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Post by katie99 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 11:04 pm

Yippeee! The new nurse is efficient! so now there are 2 efficient nurses!
Sorry but i wont miss the half a** one at all!

karen - too early darlin - i've heard that lower back pain is a GOOD sign! :D
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Post by lou71 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 11:12 pm

karen I felt quite a bit of cramping near the end of my 2ww. It didn't feel quite like AF though. More... pulling. But I did A LOT of searching the net and pretty much found out that it doesn't matter what you feel... your result could go either way. Even if you did a POAS, it could STILL go either way. I POAS at 5dp3dt and got a negative. I couldn't bring myself to do it again. So I waited for my beta and in the meantime convinced myself that the symptoms I was having were from early pregnancy. Not the case. So I had the wind completely taken out of my sails when the nurse called to say "you're not pregnant". That's why it's the 2ww... it could go either way right up until the day of the beta. Don't torture yourself like I did. Hang in there. I'm really pulling for you.

10bear & To_Have_Fun Beta's tomorrow!!!! I have everything crossed for you guys. Good luck!!!! Keep us posted. I'll be checking often tomorrow afternoon.

LuLu668 I believe there is hope. I talked extensively to my RE on last week because I'm concerned about my own lone frostie that I will be transferring. He told me in my case, I have about a 1 out of 3 chance of it working (33.3%). He told me of cases where the embryo was slow growing, and somewhat fragmented, where he thought "no way will this take" and it did. He has learned that if the embryologists can grade it, then it's worth transferring. (I guess they don't grade the real poor ones). I don't know if it's better to transfer at 3 days or 5 in your case. My guess is 3 would be the best since there's only one because the environment is better in our bodies. They go to 5 days when there's multiple to choose from to pick the "best of the best"... but if there's one, then get it in there! Even if you have a 15-20% chance, then it's STILL a good chance. I won a drawing for exercise equipment at my gym last month. There were about 100 entries and so I had a 1% chance to win. I won. Anything is possible.

AFM -- Work is going to kick my ass this week. I'm on BCP's, start Lupron 11/25. And I'm still bummed my FET can't be done until Jan 6th because my clinic closes for procedures the last two weeks of Dec. On a positive note, I'm going to VEGAS Dec 6-11th with the girls!!!! Whoo hoo!!!!

Best of luck everyone. Let the BFP's begin!
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Post by tc4474 » Tue Nov 17, 2009 12:04 am

:evil: Boy am I grumpy today and I'm only on day 6 of Lupron. Hopefully this isnt a sign of things to come. I dont think I've had any major side effects. I am grumpy and have been waking in the middle of the night. Maybe its more stress related than Lupron related.

SarahRuth - looks like we are on the same schedule. I am scheduled for my baseline 11/20, stims the next day, possible ER on 12/3 and transfer on 12/8. Are you on a 5 day transfer as well? Hope your Lupron shots are going well.

Good night ladies!!

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Post by BRMommy2B » Tue Nov 17, 2009 12:09 am

lou71: It looks like you and I are going through exactly the same thing right now! I got a BFN last Wednesday (the day after you), and I have one frostie to transfer. I believe that my transfer will be right around the middle of December. I'll be praying for you; hopefully we'll both beat the odds and get a BFP for Christmas!
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Post by Skylar » Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:11 am

Hey everyone, I am glad a lot of you are doing well. I took my 11th shot of Lupron today, I start stims this Saturday. In away, I am in a hurry to start stems. In another way I know that's when the roller coaster ride will really start taking off.
My mom bought my family some food, when she put the food in the refrigerator, she saw all the ivf meds. I kept the IVF stuff from her. I didn't want her to try to talk me out of it. I value her opinion. When I told her about the Ivf, I saw the hurt in her eyes because I did not tell her a month ago. After she talked with me and my dh she was really excited for us. Who knew :wink: .
Syanna My dh does all my injections, I am a medical assistant, I take people's blood and inject people with vaccines. I could not inject myself. I just cannot do it. Plus I want my dh to see how much work it is to give this man a child. My dh hasn't hurt me yet, but boy oh boy if he does he will not be the same. He sleeps very hard :P :P .
Sara_ruth79,10bear and to have fun I will be having my ER and ET the same time as you will, it's really nice to know there are people who will feel the same way I will at the same time.
brmommy2b I have a feeling everything will work out for you. You are a true fighter. You got knocked down and you got right back up. Most of the time it's the fighter who got up, wins.

