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Post by kala0704 » Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:23 pm

Johanna-lol…you are a poas addict….you should join POAS anonnymos. Im praying for you right now. PMA PMA PMA ☺

Moorebaby-welcome and GL on Tuesday!!!

Mjay-twins….how exciting!!!!! Hope the fluid stuff keeps getting better

Statsgodess: GL Wednesday…grow FOLLIES grow!

Supergenius, 2010, Destiny and M2b- welcome!!! So happy to have you with us.

2010, im going thru ICSI too cuz of poor motility. I think we are doing all icsi. Maybe your dr just wants to see how well the swimmers (are twitchers) will get in that egg. How many do you have to work with? We have about 100 twitchers, but I don’t know if they will survive the thaw.

Wolffie: thanks for the advise…I looked it up and they have to be taken 3 months prior…I will keep it in mind for the future (if I need too…) I hope your embies are nice and cozy too ☺

LadyJ-hang in there, and keep resting. Your embies are sunggling right in!

Prayin4bfp-im praying for you and your family!

Deftonesmo- how exciting…I hope it is twins!!!

Teachermom and turtle- sorry about the cancelled cycles ☹ Jeez, we put so much time, effort, emotion and money in to this…we should not have to go through all this. Best of luck next cycle! Prayers and baby dust to you both! Glad ur staying with us!

Michele-thanks for the ticker instructions. I cant wait to make one! GL Tuesday!! Im glad ur taking precautions, rest, relax and let those embies get cozy.

Lisa-so glad to hear you could change your ET…don’t you just love this site ☺

AFM- Still doing lupron injections…which is causing some terrible cramping. Im still having breakthrough bleeding since I missed a BCP last week. Arrrghhhhh…this is so not fun. Im making my DH do the injections since I took care of him last year when he was in and out of hospitals for 7 month and had 7 surgeries b/c he had gang green…so he owes me some nurse duties ☺ As for “sperm on a plane”…I went to the airport and met with TSA…and they told me I had to speak to the Supervisor of the Department of Homeland Security in Denver. Spoke with him today, and he needs more info about the container and dr’s letters…he also informed me that I will have to deal with European security once I get there. I swear…the hoops we have to jump through just to bring a life into this world….and don’t get me started on how many students I have that are Fetal Alcohol Syndrom babies, meth babies, used for additional welfare checks, etc.

Sticky/baby/follie dust to all and my prayers are for each and every one of you!
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Post by katie99 » Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:44 pm

Hiya girlies -

lady j -thanks! You know its too early to POAS, sorry but you have to wait a bit more for your BFP! I thought that the story of your DD's birth was beautiful! You & DH are blessed to have each other & her. PMA!

bei -I hate moving, its soo stressful! at least you will be done before your FET. a triple stripe refers to having 3 layers of lining, its exactly what you want. GL on fri!

johannanita -thanks! congrats! you POAS addict! You should compete with michele, I've heard that she is the POAS queen!

michele -how are you doing? Can you wait? or are you bouncing off the walls already?

stats - Your DH is completely right, I hope that your clinic is more efficient this time! Good luck wed with u/s!

turtle -I was blindsided the first cancellation in june! I never saw it coming! In aug for the 2nd cancellation I kind of expected it. Both were because of having 1 dominant follie, and once that happens the others can never catch up. So it was kind of RE to cancel me instead of going to ER with just 1, being out of pocket its kind of hard to want to go with such low odds. He also pushed for me to do the back to back cycles, since he insists it will help. He said that even though they didnt grow the tiny follies still get a dose of the meds from the last cycle, and that it will help this cycle, Boy do I hope that he's right! He has had me on BCP every time because he says they also help to suppress endo, I dont know what stage I am, but at ER in jan he sucked out endometriomas from both ovaries as well as eggs. Gross, I know. BTW, either cycle, antagonist or micro dose lupron can be done with or without bcp. Let us know what your RE says. GL to you!

Whew, I feel like I wrote a book! - hugs & pma!!
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Post by Johannanita » Mon Sep 14, 2009 11:02 pm

katie99 and kala0704 - I know I know, I went a little bit crazy. I'm out of the race now, I swear. I haven't POAS since this morning. LMAO!!!

