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Post by olim78 » Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:33 pm

Lou71 - wishing you lots and lots of luck for your beta tomorrow- that all sounds like good stuff to me. My Mum always said that she felt a 'pulling' like sensation when she was preggers and she had 4 kids no probs. I have a good feeling...

To everone else, sorry to be breif, I will send personals tomorrow and update you on where I am (just gve myself my HCG trigger shot - ER on Wed - eek!). I'm still working and it's 11.30pm here , so must get on :(

Am thinking of you all!
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Post by Skylar » Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:38 pm

Ashleyncsu77 I don't think you were insensitive about having a son. I have three children from a previous marriage. I got pregnant so easily that got my tubes tied after my last one. Of course after getting a divorce and falling in love with my current husband, I realized even after getting my tubes reversed it wasn't as easy as it was before. I am so blessed to have my three, but my husband gets so depressed and I can see it in his face that he wants one of his own.

I like this board because there are so many people who are like me, just wanting something natural. Some other people don't understand the feeling you have in your heart and soul to have something so precious to call you mom or dad. My DH was one and some of my co workers tell me that they wouldn't go through what I am going through for a man. This is not just a man, he's my husband.

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Post by claud662 » Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:38 pm

Lou-First off....if you got a BFP tomorrow I will hear NOTHING of you feeling bad about it and having to "put your time in"!!! Every woman on this board is pulling for you and you better enjoy every second of it!! The pulling sensations you are feeling seem to be a really good sign and a good indicator of your uterus stretching to make room for the baby!! Let us know the second you hear something!!!

Katie-yes the amount of meds is insane and what is more insane is that I'm counting down the days till my first shot :shock:
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Post by Supergenius » Tue Nov 10, 2009 3:29 am

Hi Ladies! Had my second u/s today while on stims (day 5) and everything looks good (estrogen, follie growth). RE saw 4 follies today - no sizing yet...but my ER date isn't until the 19th or 20th, so I've got time. Nurse said it's better if they grow slowly.

turtle0619 - we do visit claremont via manchester maybe once or twice a year. i would love to have a baby play date with you in about 9 months. my heart did a little flutter at the thought, since i concentrate on the medical side of IVF most of the time (and try not to get all wrapped up in the baby outcome). btw, i also had spotting on bcps (like for the last week). my nurse said it's totally normal.

albany07, kerribell - i'll be doing my ER at the end of the same week.

LuLu668 - grow follies grow!!

justwannabamom - glad to hear your surgery went well.

jenice - sending lots of baby dust your way!

cheekyone - what is embie glue???

2010 - i started stims about the same time as you, but RE saw only 4 follies today (didn't mention size). I've been on gonal-f 225, but they've actually cut it down to 112. It's really confusing to me that your RE is telling you you're a slow responder & mine is saying I'm responding well (we are also about the same age).

lou71 - best of luck & baby dust to you for tomorrow's beta! it's also my first IVF and i totally get what you mean about the guilt. on the other hand, a BFP will do wonders for everyone's PMA. :)
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Post by Mommieof2 » Tue Nov 10, 2009 3:37 am

skylar- i just wanted to say i'm happy to find you are in the same situation as me. i'm divorced with two children both natural but I got pregnant too easy and my ex didn't really like having children so I did a dumb thing and got my tubes tied then 2 yrs later I reconnected with my first very boyfriend ( kinda cute huh?) well anyway's weve been together 4 yrs now and we really want a baby together so here we are trying our first ivf cycle i wish us both luck, I know there are alot of people on here with worse problems and i'm pulling for all of you girl and I sympathize with your situations, I know i don't completely understand what it feels like to not have a baby as I have had two but I do know how it feels to want a baby really bad and not be able to it sucks and it consumes you from the inside out but i'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of us. Skylar- I look forward to following your story and hope we have great success as we really don't have much of a fertility issues as my re said people in our situation have an excellent chance of success. what is your cycle dates like? are you on stims yet?

