - My clinic does lots of bloodwork and monitoring and doesn't schedule things out further than an appt at a time. (I'm sure my insurance co loves that!) Its hard to plan, but I feel like I'm in good hands. I hope you get the schedule you need!

Pathfinder - Good luck tomorrow! You are right: it only takes one! I hope your doctor was conservative on his estimate, but don't get down!

cressicaw - I had a cyst. I popped up over 3 weeks b/t my ultrasounds. They pushed my cycle back a week and did another ultrasound a week later. The 2nd week they tested my E2 and it was good, so they planned to drain it and start my cycle the following day. When I went it to have it drained, it had collapsed. I hope you don't have one, but if you do I hope its not bad. Mine was an emotional setback, but other than that not too big of a deal. I didn't feel anything, but I know there are lots of different types of cysts.

I go in tomorrow AM early for another monitoring visit. No set date for my ET, but they are thinking it will be early next week.

My clinic hasn't mentioned or prescribed Lupron. What's it for? They've also said I don't need to do any bed rest after ET. Have your RE's recommended that?

I'm thinking about planning a weekend trip during my WW2. Does anyone who's been through this before have opinions on that? Its just me and my DH and I don't think I can handle a weekend in the house with my mind going crazy.
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Post by gi » Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:56 am

Hi girls

ye were busy ladies last night!!

Cheekone: I am in limbo land at the mo. waiting for AF but not due for another 1.5 wks, she better be on time but its only my 2nd since d&c so hard to know if will arrive on day 28. How are you bearing up?

Tangela1016: not long now! you must be excited.

dogzrule: 2 frozen babies!!! Same thing happened to me so were were delighted to be told 2 instead of one, they said the ones frozen are better quality than ones transferred so fingers crossed the survive the thaw - thats my biggest fear as i know what its like not to get a transfer.

Michele: how soon after FET do you plan to test, i think maybe i will wait till day 8p3dt. Ella sounds good enough to eat :lol:

lw: i used to watch test tube babies but on one marathon sessions (12 episodes) i nearly threw the remote at telly cause not 1 lady got pregnant!!! I gave up after that. J usually comes to every appt but not this time maybe just transfer as we need all the money he can earn esp if it fails so we can go again.

Beth84: yeah kerry is gorgous, its about 4 hr drive from my house but worth it. You are right to do ivf during hols as less expanations for work believe me its annoying after a while.

penny2 love your pma!! you are right this is gonna be a lucky board.

Babiesgalore: with such good embies you are right to only transfer 2 besides you will have a back up plan with those frosties.

Iamhopeful i would love to transfer 3 but not allowed as considered high risk also but i dont understand that cause after 5 attempts i only got pg once... ah well gotta do what doc. says

lisa10; welcome the more the merrier

Thanks cressicaw that was me asking for name of vitamins. I had no bleeding on suppositories but then everyone reacts differently.

Katie99: Yeah still on boards when working ha ha, its easy sneak on when on reception!!! but that means i may do my work super fast!!

pathfinder: try not be too disheartened look at Kayce it really does only take one

Butterfly a relaxing weekend would be perfect during 2ww to help distract you and will bring you and dh closer together xx

AFM j told me last night he accidently booked our break away during est. transfer i was like what!!! he forgot when transfer was!! like how could you forget when this means so much but then again easy for him when he has nothing to do this time, typical man, so he has to change hotel dates so now he is taking me out to dinner tomorrow night to say sorry..... mmm think i may come up with other ways to make him feel guilty so he can spoil me :lol:
7th IVF finally our precious miracle girl Kayla born 24/11/10, 8th IVF FET Sept 2012 BFP!!!

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Post by Penny2 » Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:15 pm

Katie99- Thanks to your story I woke up this morning remembering my dream from last night! A BEAR CHASED MY DOG! HAHA It was funny, I knew right away it was from reading your post. :lol:

Dogz- Thanks for all your info! The schedule I will have to ask about when I go Sunday morning for BW and U/S. When I went for a class he gave me what my schedule would look like if I started that day! So I kind of refer to that. But I am going to ask...I learned from everyone here that if you have a question ASK! And that is awesome that they were able to freeze 2 embies. YAY!

LW- 11 Fertilized- WOW

Beth- Little white lies I am realizing are what will get us through this. I havent started my cycle yet and I am already telling them! It is amazing how many things come up in life when you are preparing for IVF!

Pathfinder- Good Luck on your ER tomorrow!

Cheeky- Stay Strong and keep up that PMA!

Butterfly- My Dr. sounds like yours as far as taking each appt at a time. I guess they dont want to get ahead of themselves!

gi- Boys will be Boys! :P I hope you have a nice relaxing dinner!

AFM- Just waiting for Sunday to come so I can get started!!

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Post by dogzrule » Fri Jul 24, 2009 3:31 pm

Holy toledo does anyone on this board sleep? :lol:

lisa - welcome welcome!!!! I too am doing my 1st ivf, as are several others on here, so you are in great company with rookies AND veterans!

cressica - even if you do get a cyst, it is not a certain cycle canceler. Mine only set me back 5 days, and like butterfly said, it was more of an emotional setback than anything else. One VERY important thing I learned with mine - it's not the cyst that matters, it's the hormones. When I went back to see if it had collapsed, it had grown, BUT my hormones had plummeted, so it was all good! It ended up shrinking on its own. And no, I never felt it from the beginning, so I had no idea it was there.

