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Hi ladies

Post by tonyacheek24 » Wed Oct 21, 2009 3:34 pm

Hey Ladies- How is everyone doing? I'm sorry haven't been on the board lately, I been spending alot of time praying on my knees:) I go in for my Pregnacy test in the morning. I must say I'm really feeling good. My stomach is so noticeable so soon and I had the same implantation spotting that I had when I was pregnat with faith. I'm not sure if you remember an old post and I was scared because I didn't spot this time. About a week later, I ended up spotting.

As crazy as this may sound, I think I have been feeling flutters. I think I can recongnize it because when I preg with my first daugther. They say can't feel the baby move this early because they are so small but I sure feel something and it's not gas however I must admit I been having ALOT of GAS lately, I know that's TMI. :) I also had a spritual confirmation from god that his will we be done. I'll have to tell you about that experience later because it's so long. Well you ladies are in my prayers and I'm praying for everyone as always. I'm am truly excited tomorrow and can't wait for the lord to give me his final approval- Faith without works is dead, so I'm claiming that I will be walking in my victory tomorrow. I will keep you posted.



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Post by mharrell » Wed Oct 21, 2009 4:51 pm

Hi everyone!

I got my Beta yesterday...14dp5dt (ET), or 19dp ER...1148. I know that means I'm pregnant, but does this indicate twins? I asked my RE's nurse and she doesn't want to guess at it. She says she's been burned in the past. I just want an honest answer. I know no one can predict the future, but does anyone have any ideas on what this number means? My RE does not do a second beta if the numbers are this high, so I have no way of knowing if they are doubling!

Karling - I saw you had a similar question, but I couldn't find where your actual beta number was. Have you had your ultrasound yet?

I don't get my ultrasound scan for another 3 weeks! Ugghhh!

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Utrasound #1 - 11/11

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Post by mharrell » Wed Oct 21, 2009 5:04 pm

shelbyrn0214 - I see your you recall how far along you were with each number? If you did IVF, how many days past transfer were you?

For those of you who are in the dreaded 2ww I can tell you this...with my first child I was so shocked I didn't think I had any symptoms. But since I've been praying and anticipating a BFP I've really been charting symptoms to hopefully share with you guys in the event I did get a BFP.

Sooooo...I can tell you this (and keep in mind this is my second baby), but I started having a bloating feeling about 2 days after ET...never really stopped (although I thought it might be from the progesterone). Also, all last week (about a week or so after ET) I started to have to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night (something I haven't done since baby #1). I've been very gassy and pretty moody. I will say I did NOT have implantation bleeding (although I didn't have that with my son either). My urine has gotten darker even though I have not been drinking anything with caffiene.

Hope that helps someone!


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Post by bei » Wed Oct 21, 2009 5:56 pm

hi evrybody

I ask my current RE about IUI and he say this is the option but i have to use donor sperm for that becoz my dh sperm is not mature so that is out of the question for me now becoz i wanna use my dh sperm ,so Now i m back to the IVF again I hope this time its works

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Post by kala0704 » Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:08 pm

bei-good luck on the next cycle! It could deffinately work. The RE only got like 12 swimmers from my DH with TESA. Im praying for you!

Mharrell-woo hoo that is awesome!!! What a BBB! Your beta sounds pretty normal if you are that far past ovulation. But check out these site some of the ladies suggested earlier. or ... html‏ Im so excited for you! Would you like to have twins?

AFM-Im going crazy! I didnt sleep all night last night. I cant wait for my beta. For some reason I have it in my head that I can have a + HPT and still get a 0 beta. Can that happen? I want to curl up and hide in a hole until tomorrow.
Also, my students are all sick. I wont let them come near me and I santize the room constantly. We had 171 students out on MOnday and we only have 338 total. Crazy, huh?!?!
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Post by claud662 » Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:14 pm

Hey Ladies,

once again I have been following the posts the last month but personals are too hard since there are so many people! I just wanted to quickly update you that after my cancelled IVF, I somehow ovulated on my own with good lining and good E2 numbers and I had an IUI on Sunday! I go on tomorrow morning to check my progesterone level...fingers crossed for some kind of miriacle after a crazy IVF ride...

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Post by lisa10 » Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:22 pm

mharrell There is a chart listed somewhere on this board with beta variations. You may want to go into the search area and do a search for it.

