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Post by shelbyrn0214 » Tue Oct 06, 2009 2:48 am


2010 - Initial consultation in London 9/22 for IVF in Oct.
CJsmom - IVF class 9/16. Possible AF 9/26
Claud662 - Cycle cancelled :cry: . Will start again soon
Dearvijai - starting cycle mid Oct.
JenNJ - Keeping our fingers crossed
Marya - starting again soon!
Neffi211 - Cycle cancelled d/t no fertilization. Starting again in Oct. AF arrived!
Sharishu - patience my friend - Oct. will be here soon!!! Please hang around with us!
Shoebox4 - ER 9/11. SEVERE case of OHSS :( . Embies frozen and will do FET in 2-3 months.
Supergenius - Saline sono and mock ET wk of 9/14
Tonyacheek24 - FET 10/7. Beta #1 - 10/22
Turtle0619 - Cycle cancelled d/t understimulation :cry:. Starting again soon
Washingtonda - RE consult 10/13



Firesauce - Lupron 8/10 (miss you :( )
jenn913 - Lupron 9/24
Kimjos2000 - Lupron on 9/14
Lisa10 - BCP on 9/1. FET 10/17. Lupron 9/17. AF here! Beta#1-10/30
M2b1106 - Lupron 9/20
Syanna – Lupron 9/23


Iamhopeful - Stims 10/2
Jaydentd - Lupron 9/17. Stims 9/28
Kala0704 - Lupron 9/12. Stims on 9/26. ER 10/8
Karenthescorpio - Stims on 9/24
Rose1075 - on BCP. Lupron 8/24. Stims 9/8
Teachermom - Stims 10/4. SNS 10/7
Dnbbruce - ER 10/8.


J&C - ER 10/2. ET 10/7. Beta 10/16
Karling - ER 10/2. ET 10/?. Beta 10/?
Prayin4BFP - ER 10/5. ET 10/10. Beta 10/26
Ruthiej74 - ER 10/5. ET 10/?. Beta 10/?


akowens - PUPO! ET . Beta #1-10/6
Alizee - PUPO! FET 9/10. Beta #1-9/24? (hope you're out celebrating good news!)
Boenbaby - PUPO! ET 10/3. Beta #1-10/?
Cricket - PUPO! ET 9/30. Beta #1-10/13
Destiny - PUPO! FET 9/26. Beta #1-10/9
Jennymag28 - PUPO! ET 10/2. Beta 10/12.
Katie99 - PUPO! ET 10/1. Beta #1-10/16
Michaelajt73 - PUPO! ET 9/26. Beta #1-10/7 (+HPT!)
Miyaya - PUPO! ET 9/30. Beta #1-10/12
MLB - PUPO! Beta #1- 10/5 (+HPT!)
Rayofsunshine - PUPO! Converted to IUI cycle on 9/28. Beta 10/12
Sancap14 - PUPO! ER 9/27. ET 10/2. Beta 10/12
Sangria - PUPO! ET 9/26. Beta #1-10/?


Cheekyone - BFN :cry:
Dtao - BFP :D Betas-21 & 53!!
fitzjr11 - BFP :shock: :shock: :shock: Triplets! Beta#1- 168!
Kristyb - BFP :D Betas-242 & 496
Mjay - BFP :shock: :shock: TWINS!Betas-1070 & 1800
Cheryl010120 - BFP :D Betas-313 & 640
Deftonesmo - BFP :D Beta #1-284
Johannanita - BFP :D Betas 341 & 1497. U/S 10/2
Wolffie - BFP :D Betas 127, 397, & 1090
Lady J - BFN :cry:
Malya324 - BFP :D Betas 114, 243, & 505, & 1521
Moorebaby - BFP :D Beta #1-116
Marya - BFN :cry:
Stlgirl - BFN :cry:
Kiwi - BFP :D Betas-125 & 619
Rali - BFP :D Beta #1-70. Beta #2 10/5
Shelbyrn0214 - BFP :D Betas - 244 & 592. Beta #3-10/12
Bei - BFN :cry:
CT_Michele - Holding out til 10/7
Statsgoddess - BFP :D Beta #1-567

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me- 31 with no known issues
DH - 38 vasectomy 12 yrs
IVF#1 - 4/20/2009 - BFN
FET 5/20/2009 m/c due to blighted ovum
IVF#2 - 9/23/09. Betas-244, 592, & 3753


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Post by jaydentd » Tue Oct 06, 2009 4:16 am

Hey girls, I was gone for 2 days and there is a lot of catching up...I hope everyone is doing good. Sancap and Katie thanks for cheering for my follies. :D I have 12 today, and they increased the dose and I go back tomorrow. The doctor estimated the retrieval for the weekend and I can't wait, I feel so bloated. Now I'm going back to read.
ME 28 Thyroid disease
DH 25 low low low count
IVF#1 OCT 2009-ICSI--->BFP MC 6w
IVF#2 JAN 2010

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Post by michaelajt73 » Tue Oct 06, 2009 4:58 am