PathFinder - keep up that PMA! It really does only take one!

cheekyone - I too am analyzing everything!!! Ugh, I was doing REALLY well the 1st couple of days, but this morning, it's starting to wear one me. Plus, I feel a little blech, so I'm like, is this because I'm pregnant, or is my period getting ready to start? UGH!!! Tearing my hair out! :shock:

butterfly - lupron is to completely suppress your body so that you do not ovulate. The RE needs to have complete control of your body.

gi -work that guilt girl! :lol:
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Post by CT_Michele » Fri Jul 24, 2009 3:53 pm

hi ladies!

gi- I will probably test soon after my transfer. When I had fresh cycles, I started way early to make sure the hcg trigger shot was gone, but since I don;t have a trigger this time, I might wait until I know it's even possible. But then again, I do have a lot of strips, so who knows, probably a couple days after transfer I will start. I am a POAS addict. Enjoy your dinner tonight! Spoiling is great!

butterfly- I never used lupron for any of my "fresh" stimming cycles, just for the FET. They are using it to suppress me for my transfer. I think a trip during the 2ww is a wonderful way to try and relax and get your mind off of things. I have been through the 2ww twcie and I highly recommend planning things that are stress free and fun, because it is hell!

cheeky- hang in there girl...and I am with you in the POAS club...but 3 or 4 is peanuts compared to me. My first ivf I went through atleast a dozen, so for my 2nd I planned ahead, bought 12 online and saved some money and still ended up having to buy a 3 pack before my beta. This time I switched over to test strips so they would be cheaper and I could get more...20 are waiting for me in my bathroom :)

pathfinder- I know everyone has said it, but I just want to reconfirm, it does only take one, I have seen it hundreds of times on these boards.

katie- where in ny are you again? You said 1 h our north of the city, so are you close to the CT border? You are in bear country that's for sure. The bears in ct scare me, there are always random news stories about bears in peoples back yards, omg I would freak out!

kayce- the birthday party is definitely helping keep me occupied.

cressica- a cyst with not automatically cancel a cycle. I had a small cyst for both of my stimming cycles, but my hormone levels were fine so it wasn't an issue. This past cyst matter because it sent my e2 levels through the roof which is no good for an FET. I am sure your progress will continue and you will be fine.

So here is a pic of ella eating both her skirt and flowers at the same time...hehe, I figured I would share with you guys since I am sharing all of my party planning with you, and I thought it was a funny pic. I haven't even shown family any of these pics since they have to wait until party day to see her outfit. Hope you enjoy!

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Post by BabiesGalore » Fri Jul 24, 2009 4:09 pm

Michelle - i love that pic. She is so adorable and that outfit is to die for! Thanks for sharing with us

Cressica - i have two cysts on both my ovaries and they have not cancelled my cycle. I go in tomorrow for the transfer. My RE said that he read that cysts do not have an impact on the outcomes. I'm holding him to those words.

All u ladies in the 2ww - hang in there and before u know it u're bfps will be coming in! Can't wait to hear them. I will soon be joining u'll on the 2ww. I go in tomorrow at 11 for my ET. All 4 are going strong so just hope they all make it to the blast stage and i have some to freeze. I have only been lucky once with the frozen and that is the one that resulted in my BFP!

Will post over the weekend as i will be bored out of my mind. Taking off thru Tuesday but only plan to stay in bed for one day. The rest i will just relax.
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Post by katie99 » Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:10 pm

Hey everyone -

I see as always you ladies are just a bunch of typing fools! Ahhh - but thats the best way, though isn't it? happy friday, finally! :D

path finder - It is true, it only takes 1. I'm wishing you loads of Good luck for tomorrow's ET!!!! keep up the PMA!!

cheeky - I know its a looong 2 wks, but hang in there & stay strong you're almost there! :D Sticky Sticky thoughts to you my friend!!

butterfly - Good luck with your u/s tomorrow! There is a website that my pharmacy sent me that has great info about fertility meds, it is fertilitybydesign. com

gi - MEN??!! oh well what can you do? Go have a wonderful "sorry" dinner date :wink:

penny - YAY for getting started on Sun.! I'm anxious & starting 3 days later
Boy, who would believe being eagar to to do injections?? crazy,huh?

dogz - Dont tear your hair out! Its just the downside of this hormonal roller coaster. hang in there hon, your beta is so close!! :D

michele - Think the western side of NY close to the NJ border. OMG!!!!! could Ella possibly get ANY CUTER??? doubtful. She is precious!!
just think in 15 or 16 more years how many pics you have to tease her with!! :wink:

babies - my fingers are crossed for your potential snow babies! Best of luck with your ET tomorrow!!!

AFM - I'm simply just a little antsy to hurry up & get to Tues. for my baseline already!!

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Post by starwishes » Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:54 pm

Hello ladies!
Just thought I'd drop in on your chat as I am on my 2ww and find out what the result is on Monday. It's my first IVF cycle, so not sure what to expect . I haven't had any pregnancy-like symptoms at all and not sure whether I should be feeling them or not by now!
It's great to read such supportive messages.
Good luck to you all! xx

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