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Post by me2009 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 2:09 am

ok lets try this again? I thought i made a post already but can;t find it.. (must be the happy meds.)

Sooo ER is over. Im very sore, but doing good.

They got 8 eggs!! I was a bit disapointed, cause they saw 11 on u/s on friday. But perhaps they just didnt catch up.

So they said my DH's swimmies looked good. They sugested that we NOT do ICSI. I was a bit worried about this, but they said they would let "nature" do its thing and have the swimmies do "on natural"

I think im just worried that IF they dont fertlize are we gonna kick our self?

But i talked to the RE & embrologist. They said kinda like if it aint broke, dont fix it. Since his swimmies looked good and he had lots of them??

I guess im worried that we made the correct decision??

Ok well hope you all had a good weekend.

im too loopy to do personals...

but hugs to everyone!!!
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Post by cheekyone » Mon Nov 16, 2009 2:25 am

hey everyone

turtle halleluah everything going to plan 3 cheers to stimming :wink:

lulu great egg retrieval yes most definately 6 is a lucky number now fingers crossed for a great fertilisation rate

teachermom heaps of baby dust to you and welcome too the pupo group

me2009 great to hear 8 eggies are good fingers crossed for them all to fertilize

supergenius all the best on ER looking forward to hearing your bumper crop rate should be a goody

AFM ET went we'll transferred 2 3 day embies both 8 cell woohoo now the rest is in gods hands beta date 1 dec :D

keep up the faith all :wink:
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Post by BRMommy2B » Mon Nov 16, 2009 3:07 am

kerribell: Hey, I felt the exact same way, with all of the symptoms of ovulation. The doctor told me it's completely normal, and in fact I hadn't ovulated. It's just all those pesky meds you're taking!
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Gonal F Done, Baby Asprin Done and Trigger Done!!!

Post by albany07 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 5:47 am

Yay! Took my trigger shot tonight at 10:30pm. ER is scheduled for Tuesday at 8:30am. Wooohooo!!!

Kerribell - I had the same this IVF cycle, never noticed it during IVF 1 or 2. Boy, we are all really in sync!!! I asked the nurse about the same thing and she said it was perfectly normal and even good. Are you triggering today or tomorrow?

Turtle0619 - Oh my gosh! I totally did not expect that to be the story line. Yes, I agree - it was not the best of Vince Vaughn's collection. I totally think they should have shown them getting pregnant and showing the baby at the end, like 9 months later!

Supergenius - You are hilarious! Wayward TP? I know, especially since they ask you to empty right before the main event!

me2009 - DH and I have decided to go the same route, the natural route. Since my husband started his L-Arginine routine, his count and morphology had improved 100%! Dr. said there is no reason that it shouldn't work. I know, I hate to put all our eggs in one basket (ha, ha) but I do hope if it's meant to be - it will happen.

Happy Anniversary to the anniversary couples! DH and I are celebrating our 3rd year anniversary December 2nd. Right in time for our 2ww to end as well!

Dodo928 - As for the acupuncture, did it religiously during cycle 1. Very expensive. Ultimately, you need to decide what it does for you. I find it very relaxing and whether it creates more, better follicles, or better implantation? I have not seen any randomized clinical studies on that one. And for the relaxation part of it... Sirius Spa Radio is much cheaper, and the price of one or two sessions buys you spa radio for the whole year! That was a little joke, but on a serious note, I do believe chinese medicine and acupuncture are great and if you can afford it - why not? :wink:

Hope everyone had a great and relaxing weekend, grow follies, grow embies and snuggle in for the pupo mommy's!!!! Sparklymagicalbabydust to ALLLLLLL!!!
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Post by dodo928 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 7:18 am

Hi ladies, thanks for your feedback! sorry for the misunderstanding! my acupuncture is not for fertility. I tried for fertility but it didn't work. I'm having the acupuncture solely for my allergy. It combines with N.A.E.T. it's an allergy elimination technique combining with acupuncture. I am wondering if the point would hurt the transfer.

teacherMOM, amysbabies: Congrats to official PUPO!

kerribell: I have cervical mucus too! I's afraid of something wrong. Glad to hear other ladies said it's normal!

me2009: 8 is not too bad as long as they are good quality. crossing fingers and toes for you!
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Post by turtle0619 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 2:27 pm

albany woooohoooo on your trigger!! how did it go? hurry up and get here tuesday!!!! good luck!! :D :D

cheeky you go PUPO girl!!!! wooohooo on 2 8 cell embies!! thats awesome news!! i hope you have a stress free 2ww....are you going to poas?? :D

me2009 8 is great hun!!! i know its disappointing to think you had 11 and then only have 8, but ya know all it takes is one!! i cant wait to hear how they are growing!! do you know when your ET will be yet?? i hope you are resting up and feeling better! i'm glad DH's swimmers looked great!! that mustve been a hard decision to make not to do the ICSI, but you have to trust that the RE and embrologist know what they are doing, and wouldnt tell you something that would hurt your chances. we put sooo much trust into our DR.s we have to believe them. also with ICSI dont you have to wait for a 5dt??(i might be wrong i'm not sure) maybe you can do a 3dt now and everyone says that embies do the best back in their mommies where they belong! i am thinking of you and sending you good vibes! GROW EMBIES GROW!! :D

have a great day everyone!! :D
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Post by syanna » Mon Nov 16, 2009 3:10 pm