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Post by BRMommy2B » Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:16 am

Skylar: You just made my night! Thank you sweetie!
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Next: Work on improving DH and my fertility while saving up for next round. Why does something that we want so badly have to also be so expensive?

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Post by Skylar » Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:31 am

Sarah-ruth79,10bear and to have fun I just realized I was reading the wrong post, you guys are a lot further ahead than I thought, It's sad I cannot even blame in on the Lupron, I am always like this. I hope all of you guys end up with BFP.

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Post by julia_78 » Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:37 am

Hi everyone – wow you all sure write a lot!! not enough battery on my laptop for a lot of personals but i'll finish catching up with everyone tomorrow...

Me2009 – congrats on your 6 embies!! btw your missing post is in the “constipation” thread :)

Lulu – good luck for your ET, remember, it only takes one (and he’s waiting for you at your RE’s lab!!)

Bear10 & karenthescorpio – good luck for your beta tomorrow. Fingers & toes crossed for you both!

Brmommy2b – I also did bravelle & menopur, and it seems to work well for us (we got a bunch of eggs & embies, still BFN but we are scheduled on a FET with our snow babies late Dec)

Afm – still on my same boooooring routine, BCP and waiting for dec to come..... i was reading through the protocol again and it does not look like they are suppressing me for the FET - just BCP, then estrace. the u/s is around dec 15th and the protocol pretty much says something along the lines of "if you have not ovulate, then take these other meds, if you have ovulated, we'll have to rechedule the FET". for those of you on FET cycles - were you suppressed for it? not sure why i am not if ovulating could make me skip a cycle? weird is'nt it??

good luck to everyone - grow follies grow, grow embies grow, and you all on 2ww stay away from those sticks :)
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Post by kerribell » Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:38 am

My internet was down today. Just now able to get on and catch up.

Albany and supergenius good luck on your ER tomorrow.

To all those in the 2ww, hang in there, it will be over before you know it.

Someone asked about ICSI and when they transfer. It could be either a 3 or 5 day transfer if ICSI is performed.

Also, at my clinic, if you have a low number of fertilized eggs, they generally do a 3 day transfer because they don't want to take a chance of them not growing past 3 days.

Thanks to all those who gave advice on my cm problems. Follies were still there. They are stimming me for another day, so ER will not be until Thursday, with ET on Sunday. I thought I would be triggering tonight. I didn't have anymore FSH, so they gave me some. Yeah, free meds!
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Post by turtle0619 » Tue Nov 17, 2009 4:48 am

i just wanted to pop in and say good luck to 10 bear and tohavefun for tomorrows betas!!! i am crossing everything for both of you!! BFP BFP BFP!!!!! :D

lulu i am thinking of you tonight too. i am hoping your lil embie holds on tight until it can go back into it's mommy! i know this is a hard time, but you know it only takes one. i would give it a shot, otherwise i would always wonder what if...hang in there hun. i am here for you!

i'll do more personals tomorrow

goodnight sisters :)
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Post by dodo928 » Tue Nov 17, 2009 8:02 am

hello ladies, I saw the RE this morning and waiting for the blood test to come back tonight before I give an update. I have read the posts but I'd never had IVF experience because my only one last time was cancelled. Therefore, i don't want to give any wrong info. I just wish everyone has BFP!

My RE told me that my donor has 12 follicles 15mm and above. 1 of them is 20mm, 1 of them is 19, and 1 of them is 18. My E2 level is 900 and my donor is 3200. The donor will start trigger today. ER will be on Wednesday.

Again, I was not able to sleep well last night. I felt something strange and afraid AF would come. After RE told me that I have 10mm lining, I feel so surreal. I am afraid to be getting closer because afraid of facing the truth. I have flashback about my OBGYN telling me in 2003 that I had m/s the first time. I remember how hurtful it was. I know i should have hope and stand strong and face it. Please pray for my faith!

good night and sweet dream!
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Post by syanna » Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:15 pm

Hello everyone!

Me2009 – Yay on 6 fertilizing! I want to try deep frying the whole turkey this year…mmmmm. As for my DH, when I get to the PIO, I will make him give himself a shot on his bum! (an empty syring of course) But I wont even let him use the 25g…he can use the 20g!! Muahhhahahaah

Katie – I was standing in front of the needle this morning…telling myself I can do it on my own w/out his damn help…but then I just couldn’t!! How do you do your own PIO??