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Post by Rosario » Tue Nov 10, 2009 7:37 am

Chris, I am hoping you give me some good news soon. Congrats on all those great embies.
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Post by dodo928 » Tue Nov 10, 2009 8:33 am

hi ladies, I just joined this forum. I am cycling this month. Today it's my day3. I'm using a donor egg. My RE told me on CD1 that my donor's AFC is 10 and will give her high dose. He told me today the donor on CD3 has a E2 level of 129. Does anybody have any idea of whether the E2 level is good?
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Post by cheekyone » Tue Nov 10, 2009 11:10 am

hey everyone

supergenius embie glue is all new to me never heard of it before my re mentioned it. I think its the culture they put the embies in they say it can help with the embie attaching to the uterus but i have heard lots of positive and negatives of the benefits maybe someone else here knows more about the stuff. I've had 5 failed transfers so hell what the heck may as we'll give anything a go at this point lol great to hear you have some good follies

dodo welcome to the site full of lovely people

lou i agree with claud you put yourself on cloud nine like we all would getting a BFP :wink:

claud thanks for that was touch and go for a couple of days so heres hoping

katie thanks my friend this is the first cycle i've had that had a dominant follie so i was a little taken back from it. I am so glad i will know anything good or bad before xmas so i can drown my sorrows with a wine or celebrate with a orange juice lol

10bear welcome to the 2ww pupo miracles always happen and you just have to believe anything is possible

to have fun great to hear on the embies now grow grow grow embies

turtle me and dh would go out before i start all the drugs and have a good drink and just to forget about it all just for a night hehe then the next day reality kicks in again lol.

We'll keep up the strength and faith all :wink:
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Post by katie99 » Tue Nov 10, 2009 3:09 pm

Hi everyone -

Wow, you all are some typing females! Theres 2 new pages since yesterday! I'm glad that we're all here together, but sort of sad that we have to be here at all. I'm going to update the list tonight, hopefully after adding some good news - hint hint

julia -its true! Isnt that the rudest question ever? Boy, some people just try to jump right into your personal life :evil:

2010 -Hooray for lots of follies! Yes, I'm a poor respnder too, they usually have me on 600iu per day. But my clinic says the same thing, that slow stims produce more mature eggs. I was totally over suppressed on lupron, so this last cycle they put me on an antagonist protocol (no lupron)
and it went soo much better. It seems like each time your RE learns more about your response to meds ( but I think there should be some sort of discount for his "learning" period! :lol:

10Bear -I'll keep you & your embie in my prayers!

Lou -A pulling sensation is thought to be a good sign! We'll know soon enough! :D

Claud -thats us crazy ivf women, we just cant wait to stick ourselves with big needles! :lol:

Mommieof2 -I love it! To be back with your 1st boyfriend! What a romantic story you will always have to tell - :D

Supergenius -My clinic says the same! -Although they have actually said - slow & steady wins the race, which made me want to retch!
but i'll go with it anyway!

Dodo -Welcome! Your donors E2 sounds just fine. What are your dates? I'll put them on the list.

Cheeky -It will be just oj for you my dear! Maybe you could put it in a champagne glass? - xoxo

Hugs & prayers to us all! - xoxo
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Post by turtle0619 » Tue Nov 10, 2009 4:52 pm

good morning ladies!!

cheekyone i havent heard of embie glue sounds like it should be a as seen on tv product! i can see the infomercial right now! haha hopefully if its mixed with sticky dust it will do the trick. i agree that its worth a try...why not right?? oh and me and DH are going to ny to be with my family for christmas, and i told them...i'll either have really really good news or i'll be drinking heavily! its gonna be hard to hide the no drinking from all my friends because each year all of my friends who moved away from the area all come back, and we all go out to the bars and stay out till 4am (woohoo NEW YORK) i told DH i'll have to find a non alcoholic drink that looks like i'm drinking to throw everyone off because it will be WAY to early to start telling people....

claud last cycle me and DH went away for a really long day and i asked my neighbors to come and take my dog out during the day...well i totally forgot i left all my syringes and my sharps container on my kitchen table after giving myself my morning neighbor doesnt know what we are doing, so when i got home and realized they HAD to have seen all those needles just hanging out i can only imagine what they thought when they saw them!! they never said anything, but they must think i'm either on hardcore drugs or have some crazy disease. (hopefully they think its DH) hahaha. i also can not wait to start my injections!! (we really are crazy!!)

supergenius wooohooo for baby play date!! that will be so fun! dont worry...we'll be able to start planning it in a month or so!! :D GROW FOLLIES GROW!!!!

olim yay for trigger!!! how was it? since i never got to trigger before its the next scary step for my this time....and i WILL be triggering this cycle!! good luck tomorrow!! :D

dodo welcome to the family!!! :D

lou the waiting is driving me crazy!! BFP BFP BFP!!!

jenice i'm sending you tons of baby dust!! good luck with the ET!! did your embies thaw well??