Wow thanx for the awesome summary Shelby :D congrats on ur beta!!!
Have not been able to log on for a couple of days???? why
Way to many personals so......
For all those with BFN I feel for you and pray the right numbers are yours soon
For all those waiting for ER... heres to lots of big fat follicles and thick linings
For those waiting for ET... hope those embies are grade A and snuggle snuggle snuggle
For those on the 2ww.. I feel ya... hope the crazies stay at bay and the BFPs keep coming!
AFM... Have my beta tomorrow... POAS still + ( darker & faster)
peeing like crazy and constantly hear my pillow calling my name... hope this means all is well but cant stop that nagging anxiety

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Post by teachermom » Tue Oct 06, 2009 12:22 pm

stats CONGRATS to you!!! What an awesome beta!!! :)

Michele You are in my thoughts and prayers.

turtle I'm sorry you aren't starting yet. I stim reeeeaaaalllly slowly, so I'm sure you'll catch up in no time and we'll get our BFP's together! I don't think anyone here is going anywhere. It's too awesome a group! :)

shelby thanks so much for taking care of everyone's progress! It's so nice to see where everyone is.

AFM- stimming away. B/w and u/s tomorrow morning to make sure my little follies are growing growing growing. More later...................

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Post by Sangria » Tue Oct 06, 2009 12:34 pm

HPT = negative.
Beta tomorrow.
Enough said.

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Post by syanna » Tue Oct 06, 2009 1:16 pm

Turtle - I do go to the FCNE in reading. They seem to be good. But sometimes I just feel that im in the dark...they're not really telling me whats going on except on what shots to take. Maybe when I get to the next stage...

Shelbyrn - ahahah...try to remember you previous dreams... did it had anything to do with jewelry? A few years ago, I dreamt about all these jewelries..rings, bracelets, was put on me or given to me, but I didnt want it, so I gave it all back! (should have taken it then, probably would of had many kids by now!) But this time, I took them 2 gold necklace..shoot...aint giving those away hehehe.

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Post by shelbyrn0214 » Tue Oct 06, 2009 1:44 pm

Sangria - Please don't give up, Hon. The nurse @ my clinic says she has gotten + betas with women having a -HPT @ home the same morning. I know it may be hard, but please keep the PMA!

Syanna - I don't reckon I've dreamed of jewelry. If I have I don't remember. I'll go to bed thinking of a long of bling-bling this evening though!!!

Teachermom - Grow follies grow!!!
me- 31 with no known issues
DH - 38 vasectomy 12 yrs
IVF#1 - 4/20/2009 - BFN
FET 5/20/2009 m/c due to blighted ovum
IVF#2 - 9/23/09. Betas-244, 592, & 3753

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Post by sancap14 » Tue Oct 06, 2009 2:40 pm

Sangria- Hopes and prayers for your beta tomorrow to be as high as the sky! Don't give up just yet my friend, crazier things have happened.

michaelajt73 good to hear your line is staying strong! Must be very exciting!!!

statsgoddess- INSANE beta number!!!! Congrats mama to multiples!!

BoenBaby- Welcome! I am 4dp5dt (wow, I'm finally getting the hang of this) and had 2 A+ embies transferred and trying to wait patiently for my beta Oct. 12th. Awesome that you have a snowbaby too! My RE hasn't called me back yet to let us know how many they could freeze, I'm pretty sure they got one and they were hoping to get another within the coming days. Are you going to POAS or do you think you can hold out? I'm trying to hold out until at least Sat. or Sunday, I just don't want to see another negative...eeeek. When is your beta scheduled for?

kiwi- AWESOME beta numbers :D :D I'll bet on multiples too!!
1st IVF
ER: Sept. 27th
ET: Oct. 2nd
1st beta: Oct. 12th BFP! beta 292
2nd beta: Oct.14th 633!
3rd beta: Oct.20 5216!

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Post by sancap14 » Tue Oct 06, 2009 2:47 pm

katie99- Where are ya today crazy girl? How are you feeling? Pretty much all day yesterday I had little pinching feelings and then some cramping last night but who knows what it all could be?? You know what though?? I think I actually miss bed rest lol. I went home last night from work, made dinner, cleaned up, then got into bed and started reading again, it was actually very nice:) I even dozed off for a few minutes (with Remy next to me of course) lol. Hope your embies are implanting nicely![/b]

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Post by katie99 » Tue Oct 06, 2009 2:56 pm

Hi girls -

I hope that you all are having a good day so far! I dont have anything new going on, just trying to survive the 2ww or shoot myself, whichever comes first! :lol:

shelby -sending you more doubling dust!

stats -CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! x2? :D :D or 3? :D :D :D

sancap -I'm wondering if your P4 (progesterone levels) were high? is that why you're only on 1 supp per day? I thought the "rule" was 3 supp per day or 1 supp + shot? Anyway, how are you feeling, hon?

franny -You are a part of this thread, hon. Please dont feel funny!
You just had a delay is all! I hope you stay with us!

karen -GL with your ER tom!!

