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Post by Lady_J » Tue Sep 08, 2009 4:27 am

Hello ladies.... Hope u all had a good LaborDay weekend. Well as u know,my computer is no good right now so here I am typing away withthis darn WII system. SO I am going to keep it short. Sorry fornot doing all personals today, so I will get back to you tomorrow from work. I just had a little question/concern. but first ...

I want to say Kristy and Mjay... WooHoo!!!! BFPs...congrats ladies. Thatsi 3 in a row. This is so exciting. Come on girls, lets break the record for Forum with ALL BFPs. Hopeu ladies have a H&H 9 months to come. So Mjay, how many days PT was this Beta, cuz hun... that is a high number. Hope u r feeling betternow, sorry u had to go thru that fluid removal again.

cheryl... GL tomorrow hun!!!! BFP BFP BFP!!! :P

AFM... a couple more days for my FET!!! I wont know if my frostymakes it till I get there :( ladies,please pray for me. I do have a question though. What cc/ml of POI areyou taking? I found it kind of concerning... I looked at my last 2 cycles and they only had me taking 1cc/ml of POI starting day before ET. Now for this cycle, they toldme to take 1cc of POIn on Saturday morning, and start on 2cc starting Sunday night everynight after that. When I spoke to this nurse who gaveme instructions, this is not my normal nurse may I add, cuz mine is on Vcation... she toldme the importance of taking POIN and my estrogen. Basically she told me, that the POI gets my uterus lining strong for implantation... even if I miss a dose can efect outcome... and if I get implantation, missing a dose can cause the emryo to dislodge.... she was veryupfront about it and told me to make it my priority. So going back to my thoughts on my RE probably making my last 2 fail on purpose for more money... maybe I wasnt getting the right dosage so thatI can have a failed IVF and I can go back and he can get more money from my INS. Hmmm... maybe I am being cookoos nest but, whatu ladies think. SO now I have confirmed but I am also going to ask when I go.... but if this does fail... my happy a$$ is going to a new clinic for my next cycle. Sorry for was just weird to me. Hope I made sense. Well ladies, I will check back in the morning.
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Post by cheekyone » Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:12 am

hey everyone

shelby thanks for that every time i get to this point i feel so unbelievably negative about everything. Its great to see that things are starting to happen for you :D

wolffie my beta is on 11th is it the 11th yet lol. Yes i know i will poas i can't help myself i'm one of those people that would rather know before the dreaded phone call. And wolffie i'll pray real hard for your two little snow bubs to make it through the thaw your almost there are they 3 or 5 day embies

cheryl bfp bfp heaps of pma and a BFP for tomorrow :lol:

Katie my friend how are you doing :lol:

Lady J I will also pray real hard for your snow bubs to make the thaw

and to everyone else i will keep everything crossed for you all

keep up the faith ladies :D :D :D
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Post by wolffie » Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:23 pm

Cheryl - I'll be thinking about you today! Good luck with your beta and we can't wait to hear the number! Have you POAS again?

malya - I'm off the lupron too! Isn't it a great feelings?!?!

kala - sorry about your cold. I've so far been able to avoid the beginning of the year ilness. My lupron dose started at 10 units and then dropped to 5 units. I took my last dose over the weekend.

johannanita - I am sure that you can continue to go to acupuncture. I know many people who go through their first trimester. I plan on going a couple of times until my beta.

Lady J - I am currently on 1cc of PIO. I started it yesterday and my FET is scheduled for Satrday. I will have the injection every third day and I also use progesterone suppositories 3 times a day.

cheekyone - the 11th will be here soon! My little embies on ice were frozen on day 5. I really hope they make it and I hope that they both snuggle in tight and stay for the long haul! When do you think you'll POAS?

AFM, sorry, this may be TMI - I put in my morning suppository today before going to the bathroom. When I finished my business I heard a 'plop' noise. When I got up I looked and there was my progesterone suppository sitting in the toilet! Luckily I had another with me and used that but how in the world did that happen! ugh! I think I am going to keep a couple extra suppositories here at work so that I will have a back up if needed.

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1st timer...very nervous and confused

Post by sancap14 » Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:59 pm

Hello Everyone, Thank you all for sharing. It amazes me everytime I read a post that explains how I am feeling because while going through this whole process I've always felt like no one could ever understand what I am going through...but you all do!

I am 30 and hubby is 34 (sorry...don't know all the IVF lingo yet). We've been together 11 years and married for 5 yrs. I have stage 4 endo and he seems to be fine but has never been tested (getting tested for the first time this Thurs). We got pregnant naturally after 1.5 yrs of trying in Jan of 2008 then miscarried in March. Started trying again naturally in June and nothing until around December/Jan 2009 had an ultrasound and found my ovaries were 7cm...had laproscopic surgery in April 2009 but was told chances of success naturally again were 1%/month. After 3 months of trying naturally and saving for IVF we have decided to give it a whirl. I am on BCP now and start injections around Sept. 16th. We have our first visit with our specialist on Thursday but I feel like I am going crazy. All I can think about is this procedure and the waiting is driving me nuts. I can't concentrate on work and I constantly think about taking a vacation to get away from it all and take my mind off but I don't know when it would be possible...does anyone know if travel is possible during all this and when would be the best time to go?? Everytime I've seen a Dr. RE: pregnancy it has been very bad news and I can't help but think this will be no different.

