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Post by shelbyrn0214 » Tue Sep 01, 2009 12:48 pm


JenNJ - Keeping our fingers crossed
Lisa10 - RE consult on 8/31 for FET
Rayofsunshine - BCPs on 9/4. Baseline on 9/3
Ruthiej74 - RE appt. on 8/31
Sharishu - patience my friend - October will be here soon!!! Please hang around with us!


Claud662 - Lupron on 9/5. Stims on 9/11
Kala0704 - on BCP. Lupron 9/12
Karling - on BCP
Katie99 - on BCP til 9/10. Stims on 9/17. ER & ET week of 9/28
Kiwi - on BCP. Stims on 9/6
Jaydentd - on BCP. will be on Lupron, Bravelle and Menopur. Waiting on schedule
J&C - on BCP 8/1. Lupron 9/8.
Lady J - on BCP since 7/27. no Lupron for this FET. Still on track for FET 9/7-9/9
Neffi211 - baseline/stims on 9/11. Possible ER 9/21 & ET 9/26
Prayin4BFP - BCP on 8/24
Rose1075 - on BCP. will start Lupron late Aug.
Stlgirl - on BCP


Bei - On Lupron with b/w scheduled on 9/1
CT_Michele - on Lupron. E2 level 46!!!! :D b/w & u/s on 9/9. Starting crinone 9/19. FET 9/22
Firesauce - Lupron 8/10
Malya324 - Lupron on 8/14. Still on track for FET 9/11
Miyaya - BCP on 8/20. Lupron on 9/2 & suppression check on 9/14
Sangria - Lupron 9/1
Shelby0214 - Lupron 8/16. Stims 9/5, SNS(stick-n-stir) 9/8, with ER wk of 9/14 and ET wk of 9/21
Statsgoddess - Lupron 8/29. Follistim 9/12. ER week of 9/21. Suppression check on 9/8
Turtle - Lupron on 8/22. Stims on 9/5. U/s & b/w 9/8.
Wolffie - Lupron 8/12. estimated FET 9/12


Shoebox4 - Lupron 8/20. Gonal-F 9/01. ER & ET week of 9/14


Johannanita - ER 9/2. 8 eggies! :shock: . 3 day transfer on 9/5


Cheekyone - FET 8/29. Transferred 2 - 3day embies. 5 snowbabies! PUPO! Beta #1 - 9/11
Cheryl010120 - ER 8/26- 11 eggies!!! 6 fertilized! ET @ 7:15cst on 8/31. Transferred 3. PUPO! Beta #1 9/8
Deftonesmo - ER 8/26 - 11 eggies!!! 6 fertilized! ET on 8/29. Transferred 4. 2 snowbabies! PUPO! Beta #1 - 9/9?
fitzjr11 - ER 8/28. 23 eggies!!! :shock: WOW!11 fertilized. ET 9/2. Transferred 2. PUPO! Beta #1 9/11
Kristyb - ET on 8/25. PUPO
Mjay - ER 8/21. 26 retrieved and 18 fertilized. That's awesome! Transferred 2 on 8/26. PUPO! Beta #1 - after Labor Day(going for u/s 9/2)


Dtao - Beta #1 - Still waiting.......

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DH - 38 vasectomy 12 yrs
IVF#1 - 4/20/2009 - BFN
FET 5/20/2009 m/c due to blighted ovum
IVF#2 - 9/23/09. Betas-244, 592, & 3753


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Post by turtle0619 » Tue Sep 01, 2009 12:48 pm

gi- thank you! you made me feel better! ive been very nervous because ive waited way too long to go to the dentist, and i'm worried what i did to myself for waiting too long. i made the appointment and i just want it over with now so i can go back to my normal ivf stresses instead!
~ Franny
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4th IVF April 2010- BFN
5th IVF July 2010-BFN
6TH IVF Sept 2010- BFN
moving on to donor embies
FET Feb 2012-BFN
FET Jun 2012- Here we go again!

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Post by shelbyrn0214 » Tue Sep 01, 2009 1:08 pm

Johannanita – How does it feel to be shot free for a day?! A much deserved break, I say! :!: What time do you go in tomorrow? Sticky dust comin’ @ cha! Do you live near Florida Medical Center? I did some chart work for them about a year or so ago.