Skylar – yes, same here. I try to get dh involved so he’ll know what I have to go through to give him a child…a child that I probably could have easily gotten if his lil soldiers were working correctly! (hehehe, I have nobody else to blame but him)

As for myself…only 2nd shot of Lupron and 2 more days of BCP. Lately, I’ve been so sensitive and I don’t know why. Like yesterday after work, we went home and DH started yelling at Seykai (my 4yr old Boston Terrier) because she pooped in our closet room, then he came to yell at me like I freaking commanded her to do that or something. I got all teary up like a lil school girl. That’s out of my character, cause usually I would have just screamed right back and probably throw his X-box at him! What is going on lately w/me and him. I thought IVF was suppose to bring the couple closer to eachother???
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Post by sarah_ruth79 » Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:20 pm

Good luck to the beta-takers today!! I will be sending all good wishes your way.

syanna- I do all of my own shots, but I know the fear about pushing the needle in yourself. Its not bad, I just do it quick- thinking about it is the worst part I think.

honey34bunny; teachermom and jenice--and any others I missed in the 2ww, hang in there! treat yourself to special treats, anything to take your mind off it or at least distract. did all of you have to wait a full two weeks? i heard that sometimes with a 5day transfer the wait is less....good luck! fingers crossed.

tc4474-- yes, we are on the same schedule! I am doing 5 day transfer because we are doing IVF for genetic reasons (DH and I are both carriers of CF gene), so we are doing PGD which requires 5 day. So u/s on friday to determine suppression and then maybe stims (Gonal F) starting this weekend. ER 12/2 or 12/3 and ET 12/7 or 12/8. So yay, we can go through the rollercoaster together. Hopefully the holidays will be good to us...

AFM-I haven't really had too many Lupron side effects except I don't sleep too well. Feeling a little cold coming on so hoping to knock it out quick, lots of water and rest. I don't want it interfering with anything! Pray its not H1N1. Waiting for AF, if she doesn't arrive before Friday the u/s will be pushed hopefully she will come soon.

Thinking about all of you!

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Post by lou71 » Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:08 pm

BRMommy2B Yup... we ARE going through the exact same thing right now. So surreal. I wanted my FET to be the week of Dec 14th but they said that wasn't enough time. Being they close for two weeks, I'm scheduled for Jan 6th. What sort of odds did your RE give you for the single FET? I have a grade 3B blast frozen (4A would be the best). So I'm told it's a "very good" blast. I was given a 40-50% chance with my two 3dt but got a BFN. This time I'm given a 25-33% chance. I'm trying desperately to stay optimistic and convince myself I can beat the odds. There's always a story of someone who did. Yesterday, I had four pennies in my pocket. One was shiny and new with the image of Lincoln sitting on a log and the others were dingy and old. I was in the cafeteria line at work and needed a penny, I didn't want to use my shiny one yet, but when I reached in to grab one, that's the one I pulled out. I realized that my shiny penny could represent a BFP at 25% chance and that's the one I pulled on the first try. Strange how this is always on my mind.

I'm going to Vegas Dec 6-12 with a couple of girlfriends who have no clue I'm doing IVF. Unfortunately, I will be doing Lupron while I'm there. How do I explain this to them? I'm not ready to spill it. One girl is newly married and doesn't want kids (made new hubby get a vasectomy) and the other is a single mom who got pregnant while taking birth control pills (mixed with antibiotics!). She's in a terrible position b/c the father isn't paying child support and she's taking him to court. Meanwhile, he's insisting he's not the father. Ugh! How should I handle this? Neither of them are in positions to be supportive to me.

Good luck to everyone having BETA's, ER's, and ET's! I'm anxiously awaiting your good news.
Lou--- 1 beautiful baby girl from a single 8 cell embie in Sept 2011

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Post by firefly » Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:21 pm

Sunday was the worst day of my life. Cramping and slight bleeding. AF was coming... I cried and cried and cried till I couldn't breathe. DH laid in bed with me all day and just held me... I knew this meant it was a failure.

I finally accepted it and had hope to use the 2 frosties and we would just try again in december.

Was dreading the preg test today...

they just called...

Im pregnant.

Still in complete shock.

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