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Post by J&C » Mon Sep 14, 2009 11:31 pm

Hey everyone - I'm having horrible headaches today (I'm assuming from the Lupron), and I never get headaches ever. :( I think I'm going to take some Tylenol, which I assume is okay to take since you can even take it when you're pregnant. I'll call RE tomorrow to double check. I was hoping to get so much done today, but with the headache, it just didn't happen and that's okay.

prayin4bfp - Wow - you are definitely under a lot of stress. Dealing with a sick parent is so hard, and when siblings are not helping, it makes it that much worse. Ick. Don't be afraid to take charge to take care of yourself. You're a trooper for taking everything on. :D

katie - Hey girl - my stimming twin. So glad we'll be on the same schedule. :lol:

johannanita - Congratulations!!! ROTFL about all of the different HPT. :lol: :lol: :lol: I totally understand about seeing your first positive test. I didn't believe it either. Enjoy the moment. :D

2010 - We did ICSI on our first cycle, which worked. RE gave DH's sperm a B+ grade (whatever that means). They'll do ICSI again this cycle. I think it's fairly common.

kristy - SOOOOO glad everything is going well and in the right direction. Congrats!! :D

wolffie - Just wanted to say that I'm thinking about you in the 2ww. :D

kala - Wow - what a bunch of hooey from the TSA. I hate it when someone won't take responsibility. So sorry you're having to go through extra hoops. And I'm praying now that you won't have any problems when you fly out. When do you leave again?

PMA to all!!
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Post by wolffie » Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:44 am

Johannanita - :lol: LMAO!!! You are too funny with all the HPTs! I know I will be doing the same thing though. Did you take pics of your positive HPTs? It may sound strange but I took pics of mine during my last cycle. It was such a monumental moment. I know your beta is still a few days a way but, SO happy for you! i know you're cautious, a positive HPT is at least a step in the right direction!

2010 - my RE always does ICSI with every cycle with all his patients. Why does your doc want to split the eggs? If he is gonna do have with ICSI, why not do them all? It would just help your odds.

kristy - I hope you hang on this board with us for awhile. this may be a silly question, but with PGD do you know what the genders of the embies are?

statsgoddes - how ya doing and feeling?

akowens - have you heard anything yet about your E2?

kiwi - it's never too late. My dh didn't take the pills for the full 3 months. I think it was only a month and their was improvement in that short time.

kala - oh wow, how annoying with the TSA! What a hassle, that's the last thing you need.

J&C - so sorry about your headaches.

praying4bfp - so sorry to hear all that is going on with you. ((hugs)) big big hugs.

shelby - how are your ovaries holding up? 3 more days, right?!

Sorry for missing out on lots of personals today. I am feeling miserable. I have a terribly sore throat and almost no voice. I just seemed to get super sick overnight. Of course now I am petrified that my body is going to work so hard at fighting an infection that it won't work to grow my little embies. :(

Thinking of all of you!

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Post by shelbyrn0214 » Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:35 am

OMG! I feel like I could explode! My pants don't fit and even the smallest gas bubble is so painful!!! :evil: I go back in the morning and I hope that he says to trigger tomorrow night! Ok, got that off my chest! :D
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Post by wolffie » Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:38 am

awwww sorry. on the bright side you will soon have relief and then about 9 months from now you will be typing the exact same message b/c you will be SOOOOOO ready to meet your baby(ies)! hang in there.

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Post by Johannanita » Tue Sep 15, 2009 3:20 am

katie99, J&C -Sorry I forgot to thank you for the congrats. It's still not real to me.

wolffie - I did take a picutre of my digital test!! That's so funny. So I'm not so crazy. lol Wolffie, I'm petrafied. I'm mad at myself for POAS but so happy I did. I still don't believe it and I am so aware that something could happen. I'll be glad when I get my first beta and my second beta and even my 3rd. I know I won't feel better until I hear a heart rate and even then I'll still be scared. I am trying to enjopy this as much as I can since this is as pregnant as I've ever been, but I'm still not "happy" yet. I know I can't celebrate yet.
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Post by Karling » Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:58 am

I have 2 questions.

Lupron - has it turned anyone else into an insomniac? I have always been a great sleeper and now I haven't had a good nights sleep in 2 weeks. I am going crazy. I feel like a zombie during the day but just stare a the celing at night.

2nd question. Have you guys done your shots when you were away from home? Can you fil the syrynge a couple hours early and take it with in an eyeglass case or something or do you need to take everything with. If you have to take everything do you keep it cold? Is this more trouble then it is worth?