Dtao – I know I’ve said this already, but you’ll be on my mind all day today…GOOD LUCK!

Gi – You come over anytime you want! Glad to have you! Thanks for your advice. :)

Lisa – How did your consult go?

Ruthie – YAY for BCPs! That’s awesome that you are able to get started now. I wish you so much luck girl! And get excited! You body will be more ready than if you were stressed! I know I’m excited for you! PMA PMA PMA

Kiwi – Are you starting injections today? I hope you got your calendar.

JenNJ – Any news, Sweetie?

Bei – Let us know how your b/w turns out. Hope the Lupron is working well for you

Lady J – I guess we both get our “stick & stir” on tomorrow…he…he…! Only a week left until your precious snowbabies get to snuggle in!

Wolffie- I know you are getting excited. Less than 2 weeks left and you’ll be PUPO!!

Firesauce – How are you? Have you started stims yet?

Sangria – Yay for Lupron! Are you taking yours in the AM or PM?

Prayin, Stlgirl, Rose, Jaydentd, Karling, Sharishu, Rayofsunshine, & Neffi – I know it may seem like things are moving in slow motion, but you will be truckin’ it soon. Anything new going on and have you gotten your schedule yet? We miss you!

Malya – 10 more days!!!!!! YIPEE!!!!! I’m so anxious for you!

Miyaya – Woohoo!!! You get to start shots tomorrow! Ok…maybe that’s not so great from a pain standpoint, but that’s a huge feat for anyone on this board. So…..WOOHOO!!!

J&C – One week left and you get to start Lupron. YAY! I don’t mind the shot itself so much as I do the itching afterwards. It goes away pretty quickly. What other meds will you be on?

Shoebox – YAY for stims! Grow follies grow! Only 4 more days for me and I get to start!

Fitzjr – I’m so happy for you! What time do you go in tomorrow and what time zone are you in? I’ll be thinking about you and wishing you tons of sticky dust!!!

Mjay – how come your beta isn’t until after Labor Day? Maybe my calculations were off, but I just figured you would have yours @ least by this Friday. Hmmmmm…. Is the Holiday messing that up? :?:

Michele – you are so lucky to have the gel instead of the shot. Those shots are a pain in the butt! LOL!

Turtle –Only 4 more days and we get to start becoming bloated and swollen where our pants don’t fit anymore and it hurts to walk….YAY!! LOL, it’s not that bad. I’ve done it before and I am more than willing to do it again. It’s kinds cool because it’s the start of noticing that something is going on in there (getting ready for 9 months of it!) :D

Kala – Cool that you were in Atl! 8) That’s about 90 miles away from here. We live close enough to have the convenience of city life, but far enough away that we can sit on our patio and hear the crickets and frogs.

Cheeky and Deftonesmo – How’s the dreaded 2WW treating ya? Have you already bought your HPT and chomping @ the bit to POAS? He..he.. :lol:

Cheryl – Hope you are taking it easy, you PUPO girl! :wink:

Stats – I am having the headaches, too. They suck! Mine seem to get worse in the evenings about 5 or 6pm. :x

Katie – What area do you specialize in?

Whew! I think I got everybody plus one! 8) My goodness! There is a lot going on here on the first day of September! Rabbit, Rabbit! A friend of mine used to do that first thing in the morning on the first day of a new month. Never asked why, but thought it was cute.

AFM - Stick & stir tomorrow, stims on Sat., and another stick & stir on 9/8. Getting another 'baby in a box' tomorrow with my antibiotics (starting them tomorrow, too), PIO, and hCG trigger (can't wait to take that booger). Gone for my nap and I will check in later this morning. Have a great day!
me- 31 with no known issues
DH - 38 vasectomy 12 yrs
IVF#1 - 4/20/2009 - BFN
FET 5/20/2009 m/c due to blighted ovum
IVF#2 - 9/23/09. Betas-244, 592, & 3753

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Post by JenNJ » Tue Sep 01, 2009 1:46 pm

Hi Girls,

I have been away for awhile - have missed alot! I have a lot of reading to do to catch up!

