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Postby jenice » Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:11 pm

I had 1st failed cycle of in-vitro. I had done the antagonist protocol since could not suppress me on highest dose of Lupronon previous cycle of in-vitro.Never figured why but it only stim never suppressed me.I did Ganarelix which did suppress me. I actually hyperstim on follistim so majority of cycle was on 100 units daily.I was on medufur which they stopped said my body was already doing it.RE retrieved 15 mature eggs all fertilized.4 were abnormal 1 fractured on day 2.Were down to 10, froze 2 embryos down to eight. RE called said embryos were doing well, I was never told a grade.Suggested going to blastocyst which we did had 3 blastocysts in the end. Transferred 2 and other blastocyst stopped dividing.Everything seemed to go well, I don't understand why it didn't work. Clinic has good reputation. I just don't understand since I already have a 4 year old child and had 2 tubal pregnancies. I only have 1 tube left.Past 2 years unable to conceive. my RE thought I had really good chances.Is In-vitro just the luck of the draw ?
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