AFM...Waiting!!! Waiting!!! Waiting!!! Waiting for another 9 days. This is BS! Last time my beta was at 10dpt5dt. This time I have to wait 13 days. Why???
Also, I seem to have a yeast infection to top it all off. I ge them everytime I take an antibiodic and I had to take one for ET. Again, why? However according to the RE, untill I do my beta (in 9 DAYS!) and we know whether or not I am PG, I can't do anything to treat it. I am supposed to air "it" out as much as possible. Easy to do at waork all day right? You can tell RE is a man because if he ever had a yeast infection he would not be saying to wait 9 days and air "it" out!
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Post by mharrell » Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:45 pm

Thanks for the website...awesome! Although, I'm still going to have to just wait and see. I think twins would be fun (I'll take whatever the good Lord gives me!), but they'd be a challenge that's for sure!

My beta was 1148 on 19dpt, which the median for a singleton is 599 and 1170 for a twin pregnancy. Although I'm closer to the twin median, I'm still well between both the singleton and twin pregnancy ranges.

I think God is having me learn to be patient all over again. :wink: Here is a quote I got via email today. I think it really reveals a lot to me about where God wants me and why...

'To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.' When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. Concentrate on this sentence... 'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'

Good luck ladies...

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Post by sancap14 » Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:27 pm

lisa10- haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha Air it out!!! LOL. really? That is hilarious! I am sorry for the infection (I too seem to have some sort of uncomfortable itching down there...errgh. It may be from the progesterone supps though) I can't believe you still have 9 days. Patience dust to you and of course I'm prayin for a BBB for you soon!

claud662 Yay you are PUPO! Congrats on you IUI, this one could be it!!!

kala- Relax hon, that is not going to happen. You will get a BBB soon enough, for now just try to enjoy being PUPO. You are well on your way to a BFP very soon! PMA! Oh and please stay healthy! GL

bei- Good job staying strong through all of this. It's going to work this time...PMA :D

mharrell- Congrrats on your BBB!!!!! :D :D That really stinks that your clinic does not take additional readings. I saw someone on here with a beta #1 of 70 just recently and she ended up with twins! I wish there was a more specific way to tell besides having to wait weeks for the u/s. The wait is killing me too! Yesterday was my 3rd beta and I was 18dp5dt or 20 dpo and my beta was 5216. I think shelby's was about the same dpt and hers was in the 3000's and she def has twins. I also know someone on the June mommies board that is getting an u/s early just to see how many beans she has in there's an option! GL in whatever you decide.

tonyacheek24-GL tomorrow morning!! I'll be checking and waiting for the official confirmation! BFP BFP BFP!

syanna You are sooo freakin funny! LOL I have no idea how it works with a 3dt but I think that would mean you are 2 days behind a 5dt so you would be 5dp5dt if you had a 5dt and that's kinda early to POAS but other have done it earlier. I ditto exactly what shelby said, if you "have" to, prepare yourself for the worst and know that it is waaaaaay early so you don't get all depressed and such! GL babe!

AFM- I have had a massive headache since yesterday afternoon that I can't seem to shake and I'm exhausted about every other day...not complaining at all! DH has been soo cute though. When we get done with dinner he's like "babe why don't you go in the bedroom and lay down...I'll set up a movie for you and you can relax" lol I love it!

GL to everyone on 2ww and waiting for u/s's. Heart you all!
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Post by EYCI » Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:56 pm

Ladies -

Here is a great website with beta information.

Good luck to all of you!

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Post by shelbyrn0214 » Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:59 pm

Mharrell – I was 9dp5dt with my first beta of 244.Congratulations!!!! You’re pregnant!

Claud – Good Luck! You’re PUPO!

Lisa – So sorry about the YI! I get those too and they are awful! I hope you feel better soon!

Kala – If you got a +HPT then you are pregnant. No zeros here!

Gotta go to work. Take care!
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Post by shelbyrn0214 » Wed Oct 21, 2009 8:01 pm


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Miyaya - Waiting til January so the move will be over. GL!
Sharishu - patience my friend - Oct. will be here soon!!! Please hang around with us!
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Neffi211 - Lupron 10/12


Rose1075 - Lupron 8/24. Stims 9/8 (MIA)


Jlp1022 - ER 10/15. ET 10/?. Beta 10/?


akowens - PUPO! ET . Beta #1-10/6 (hope you're out celebrating good news!)
Alizee - PUPO! FET 9/10. Beta #1-9/24? (hope you're out celebrating good news!)
Bjones22 - ER 10/15. ET 10/20. Beta 10/29
Boenbaby - PUPO! ET 10/3. Beta #1-10/?
Claud662 - PUPO! IUI 10/18. Beta#1-10/?
Cricket - PUPO! ET 9/30. Beta #1-10/11
Dnbbruce - PUPO! ER 10/8. ET 10/11. Beta 10/22
Iamhopeful - PUPO! ET 10/16. Beta 10/28
Jaydentd - PUPO! ET 10/12. Beta 10/24 (+HPT!)
Jennymag28 - PUPO! ET 10/2. Beta 10/12
Kala0704 - PUPO! ET 10/11. Beta 10/22 (+HPT!)
Kimjos2000 - PUPO! ER 10/13. ET 10/18. Beta 10/?
Lisa10 - PUPO! FET 10/17. Beta 10/30
MLB - PUPO! Beta #1- 10/5 (+HPT!)
Ruthiej74 - PUPO! ET 10/10. Beta 10/19
Syanna – PUPO! ET 10/14. Beta 10/26
Teachermom - PUPO! IUI 10/12. Beta 10/?
Tonyacheek24 - PUPO! FET 10/7. Beta #1 - 10/22