I was supposed to start stims on 8/27 but got the dreaded call from RE that my FSH skyrocketed and they want me to wait until next cycle :cry:
They think it is from the BCP's. So, know we are waiting, taking wheatgrass ( yum), Bee Pollen, RJ , cutting back on the caffeine etc..trying to get those numbers down!
Me-37 Blocked tubes and high FSH
DH-39 Perfect

10/2008 - Lap to repair tubes
7/2009 - BCP - cysts on overies
9/2009 - 1st IVF cycle

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Post by Lady_J » Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:13 pm

GM ladies... Iw ill check back later!!! But I wanted to tell DTAO.... GOOD LUCK HUN today with your Beta. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I will check back later.
I am 32 yrs / DH is 34
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2nd IVF cycle...Feb 2009 = BFN
FET... Sept. 2009 = BFN

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Post by wolffie » Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:25 pm

Jen - sorry about your cencellation. I know how much it sucks! Will you be able to do an October cycle?

DTAO - good luck with your beta today. You'll be on my mind all day.

Johannanita - good luck with retrieval tomorrow.

kala - LOL at all the repeat posts! don't worry about it, we all know how computer frustration is. As for the acupuncture, I go to a holistic center that specializes in fertility issues (I go there in addition to my RE). They offer yoga, nutrition, acupuncture, and massage. If you are thinking about doing any holistic in addition to the medical stuff make sure that it is with someone who is trained in fertility issues. I lvoe going to acupuncture. There are studies that show that it works and studies that show there is no effect. It helps me to feel like I have some control over my cycle and that I am doing all I can for a positivie outcome.

Shelby and Turtle - YAY for starting stims! One step closer to your BFPs!!!

Michele - Congrats on almost being done with your masters. In illinois a master's in not required for teaching. I am a school social worker and we are required to have our masters to work in a school. Most teachers here get their's soon after starting to teach b/c it's really the only way to move up the pay scale. Are you teaching now or taking time off to be with Ella?

Sorry, I know I am forgetting some of you wonderful ladies but I really should cut this short and get back to work.

AFM, I went in for a stick and stir this morning. So far my lining is looking good. It's 7.8 and they want it at at least an 8 before transfer. Hopefully I'll be able to get it nice and thick for my embies to snuggle into. I am realy to get this show on the road! It feels like I'm moving right along but then this feelsl ike it is taking an eternity too!

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Post by fitzjr11 » Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:43 pm

I go 1pm tomorrow, and Im in NY
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singletown at 13 wks
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Post by malya324 » Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:53 pm

Thanks all, for your continued support! I'm still on the Lupron and the Estrogen my next appointment is on Friday. Yesterday my Linning was 7 tri, so I guess thats good. I am not looking foward to the progesterone shots but I guess I'll be more dissapointed if I don't start them. I now cry at the drop of a hat and last night I was so upset that I cried my eyes till they were swollen shut. I don't know if my firends are bored with my fertility issues or just forget what I'm going through but they have been extra insensitive this week.

I take care of a 11 week old for a friend of mine, do you think this is healthy mentaly for me? Its great to know how much hard work its going to be after all this works but at the same time any criticisum I get from his parents makes me turn into a sobbing mess. What should I do? Quit? I'm just not sure that this is healthy for me.... any suggestions?

Good luck to all of you guys in the midst of med hell and to those who wish for nothing more then a sore but from IVF meds, it will happen!
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Post by katie99 » Tue Sep 01, 2009 3:20 pm

Hi everyone -

Well, the garage project went just as expected, got DH to toss some things out ( why do men feel the need to collect stuff they'll never use again?) So I guess I'll be the one to put it all back together again. which pretty much means that he will have no idea where his tools are now -sigh
I will get yet another large box of meds tomorrow. These will be combined with the rest of the leftover meds from the past months of back to back cycling. I think that now I'm getting nervous. I've been trying to feel out DH on the reality that if this time doesnt work, I'm pretty sure the next consult, RE will have the dreaded donor egg conversation with us. I hope that it doesnt come to that. DH does not want to even discuss it. But how many cycles can you go through with no results? I'll just be positve this cycle and hope for the best. My RE insists that this will be the one. I hope so, because wow has this been expensive! Cross your fingers for me, girls, please! Dh keeps making jokes about how when it finally works he will introduce the baby as the 50k miracle - He is SO NOT FUNNY!