Any words of encouragement would help...thanks for listening/reading :roll:

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Post by wolffie » Tue Sep 08, 2009 4:20 pm

Sancap - WELCOME! We are glad to have you join us. This forum and this thread are great for connecting with people who are in similar situations. You will hear lots of positive stories that make all the waiting, procedures, and frustration worth while. I am sure that you will also have your own positive story soon! Heck, on this thread we are already 4 for 4 with positives so far! We are shooting for 100%! :D Feel free to ask any questions along the way as all these women are a wealth of information!

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Post by jaydentd » Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:04 pm

Hey girls, just checking in to see how everyone is doing. Congratulations Mjay, those are some great numbers.
Sancap- Welcome, I'm also on bcp and start the injection the 17, a day after you.
Cheryl- GL today, Give us another BFP :wink:
to all the pupo ladies, I'm gonna say a prayer for you, that we all have our miracle. BFP BFP BFP
I had an appointment today and finally got the ok to move forward. 10 more days of bcp and lupron on 9/17. They order my meds today and I'm so excited.
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Post by turtle0619 » Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:10 pm

sancap- welcome! i also have stage 4 endo, and this is my first ivf cycle. let me tell you all the ladies on this board are amazing and strong. they are a wonderful support system when you think you are alone in all of this craziness.

shelby- how did the stick and stir go today? any new updates?

cheryl- i'm crossing my everything for you today. i hope your betas are high!!!

afm- i went in for b/w with morning and just got the call from the nurse with my new instructions. i am continuing on 5 units of lupron in the morning, but they upped my gonal-f from 150 units to 225 units and added 2 doses of repronex to the mix starting tonight. then i go back thursday for more b/w and an u/s (stick and stir shelby!! woohoo)
so here i am starting my 3 injections a day phase and its not nearly as scary as it looks on paper. i might actually survive this and make myself a baby! :lol:
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Post by Johannanita » Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:15 pm

sancap14 - Welcome to the board! Let me quickly share my story with you and I hope that you find it somewhat encouraging. I also have stage 4 endo and there's nothing wrong with DH. I had a Lap done at the end of April where I had part of my left ovary removed along with my left tube. My right tube is blocked. Basically, IVF is my only hope. I started my first cycle of IVF in June/July and got canceled due to poor stimulation response (didn't produce too many eggs) and my E2 levels were very low. I was very upset but started my next cycle right away. I am currently on my 2ww (2 week wait!!) My first beta is on 9/17 and I can't wait! I just wanted to let you know not to lose hope and ask your doctor and the ladies on this forum all the questions you have. During my 1st cycle, I felt clueless and like the info was spoon fed to me little by little. Because of the wonderful ladies on this board, I learned so much and was so much more informed this cycle. It sounds like you haven't gotten your schedule yet. I would suggest going away while you're in BCPs because once you start your stims the RE will be monitoring you closely and you'll be in their office quiet a bit. I hope I was able to offer some information that you could use.

Good luck Hun. We are all here for you. I refer to the ladies on here as my IVF sisters. :D
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Post by kiwi » Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:21 pm

Hi Everyone, it was a long and great labor day weekend :-)
On sunday I started my stim's and the injections are not as bad as I thought - luckily. I will have my ultrasound and blood work on Wednesday and hope the follies are growing nicely. My ET (hope that means transfer) is scheduled for the 21st or 23rd. I am getting anxious - the waiting and testing is just insane, but whom do I tell :wink:

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Post by kristyb » Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:50 pm

Hi Ladies! Sorry for the long few days away. I seemed to have missed a lot but looks like everyone is progressing well and a few new ladies have joined. Welcome!

Mjay & Dtao - congrats on the numbers. They are looking good. And Mjay, your first Beta numbers were HUGE!!! How many days post transfer was your test?

AFM - I did my second Beta on Sunday and it more than doubled (496) from Friday (242), so we are looking good. My doctor is big on immunology which only one other clinic in Chicago that I know of does, but his success rates are really high so there must be something to it. With that said, I have to go in for an intralipid drip today (takes about 2-3hrs). This basically is for what's called your NK cells, or killer cells which often attack the embryo and can lead to micarriage. Since my numbers were a little high, by doing the intralipid, if anything does try and attack the embryo, instead it will attack this keeping the pregnancy going. It costs a ton, but if it works and it has for several people I know, I'm a believer.

After that, I have my next blood test on the 14th and my first u/s on the 23rd.

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for all of you ladies!!

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Thank you for the kind welcome

Post by sancap14 » Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:52 pm

Johannanita, turtle0619, jaydentd, and wolffie...thank you all so much for your support and good luck to each of you.