I did my last BCP saturday, my baseline stick and stir is Thursday. Stims will start I think next Monday.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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Post by teachermom » Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:11 pm

Hi everyone,

Claud, Kala thanks for everyone's well wishes. It's hard not to keep PMA around here! So glad I found this group :D

Prayin- sorry to hear about your mom and situation. Try to stay relaxed. It's such an important part of what you are doing.

Deftonesmo- Can't wait to hear if it's multiples! :lol:

Shelby- I'm so worried about the next cycle not doing much of anything again, but you give me hope!

Johannanita- Thanks for the info. I will definitely ask my RE when I see him. I've never been on Lupron and Follitism. Perhaps if next cycle without BCP's doesn't work we can try that protocol. I'm praying for your BFP. You are hysterical with your POAS obsession! They are gonna ban you from buying HPT soon!!! :lol:

Turtle- I'm on Long Island. It's gotten so expensive to live here and with the job situation.... I wish we could leave, but our insurance is also amazing and this is where the family is. If we left, we'd be on our own. :( Kind of stuck! My RE is doing my next cycle without BCP's too. Hopefully it will do the trick. It seemed to have worked for SHelby :)

Good luck to everyone. WIshing lots of PMA, and baby sticky dust to all!!!!

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low quality embryos

Post by alizee » Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:15 pm

Hi , I am new to this forum.

Last Thursday (09/10), 3 of our frozen embryos were transfered. I am now waiting... Our doctor wasn't sure if the embryos would survive or not (low quality embryos).

Anyone have a successful pregnancy story after transfering low quality embryos?

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Post by cheryl010120 » Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:31 pm

Hi Shelby - I hope your retrieval goes well and they gather tons of little follies. I can't wait to see you post your BFP!
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Post by akowens » Tue Sep 15, 2009 2:14 pm

well eveyone,

my E2 was 128 and my scan only showed 6 follies on each side. i'm not complaining, but it seems, for my age, i'm having a slow response. the dr is not upping my dose. i'm sticking with 225 bravelle and 75 menopur. they expect our ER will be next monday, the 21st. with a 3 day transfer on wednesday. i'm so excited, but hoping that my E2 jumps and we get some more follicles that mature quickly. also, my lining was only 6.5, but that will hopefully plump up to.. thanks for all the support.

it's so nice to read all this positive're all keeping me more calm than i thought i'd be. thanks again.


ps i'll do personals later...just got off work, going to bed (i do night shift)
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not hopeful :(

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Starting IVF #1 on Sept 18!

Post by karenthescorpio » Tue Sep 15, 2009 2:29 pm

Hello to all. We are starting our first IVF cycle on Sept 18th. We are really excited and feel very positive about our chances. Long story short, we have to do IVF b/c my DH has low sperm/poor motility. Ironically, I was always worried as I aged (I'll be 39 in Nov) that I would miss the fertility window. All of my tests showed I'm fertile with good ovarian reserve. The only big question is quality...for which there really is no test but mother nature herself producing a BFP! Anyone starting a cycle Sept/Oct? I'm looking for a few buddies. I have done all the prep reading, etc...but nothing helps like talking with women going through the same thing!
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Post by stlgirl » Tue Sep 15, 2009 2:53 pm

Wow - I spend all my time reading to catch up and seem to always miss the window to post!

karenthescorpio - Welcome! You have come to the right place! You will have lots of Sept/Oct cycling friends...may even find someone who has an ET on the same day!

CT_Michele - Good luck today! Your embies have made the long journey back where they belong!!

Johannanita - Could not be happier for you! Congrats!! Fingers and toes crossed for a strong beta. For someone who is 5dp5dt, do you have any suggestions for which HPTs worked the best? Seems like you tried them all!

LadyJ + wolffie - how are you holding up in the 2ww? Do you feel any different? I have low abdominal cramping on and off throughout the day, chest is really sore, and I am a little tired. It all seems pretty generic and could be explained away by the progesterone shots...but it sure doesn't stop me from searching all over different forums, blogs, med pages to find out if these are positive signs. I just hate the feelings of doubt that creep into my head late at night!!

shelbyrn0214 - So are you on for the trigger tonight?? It sounds like you are ready to pop :)
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