wolffie - your lining is great! you're so close now! you must be getting so excited!!

johannanita - YAY! trigger! I'm so happy you made it! good luck with your ER tomorrow!!

cheeky - wishing you loads of sticky thoughts my friend!

shelby -LMAO!!! I'm an LPN, this means we "specialize" in being med-pass monkeys! I quit when all this ivf stuff began, thinking that i'll do the bridge to RN program online while pregnant, It worked in theory, but I'm still on the ivf roller coaster,which has totally eaten my life. I still havent signed up for the bridge program yet & the joke around here is why bother to even cash paychecks as they all go to the RE anyway! :lol:

michele -i'm so happy to read that you have a schedule!!!! :D

dtao -fingers crossed for your beta!!

lady j - That must have been great to have a last "drinks & club date"!! Hope that you guys had a fantastic night!

mjay - Sorry that you had a scare with the PIO site :shock:

turtle - I'm terrifed of the dentist! :? be brave!

Hugs & PMA to us all!! xoxo
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Post by mjay » Tue Sep 01, 2009 3:24 pm

johannita- you yelled at your boss! LMAO! At least he gave you a pass.


Shelby- don't know why my beta is so late :x . i thought it would have been this friday too. i'm just hoping that b/c it is later, there will be less to worry about.

afm, i'm getting more and more tempted to POAS, but i'm soo scared. i haven't been feeling really good since yesterday evening either. i noticed that my stomach has gone back to feeling full, just like it did after ER. i only ate lunch yesterday and a few cheetos for dinner :oops:, so it wasn't from eating. also when my mom was giving me the PIO i almost fainted. i layed down for a little while then DH drove me home. when i was getting ready for bed, it happened again! i spoke to the nurse and she said to call if it happens again to call. has anyone had that before?
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Post by kristyb » Tue Sep 01, 2009 4:01 pm

mjay- I am right there with you. My ET was on 8/25 and felt relatively normal the first couple of days. Then by Thurs I was definitely crampy and Fri morning had the worst cramping/nauseau/sweats ever. Dr says this is normal but have felt soooooo full since then and still totally crampy. If I eat anything, I immediately feel bloated. And I'm tired! I'm hoping this is all just side effects of positive news to come. My first Beta is this Friday. This is our second IVF attempt and I don't remember feeling this crappy the first time which I hope is good. And yes, I'm tempted to POAS but I figured I've waited this long, I can hold out a few more days, but it's agonizing. :roll:

I'm trying to work but feel so yucky I may just go home early.

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Post by mjay » Tue Sep 01, 2009 5:12 pm

kristyb- isn't this wait agonzing!!! you're lucky you get to test Friday. i too hope that the discomfort is indicative of postive results. after ER they prescribed Cabergoline. that med is supposed to help stop OHSS. i called my doc this morning and they want me to come in tomorrow for an ultrasound. the issue could be that i finished the cabergoline and the symptoms are coming back. OR that the symptoms are coming back because i am pregnant. hopefully it's the latter! hang in there!
me- 30 and normal
DH- 33, low sperm count
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Post by deftonesmo » Tue Sep 01, 2009 6:40 pm

I am NOT going to POAS this time around . . . I did last time and it was so sad when they kept coming back negative . . . no HPT's for me :D I'll just ride out the 2ww and wait for my beta on 9/9 . . .

Me: 33/Bilateral Hydrosalpinx/Tubes Removed
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IVF #1: BFN =(
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Post by kristyb » Tue Sep 01, 2009 9:57 pm

mjay - doctor just called me back and told me to go back on fluid restriction and eat even smaller meals for the next couple of days. Hopefully that will do the trick. I'm not familiar with the med they had you on. What was it for again?

and deftonesmo - you can do it. the 2ww is a killer but I just can't bring myself to disappoint by POAS too early and receiving disappointment which could turn out to be false. I'm here for you and we can rely on each other to not "cheat" shall we say.

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Post by dtao » Wed Sep 02, 2009 12:01 am

Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts. I won't be getting my results until tomorrow morning, but I told them to wait for me to call, because I am so scared.

I took an HPT today after the beta... and I thought I saw a very very faint line? Or maybe my mind is playing tricks on me. Because the last few days there has definitely NOT been any sort of line.
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