kiwi -YIIPPPEEEE!!! I dont know how many smileys to put - but totally more than 1!! :D :D :D

teachermom / jaydntd -Keep growing those follies, ladies! best luck for your u/s too!!

sangria / michele -Please dont give up hope yet! i have faith for the both of you!! hugs & prayers too!

you are all in my thoughts!! xoxo
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Post by katie99 » Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:02 pm

sancap -We were typing at the same time! I feel pretty good, that pulling, crampy thing has stopped, though. So of course now I kind of wish it would start up again! Yes, its true, I've lost it!! I hear ya, girl. Back to life as usual, except it seems that my mind has been hijacked by "did it work this time?" "or Good Lord, i dont want to have to go through this again!" I go back & forth - ALL DAY! Now I get why people wish you patience dust during this 2ww! feels like mine flew out the window! xoxo
DOR/ hydro tubes removed
IVF #7 -FET with donor embies 2/10 -BFP!
DS born 11/10
Trying for a sibling
4 FETs with donor embies - all BFN
FET with donor embies - one last try.. Feb 2013 - BFP!

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Post by sancap14 » Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:23 pm

katie99 My thoughts exactly! Back and forth, back and forth, ALL DAY!

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Post by turtle0619 » Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:31 pm

stats holy cow mama!!!! amazing!! :D :D :D :D :D
i cant wait to see what the next beta's will be!!! i love mammoth cave! me and DH went there a few years ago. its so beautiful and crazy how big it is! there is a 4 part special on PBS right now all about the history of the national parks, and it makes me want to make it to every one of them!

syanna who's your doctor? thats so cool we go to the same place! i havent made it down to the reading office yet...but thats where i will go for the ER/ET. during my first cycle at first they would just call with my new instructions, and at first i was ok with it, but then after reading these boards i got more curious as to what was happening so from then on when the nurses would call i asked alot of questions and they were very nice at answering things for me. when i had to cancel that cycle i went back to see my re (dr. vitiello who is AWESOME) and i told her that i kinda felt in the dark about what was going on. she was very understanding and told me never to feel strange to ask questions and if i wanted i could call and talk right to her for my next cycle. she said they try to keep things simple by just giving the next step so that people dont stress about every single number. i totally understand that....they are the doctors...i believe they are doing everything they can to allow us to be successful without the stress. but sometimes NOT knowing is just as stressful. my advice to you is if you ever have any questions or want to know more info call your dr.'s care team and ask. i called so many times last cycle i'm sure they were all sick of me, but i dont care....thats what i'm paying for! i also call dr. vitiello's office here in NH all the time because i know i can get my dr. on the phone right away that way. i am routing for you!!!!! :D

akowens i am on pins and needles!!!!

katie, shelby and teachermom thank you all for not giving up on me...there is a new thread for NOV/DEC and i was considering going there because i felt out of place here, but i just cant leave you beautiful ladies. all of your support means the WORLD to me!! :D
~ Franny
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6TH IVF Sept 2010- BFN
moving on to donor embies
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FET Jun 2012- Here we go again!

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Post by karenthescorpio » Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:58 pm

Hey ladies. You guys won't believe the last 16 hours. So after my nurse calls wtih the good news of moving forward to ER on Wed, my doctor calls me an hour later and says he wants to retrieve but freeze any embies that develop b/c my progesterone is high at 1.9. So, I"m like...ummm....ok. Whatever you think. Apparently, the uterine lining can develop toooo much and make implantation difficult (they rely on progesterone ready for this as well as visual). I'm like...ummmm...ok, I thought thick and fluffy was good, but ok. So we hang up and like 30 minutes later he calls back and says, you know, the more I think about it and review the pics of your ovaries I think we need to cancel. The size of each follicle looks good but their shape is worrying me. I'm like, ok, this is weird. Are you even paying attention to me when I'm there. Then I remember he has been OUT for a week and I've been rotated between 4 different doctors in the practice when I have my ultrasounds this past week (my doctor had arm surgery). He asked me to still do the trigger so that I ovulate and wants me to come in for one last ultrasound/bloodwork before he cancels me for sure. So I get there this AM and he's like, wow...things look great. And I'm like, in reference to what????? :?: And he says, your ovaries look great...size and shape. :shock: I take back what I said last night about your follicles. And your lining looks great too even though your progesterone is high. I'm literally speechless....half happy...half pissed b/c I feel like this is bordering on schizo behavior. So I'm getting a bit concerned with all this back and forth...I'm either ready or I'm not. You do this enough to know. I can't take this back and forth. I feel unsettled about what is really going on with my body and unsure you guys know what you are doing. So he says...things look great. I want to wait for your blood work and I'll call you later today. But right now, I am inclined to move forward. So here I sit...waiting for a call. Unfricking believable. I'm so confused...and don't want to get my hopes up again. Has anyone ever had this happen? :?
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Post by miyaya » Tue Oct 06, 2009 4:10 pm

turtle~ i notice you are in NH. What clinic are you with? I am in Maine and thinking of changing for teh next cycle if needed.

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