Hello All! Got my 1st Lupron injection this morning! Thought I wouldn’t feel the pinch but I guess my darn husband just slammed that needle right in me (we got into an argument lastnight so I he’s taking out his anger this way), and I just wanted to whack him upside the head. I dreamt lastnight that I was beating the hell out of him…and when I woke up this morning, I still wanted to beat the hell out of him. Anyways…enough bout my issues for now.

Turtle – how is your stimmin coming along?? Wish I was stimming with you! I don’t understand why you had to go to the reading office for the b/w and u/s??

Katie99 – you want me to drop kick that nurse for you??

Teachermom – yay on your transfer! Just relax and wait for the great news!

Me2009 – I hope they all fertilize!! But you only need to one to become a Mommy next year! However, in my first cycle, they said my eggs and his sperm looks great also, so we did it the standard way…and what happens…out of 14 matured eggs, only 5 fertilized…late. And the Dr says that’s the reason why I got a BFN. So this time, we’re doing ICSI. But I hope nothing like this happens to you…you’ll be fine!

OMG..there’s so much more to say but so little time..I have to get back to work and actually do some work now ladies. Will catch up later!
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Post by karenthescorpio » Mon Nov 16, 2009 3:16 pm

Hi ladies. I'm 6dp5dt (11dpo) after a FET. Until yesterday I really didn't have any symptoms I would attribute to being preggo. Yesterday during the day I started to get very very very slight AF like cramps...and by night they had intensified a bit and my lower back started to ache. Just like when my normal AF starts to tell me she's coming. Then this AM they are stronger...lower back aches like hell...cramps are so so. I feel like AF is coming. I realize the FET might not have worked (I know the odds) but it seems early for AF to arrive. Could this be from the PIO or early pregnancy signs? Did any of you have these symptoms? If so, what did they mean for you?
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Post by katie99 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 3:18 pm

Hi everyone -

I'm surprised to see that after missing a day around here that theres not like 3 new pages! I was expecting to have to read for an hour just to get caught up! So, of course since I told RE that my AF is never late, where is it? If it doesnt show today, (it better!) then I guess I start the rounds of phone calls & unreturned voice mails) - hopefully the new nurse isnt there by herself (always my luck)

Cheeky -Whoo Hoo!! you had a 100% fert rate! :D It doesnt get any better than that! I've got everything crossed for your little embies snuggling in tight! -xoxo

Franny -Yippeee! I'm so happy that you get to stick yourself! (what?!) grow them follies!

Teachermom -I'm in Orange county about an hr north of NYC - close enough to commute (not that I ever do though) but far away enough that we get deer in the yard - and yikes, sometimes bear too! :shock:

Supergenius -'land whale"! thats so true, thats exactly what you feel like towards the end of stims! you're almost done now....

BRmommy2b -lupron or ganirelix are to supress you from ovulating through stims. Bravelle & menopur are FSH stims to grow & mature the follies.

Me2009 -hooray for 8 eggs! Thats a great number! When will you get the fert report?

Sorry if I missed anyone, have to run errands all day, will update the list when i get back. hugs & prayers to everyone! - xoxo

Syanna -you mean they expect you to actually work at work? The nerve of them! Dont they know that its ALL about IVF? jeez! :D
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Post by LuLu668 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 3:25 pm

Waiting waiting, still waiting for the result, clinic never called yesterday. Dh and I grow so anxious yesterday, we just left the house and went to Foxwood Casino, then we went to see a latenight movie (2012). What a busy day, we had great time with good food and good games. The best thing was totally get IVF out of our minds. I left couple messages this morning at the clinic, going crazy here waiting for call back. Sorry just need to vent!

me2009: Woohoo on eight eggs. :D I know how you feel. I had 10 follicles before triger, but only 6 eggs retrieved. We have planned ICSI bc DH's poor sperm count. Hope everything works out for u. Tons fertilizing dust for both of us! :D

BRmommy2b: I did Bravelle and Menopur this cycle. Bravelle is used first as a stim to grow more follicles, Menopur at later time to help the eggs mature. RE order ganerelix to help prevent early ovulation, but I end up not needing it bc hormone levels were good up to triger day. Hope this helps.

teachermom: Congrats on ET, one 8cells and two 7s, great numbers. They will stick like glue, he he, you might have triplets. HA HA :lol: :lol:

amysbabies: Welcome to the board, you will find great supports here. Talking with all the sisters here kept me sane. Don't worry about Friday 13th, we all decide it is a lucky day with so many of us doing ER/ET around this day. It's time for BFPs, super glue sticky dusts to everyone :D
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Post by me2009 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 5:51 pm

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for the support!!