Johannanita, you are right, I do not have a schedule yet. I have an appt. Thursday so I'm hoping I will feel better and less anxious after that.

I've had all my pre cycle blood work done but my Dr. hasn't called me with the that normal?

Johannanita and turtle0619...Has your Dr. ever tested you for the Natural Killer Cells (antibodies that eat away at the embryo and cause miscarriage). I've read about it on other sites but my Dr. says the test is not needed. I've read that 30% of women with Endo have these antibodies and there is treatment for it...does anyone else have any information on this?

(I am getting NO work done today)

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Post by katie99 » Tue Sep 08, 2009 6:13 pm

Hi ladies -

I hope that everyone had a nice long weekend! Finally a week of good weather here! Have been busy with the puppy getting spayed on fri. Its been impossible to keep her from jumping, leaping, stretching, etc. She is thankfully back to normal now. I can imagine how much worse it would be to see a baby go through surgery, I was beside myself for worrying about her. It was so cute to watch how much DH was fussing over her though! Finally I feel like I'm getting somewhere - only 2 days left of BCPs! I dont care for them at all. Next tues we get to go & empty the bank account again to pay for this cycle, that always brings it closer too.

mjay -CONGRATULATIONS!!!! so sorry to hear about the fluid though, glad to hear that you are feeling better now & can enjoy your great news!!

turtle - See, told you you would be an old pro with your injections!

cheeky - wishing you loads and loads of PMA my friend, and some patience dust too!

wolffie - fingers crossed for your thaw!!

johannanita - how are you doing? Is it hard to have your MIL live so close to you?

lady j - GL with your thaw! I think that after a few tries its totally normal to second guess your RE, I do sometimes, but we bought a package through him so switching docs isnt an option for us.

cheryl - GL today with your beta!

sancap -welcome!! We will be close on schedule too, I start stims on the 17th also! If you need help with the abbreviations, go to the general forum (I think its the 3rd from the top) its "sticky" so that it stays on top - abbreviations, a lifesaver for me the first week

shelby -How are things with you? Your garden sounds gorgeous!

michele -Where are you? we miss you!!

kristy - CONGRATULATIONS!! GL with your intralipids today!

hugs & PMA for us all!! - xoxo
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Post by ruthiej74 » Tue Sep 08, 2009 6:13 pm

Well, tomorrow I go in to meet with the nurse and get my schedule and order my meds for our 4th cycle of IVF!!!! I started birth control the beginning or this month so I will probably start the Lupron end of this week or next week sometime. I have my first Acupuncture appointment on 09/21. I am a little nervous about that because I have never had acupuncture before. I am hoping that it helps me out this time and that I get a BFP!!! I am looking for a miracle this time around!!!! Thanks to all you ladies for being there for me!!!! :D
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Post by mjay » Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:06 pm

i just typed a bunch of personals and my computer lost it :evil: !

the snowbabies will absolutely make it ladyj and wolffie cuz this is your time!

kristyb- great news on 2nd beta! when's u/s?

turtle- you will make a baby! isn't it funny how we get so used to the injections?

sancap- i was/am just like- completely obsessed. this site saved me from myself. i was able to focus on other women's successes and learn from their stories. it will past much faster than you think, i promise. do things to distract yourself. i went to a show, rented books, worked long hours, etc. remember that docs don't know everything and as you will see, lots of women have had miracles happen. be sure to stay positive no matter what!

katie99- i'm a freak about my dog too! when i took her to get spayed, i cried and had a hard time leaving. my friend said it's good practice for having children.

ruthiej74- you go girl! this is your moment- i am sending so many positive vibes your way!

shelby- how are you? you still stimming right?

anyone i missed- i'm sorry, but i'm thinking of everyone. my boss will kill me if i don't do some work!

afm, i feel much better today. still extremely bloated and sore, but better. for those that asked about my high beta, i wondered the same thing. apparently my beta should have been on saturday but my clinic is only open on weekdays. so the nurse said that my beta was probably in the 500 range at that time. i am 13dp5dt. my nurse said she has seen betas as high as 800 in a singleton pregnancy. my RE said he would be very surprised if there was only one embryo. we'll see; i'm just praying for the health of my, the baby(ies), and DH.
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Post by sancap14 » Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:07 pm

Kristyb I tried to send you a PM but don't know how regularly those are looked at...and it looks like it's just sitting there in my outbox...can you tell me more about your NK cell experience...I've explained everything in the PM which is now below...thanks!

OMG that's exactly what I was just posting about (NK cells)? Can you please tell me more? I asked my Dr. about this (I read about it online) and the response was "Dr. Sweet does not check for these issues because in his experience, they have not been relevant to a woman's success rate especially with IVF. If you feel you want testing for Immunologic factors for Antiphospholipid Syndrome, he would recommend only the following test: Anticardiolipin Antibody." My response to that is "if he does not check for the issues then how does he know it is not effecting the success rate!?) Any suggestions/advise for me? Thank you very much!
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