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Meds for self-pay patients

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Meds for self-pay patients

Postby dys24 » Sat Jun 20, 2009 2:25 pm

Hi Ladies,

I've recently got a BFP from my 2nd self pay IVF cycle. I know the stress of self paying for IVF and on top of that paying for medicine. I have some medicine that I would love to donate to someone who has undergone unsuccessful IVF(s) that were self pay. I'm NOT going to give it away to someone who has just signed on and has very few posts here. I would love to donate it to someone real therefore the only proof that I would have is someone who has been on this site and has posted here for some time. Please PM me if you would like any or all of the meds I have.

2 boxes of never opened of Endometrin (progesterone) vaginal insert 100 mg
Each box includes 21 inserts with 21 disposable applicators
both of them exp 4/10

Vivelle dot patches (estradiol) there is 13 little packets inside the box but I dont know if its 1 or 2 patches in the one packet as I dont want to open it exp 07/2010

1 Follistim pen in the box never used or opened

I've never used or opened any of this medication, not sure why the doctor prescribed this to me as it was never in my protocol. I want this to go to someone who can use it and get their BFP! I hope I'm help to someone as I know this medication is expensive and I don't want to throw it out.
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