So 6 of the 8 fertlized over night!! Yeppie.

We go in on wed (day 3) for a an apt. Im not sure if they are planning on doing the trans then or not.

Im still pretty sore. They told me that they had a hard time on one of the sides getting the eggs out. Hence, im still taking the pain meds.

plus, i was feeling weird when i pee? did anyone else feel like that? Almost like i was getting a bladder infection.

Im waiting for the NP to call me back at the clinic.

Ok will do personals later, & thanks so much for all you're support!!

:lol: :lol:

p.s. sorry if this is a repeat post, i keep trying to post and then i don't find it on i think its me error. :D
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Post by me2009 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 6:00 pm

so im off to the drs AGAIN, they want to check me out since it hurts when i pee and stuff.. yucky. and i didnt have this issue when i started..

ok hope its nothing :(
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Post by 2010 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 6:11 pm

hello, everyone, just a quick note (last time i said that i wrote half a page :D )...
i went for my us+bloodwork today and these freaking follies are so slow... i have about 10-12 on each side but most of them are around 13 after 12 days of stimming! a few 14-15 and only one 17! this is crazy... anyone else had similar s l o w response? they reduced my gonal f now back to 225 (bloodwork was on a higher side today) and im going in on wednesday... maybe (?) ER on friday... oh dear...
lulu668 - i hear you about waiting, today my RE wasnt there (normally does most of the scans) so it was a little confusing about the next steps etc... then waiting for the call... then my DH had to go there twice to pick up new prescription.... did u like 2012? we wanted to see it on friday too but never made it
me2009 - good fertilization results! i am so happy to hear this in case we also go just for ivf
kerribell - i felt like im ovulating too today! but hope not... i think its just us worrying about all the signs ... i did not even want to know today my blood results. because i will start researching what it means etc...
everyone - have a great week!
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Post by claud662 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 6:38 pm

Hi Ladies!!

I have some time to do personals so I thought I would catch up!!

2010-They do say that slow stimming is the way to go so it gives your body more time to prepare those embies!! I think my follies grew too fast last cycle which is why they upped my Lupron for this current cycle!! Those numbers sound good and there seems to be a lot of them!!

me2009-So happy to hear that 6 fertilized with your DH natural swimmies!! I hope that you don't have an infection...keep us updated

LuLu-I hate when the office does not call when we are waiting all day for their repost!! I'm sure the casino would have kept my mind off it it as well!!! hope you hear soon from them :twisted:

teachermom-I am so happy for you!!! you are PUPO and I can't wait to hear you got a BFP:)

amysbabies-welcome to the board!! It seems as though many ladies had their ER or trigger on Friday the 13th so it MUST be a good sign!

Katie-Why are you waiting for your AF? Don't they automatically start your stims on day 3 regardless of AF or not?

cheeky-great fert rate!!! I hope I have that same luck when it is my turn!

Franny-how are you feeling on the stims? when do you go back for u/s b/w? I start in 2 days!!!!!

supergenius-I feel your pain!! I could barely walk by the end of my stims but you are almost there

karenthescorpio=don't get discouraged by the AF cramps! They say that could be a pregnancy symptom or also a PIO symptom so try not to look into it!! Are you going to POAS?

syanna-your dh does your Lupron shots? I would do it yourself since you have control!!!

albany-your PUPO!!!

keribell-I had TONS of CM also and that is because of the high estrogen levels...but believe me I was paranoid that I was going to ovulate as well on my own!!

brmommy-I hate when people think it's ok to just ask about getting pregnant when they have NO idea what's going on!! A BFP would be a nice Christmas present!! My Beta is the 1st night of Chanukah (I'm Jewish)!!

AFM I went to acupuncture this morning and last night was my last BCP so I'm just hoping for the best when I go in Wed morning and can start my stims!!
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Post by Supergenius » Mon Nov 16, 2009 6:54 pm

Woot! Trigger was last night at 10:30; ER scheduled for Tuesday at 8:30 (albany07 we have the same exact schedule)

cheekyone - wow 2 eight cell embies sounds perfect! and bumper crop is right - my u/s this morning showed 35 follies!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
it's a little frightening. i am wondering if there is a limit to how many eggs they will retrieve.

me2009 - woohoo for 6 fertilizations!! grow embies grow! hope your pee issue is easily fixable.

syanna - yay for starting lupron!

kerribell - i had the same deal with cervical mucus - i figured it because of the meds and also an indication i had a good lining building up.

BRMommy2B - i'm always amazed at how insensitive some people are. i figure stupid questions like "and where's your little one?" should be responded to stupidly. but then again i have no patience for stupidity. Congrats on starting your BCP!!! I took Menopur and Gonal-f, btw.

katie99 - here's hoping AF gets her butt in gear and visits ASAP! :wink:
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