Cheekyone - BFN :cry:
Dtao - BFP :D Betas-21 & 53!!
fitzjr11 - BFP :shock: :shock: :shock: Triplets! Beta#1- 168!
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Cheryl010120 - BFP :D Betas-313 & 640
Deftonesmo - BFP :D Beta #1-284
Johannanita - BFP :D Betas 341 & 1497. U/S 10/2
Wolffie - BFP :D Betas 127, 397, & 1090
Lady J - BFN :cry:
Malya324 - BFP :D Betas 114, 243, & 505, & 1521
Moorebaby - BFP :D Beta #1-116
Marya - BFN :cry:
Stlgirl - BFN :cry:
Kiwi - BFP :D Betas-125, 619, & 1,375
Rali - BFP :shock: :shock: TWINS! Beta #1-70. Beta #2 10/5
Shelbyrn0214 - BFP :shock: :shock: TWINS! Betas - 244, 592, & 3753.
Bei - BFN :cry:
CT_Michele - BFP :D Betas 5, 13, & 32. 15 :cry:
Statsgoddess - BFP :D Betas 567, 1302, & 3016. u/s 10/23
Michaelajt73 - BFP :D Beta -204 & 4187 next beta - 10/21. u/s 10/23
Sangria - BFN :cry:
Destiny - BFN :cry:
Mrsreynolds - BFP :D Beta-29. Beta #2- 10/12
Rayofsunshine - BFN :cry:
Sancap14 - BFP :D Beta-292
Miyaya - BFN :(
Melanie_100 - BFP :D Beta - 220
Katie - BFN :cry:
J&C - BFN :cry:
Mili27 - BFP :D Beta-9. Beta recheck 10/16
Prayin - BFN :cry:
Karling - BFP :D Beta 628
Mharrell - BFP :D Beta-1148

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Post by michaelajt73 » Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:13 pm

Hi guys.... just a flying visit

beta no. 3 25 days post transfer.... 29575

woohoo :D

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Post by bjones22 » Wed Oct 21, 2009 10:14 pm

I have been reading the posts for my entire cycle, but have only just now registered. I am in the awful 2ww as I had my ER on 15 October. They retrieved 11 eggs, but only 7 of the 11 were mature. 6 of the 7 fertilized, but when I went in for my ET yesterday (20 Oct), we were told that only the 2 that were transferred were blastocysts. 1 was a 5BA and the other was a 3BC. We have none left to freeze, so I am trying to remain positive. My Beta is scheduled for 29 October, so I have taken off work until after that to reduce the amount of stress that I will be exposed to.

I have 11 year old twin boys, so they seem to think we have a pretty good shot at this. I was told during the ET that my chances with the 2 are about 40%. 25% with the 5BA and 15% with the 3BC.

Just trying to survive the anticipation.....

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Post by Johannanita » Wed Oct 21, 2009 10:46 pm

Hello Ladies,
I have been so MIA. I've been so tired that I just haven't been getting on the computer. Things have been going well so far. My main issues is SUPER constipation. I don't even want to get into it. I had to call the RE's office 2x this week because I was at my wits end. I've been taking metamucil (YUCK) and even broke down and brought some prune juice. After trying several suggestions things seem to be finally moving. This is so horrible. I don't know if I would prefer morning sickness over this. I just hope it means my body is also producing progesterone. I can't imagine this getting any worse. I swear I will be diligent about my colase!

Sorry about the little personals, but I've missed so much!

Shelby - Congrats on the twins! That is wonderful!!!

Kala - Welcome home! Congrats on that HTP. Is that not the best feeling in the world. When I read my first digital (cuz you know I took more than 1) I had to literally rub my eyes because I just couldn't believe it. I was jumping up and down!!

Jayden - Congrats on your BFP!

To all the other BFPs I missed, congrats. I'm sorry about the BFN. (((HUGS))) to you all. Good luck and PMA to all the ladies in the 2ww.

I go in on Friday for my first OB. I'm pretty excited. I've read that we should be able to hear the heart beat now. I hope so.
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