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1st time failure - Ghost or anybody

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1st time failure - Ghost or anybody

Postby Panama » Sun Aug 23, 2009 9:55 pm

I just completed my first attempt at IVF/ICSI. After the 2ww the pregnancy test was negative. We are naturally hurt and disappointed. This was a male factor situation. My husband had a sperm aspiration due to a blockage. The sperm taken was healthy, plentiful and all displayed good, mature shape. The amount taken was enough for 5 IVf cycles. I am 36 yoa, very healthy, with no medical problems.

All of my ultrasounds were good, the protocol with the Gonal F and Lupron produced the right lab numbers, and 15 mature eggs were retreived. 5 took the fertilization and two developed into very well defined, shaped blastocycsts. I had the two 5 day embryos transferred and was told "they were put right were they needed to be." I followed the treatment to the letter and was always led to believe that everything (uterine wall and lining, husband's sperm, ovaries, follicles, eggs, lab readings, transfer, etc) was exactly as it should be for optimum results. With all that being said, what should I be asking the doctor and staff???

Right now I am feeling abandoned by the clinic we chose. I know results cannot be guaranteed, but for the money we spent, am I out of line to expect a full out brief from the doctor as to possible cause of failure, what could be done differently, and possible courses of action for future attempts? Any inputs or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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