[/b]katie do you have any blood left after yesterday?? what is your next step??

teachermom i am and will be thinking of you ALL day!! YAY for ER!! does your school have veterans day off tomorrow? thats good timing to be able to have the day off to relax and get ready for your ET!! :D

afm well not much new here...i took my last BCP this morning so i am very happy about that! katie...they make me feel crazy too! i cant wait to enjoy my sushi tomorrow (and now some saki thanks to cheeky for reminding me i have to get my drink on haha)
i hope you all have a wonderful day

everyone on stims....GROW FOLLIES GROW.... :D
~ Franny
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Post by claud662 » Tue Nov 10, 2009 5:01 pm

Hi Ladies,

I am running to a meeting so I don't have personals right now but I emailed my DR last night some questions about the process after the retrieval and here is what she responded!! She was somewhat vague but at least I feel like I am begining to have some idea as to what will come these next few weeks since I didn't get to the retrieval last cycle either!!!

1. What are your thoughts with doing ICSI? I know that DH doesn't
have sperm issues but would I still be a candidate?

If the sperm and the eggs look completely normal and there are a good number of eggs, we
would like to perform ICSI on some of the eggs and routine IVF on the
others. We would rather not use ICSI unless there is a specific reason,
but some people with unexplained infertility will have an unexpected
fertilization problem, so half ICSI is a good option. Of course if we
see a problem with the sperm, we will do all ICSI.

2. What is assisted hatching and again would I be a candidate?
You might be - it depends upon the embryos. For younger women, assisted
hatching is only beneficial if the zonae is thick or there are fragments
that need to be removed - so this is a decision that is individualized
per embryo.

3. How do you decide whether to do a 3 day transfer vs. a 5 day
Many different criteria - but in general when someone is less
than 35 and has a lot of nice looking embryos, we only want to transfer
2 and on day 3, it may be difficult to differentiate the best embryos.
In this situation, it may improve the pregnancy rate to push to day 5.

4. Is there anything you can give me that explains the
cell/fertilization progress so that I can follow the reports when that
time comes!
We have a unique system of evaluating the embryos - we use
a little over 100 parameters, some of them proprietary to assess embryo
development. That is a particular strength of this laboratory and a
particular research interest of ours. I am happy to review the records
with you - would that be helpful? We don't really have lay literature.
If you look up some of Mina Alikani's work, she has written a lot about
our methods - but these are scientific papers.
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Post by Sangria » Tue Nov 10, 2009 5:32 pm

Sorry for butting in, but I stop in every now and then to see how all the Sept / Oct ladies that are here are doing.

claud662 - For cell fertilization information, I'd go here:

If you scroll to the bottom, there is a day by day picture what your embies should look like. It was very helpful to me to follow the reports.

Fingers crossed for you this time!

- Sangria

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Post by kerribell » Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:45 pm

Hello ladies!

Franny congrats on getting your baby in a box

katie sorry about the troubles w/ the new IVF nurse...keep her on her toes

Jenice good luck on FET tomorrow

Lou any word...I just know it will be a BFP!

Claud last time I did ICSI because I had to (low penetration results), but I think it is a good idea to do half and half if you have lots of eggs. My lab chose to do assisted hatching because I only had two fertilized eggs (they were day 3 transfers).

Teachermom how did ER go?

LuLu and me2009 great number of follies

10bear don't be discouraged with the one can still happen for you!

Olim78 good luck on ER tomorrow

Supergenius There is still time for them to grow. My clinic doesn't even do the 1st u/s until day 5 of stims, you've already had 2 by then.

I have my 1st u/s tomorrow. I hope they see something since they didn't see anything at my supression check.

Wishing you all luck!
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Post by 10bear » Tue Nov 10, 2009 7:01 pm

HI Lou

How are you doing?, any good news yet????, Keep my finger cross for you

HI Claud662

Well, for my personal experience, I will do ICSI no matter how good the sperm looks . Since it will just give me another peace of mind that I won't regret it if the fertilization rate is low in the cycle and then we keep wondering how can we impprove it and if we did this or that will the outcome be changed.

For Assist hatching, my clinic told us it is recommend for aged >38.

Hi Kerribell

Don't worry, your US tomorrow will be good, keep my finger cross for you.

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Post by lou71 » Tue Nov 10, 2009 8:55 pm

Hi Everyone,

I received bad news a little while ago. My clinic called to say I'm not pregnant. So I guess I'm the first BFN for the board. It hasn't really sunk in yet. The nurse told me I've got a good frozen embryo and I can use it next cycle. I think I will do that before moving on to another fresh cycle. I'm still on this roller coaster for another ride....

Best wishes to everyone for a BFP. I'm going to stick around for everyone else to cheer you all on.

Thanks for all the wonderful support. Now I need to figure out what these darn cramps are from!
Lou--- 1 beautiful baby girl from a single 8 cell embie in Sept 2011

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